Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lets talk about stuff

How does a kid go from BMX bike tricks


breaking a nose at Ju-Jits training within a year.

I don't really wonder about that.  I guess its all part of growing up and just plain growing.

Take me.  I know how to do a multitude of what some people call crafts.  Actually, I made quite a bit of money at it about l0-15 years ago participating in local craft shows.  Jewelry was always in demand.  And that whole country craft era brought lots of sales too.  I may do that again someday.  Maybe that's why I have a hard time destashing.

I am still beading, still participating in the BJP, still have to be nosey and see what everyone is doing.  But I have lots of other interests too.  I plan to dye/paint a couple of jackets.  I am researching dyes now.  I used to use Rit but maybe there is something better now.  I have accumulated some fabric paints for that same project.  And don't forget CQ.  I used to do it years ago.  I am amazed at how many CQers there are on the internet.  I wish I had continued honing my skills all these years and wonder why I ever put it aside.

Things in my life are on a more even keil now.  Even though my daughter and grandsons temporarily live here, I don't feel the responsibility to be sure everyone is fed everyday, or to do their laundry or any other thing for that matter. I look after Terry and I which is what two people our age are meant to do.  Its a freeing feeling.  You might remember this was won of my New Year Intentions.  Guess I am following through.

So, for today, I am making dinner for everyone with help when requested. (My kitchen is small).  Later, I will be beading...quiet time for me.


beadbabe49 said...

And a happy easter to you too, carol...I'm sure glad you're still beading.

Beadwright said...

Hi Carol, nice post. It is a great feeling to find that balance in life where things just feel good.
Happy day to you

Crystal said...

Hi Carol :-)
Your Easter sounds as if it was the perfect blend of fun with family, and then a little relaxing downtime for you!

I hear ya on the inability to destash supplies/tools from crafts of previous years. I loved them then - so I keep thinking I will return to them again. In some cases, I have; but time is always a problem. I'm still searching for that 26-hour day. ;-)

xoxo Crystal

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, my dear friend. Hope it was peaceful. Mine was lovely. We went on our Easter Picnic and cooked out, hiked, climbed rocks...had an Easter egg hunt...

Read your piece on snail mail. How come the best of intentions never seem to realize...which is another way of saying your bracelet will be in the mail soon. Even my grandchildren's candy is in the fridge waiting to be awful.


freebird said...

It's wonderful when your life is on an even keel especially when you have others living with you! That's a hard thing to achieve.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Sweetie!...Oh that poor kid! I hope his nose feels better soon...this is not funny, but my mom fell and broke her nose two weeks ago!...I have a very hard time getting rid of anything crafty, and when I do, a day later I'm looking for what I threw out! Hold on to EVERYTHING!!! xoxo Paulette :)

Plays with Needles said...

Ouch. That broken nose looks painful!

So glad your life feels good. I would love to see you start dyeing and doing more fiber work and...CQ! Well, that would just be great.

I get such a rush from learning new things and it's so good for our minds too. I think it may be the secret to continue to feel balance in your life.

So glad I'm on the ride.
xoxo Susan

P.S. That reminds me of the cool Harley necklace you made a while back...I loved that necklace even though I don't ride a Harley...