Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Surf?

Why do i spend so much time on the computer, reading blogs?
I NEED to keep in touch with my cyber friends.
I want information and inspiration supplied by many talented artists.
I want to see all the cool things that I can spend my "pin money" on.

I have a pretty diverse list of blogs I follow.  Lots of bead people of course.  Some interesting crochet spots too. There are several needlework artists sites.  There are a few spiritual friends I keep in touch with too.

Occasionally I look at the blog lists that fellow bloggers place on their sidebar.  Sometimes a name will catch my eye and I wander on over.  That happened the other day when I was surfing OWOH participating blogs.  I noticed  RAVEN MOON MAGIC.  If you know me EVERY word in the name peeked my interest...Bird....Night Sky...MAGIC.. I had to check that out.  I was not disapointed.  Here is a link to her page:

Look for her OWOH is SO Cool. Her post today certainly made me smile. She has a way of hooking you then reeling you in.


Raven Moon Magic said...

Well I guess its only fair that I get to comment on here first!
Wow! thanks so much for the love haha! Since OWOH I have been on a whirlwind ride in blog world, I love it here, there was always a gap in my life and i never knew what it was, but now that I am connected with people, wonderful people! like you, that hole is gone, I have never felt so content. It now dosent matter where you live, were all together.
So thankyou for liking my posts so much, lets keep in touch : )
Im off now for a peek around your blog at all this wonderful beading.

love sheree xxx
raven moon magic

Nancy said...

wishing you and yours a most Happy Valentine's Day!

Timaree said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoyed the trip over to her blog. I like her photos!

Crystal said...

Thanks, Carol!
I enjoyed reading posts on this blog!

Would love to have been a fly on the mailbox when the postman first saw its new look! :-)

Gosh, isn't New Zealand absolutely gorgeous!

Crystal xo

Unknown said...

Oh that ocean photo is delicious! So wishing I was there enjoying the warm about now, Lol! Thank you for putting up the link to Ravenmoonmagic, her photos are wonderful!