Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whats New at the Pond

The weather in Northern Indiana has been cool or rainy on the weekends.  O, the weatherman says it will be great, but there has been a rather chilly wind blowing or its cloudy and its hard for me to work outside when there is so much to do inside on the not so perfect days.  Why are those great days always Monday through Friday!

Last winter we heated our pond.  No, not the whole pond.  We just had a heater that kept a spot open for air.  Since we make the pond deep on one end, we hoped that the fish and frogs would survive the winter.  TADA!! They DID. I couldn't get good pics of the fish because of the sky glare on the water, but they are alive and spawning and we have millions of babies!!

I think we have about 20 to 30 frogs now.  Look close at the pics and you will see a few of MY favorite pond residents.  The come in all sizes right now and there are about 3 varieties.

This guy is tiny, but he did let me get up close for this picture.  He hangs out in this spot a lot.

This guy is standing up in the water with his head out.  I am always amazed that they just let me get up close to take pictures.

Can you tell I love frogs!!


Crazy Mama said...

cool pics, carol! i remember my aunt and uncle had a little pond in their backyard and i used to love catching the poliwogs and chasing the frogs. thanks for bringing up the memories.

Crystal said...

Oh Carol!
They are so cute!!

Have you named any of them, yet? :-)

I love frogs too, and have lots of fun memories of watching frogs in the summer, when I was a kid.

Crystal xoxo

kaiteM said...

great pics of the froggies, i have ground dwelling frogs in my back garden so i have to be careful where i dig.
your frogs think you can't see them if they stay very still...k.

Susan Elliott said...

YAY!! I'm so glad they made it...I remember the picture from the winter with the little warm hole surrounded by ice/snow! Good job Carol and Terry -- now you reap the reward!

Timaree said...

I love frogs too! Neat pic of the one standing up. I think it's going to get warm this year. Today is supposed to be a cool down from the last two days. I guess I don't want the summer heat but I do want it warm enough to wear shorts everyday and we haven't had that yet. It's usually much warmer than this year has been even here in Arizona.

beadbabe49 said...

How deep is deep, carol? We've been thinking of an outdoor pond (probably wouldn't have to worry about freezing) but we have both herons and raccoons and wonder just how deep it would have to be to keep them from using it as a feeding pond!

Unknown said...

That is so neat you have a pond like that too! We had moved and enlarged mine a couple of years ago so the ducks could swim in it, but since I no longer have the ducks and the pond really did better where it could get some shade on the east side of the house we're moving it back this spring. One of those many projects to be done on our list! I love sitting out by the pond listening to the frogs talk. I had noticed that as long as I didn't move quickly and visited the pond every day, the frogs seemed to get used to me being there and would sit out more.
Thank you for sharing... makes me eager to get our pond moved and going already so I can enjoy the frogs and goldfish again :)

beadbabe49 said...

Wow...what a wonderful environment!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Carol, your frogs are so cute! I love them too. When I was a kid, we spent a summer in Maryland, and there was a frog pond near the house we were in. Everyday we'd go play at the frog pond, and watch all the different pond critters. It must be so nice having your very own "frog" pond! xoxo Paulette