Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Secret Should Not Be A Secret


This is the The Creed as written by Christian D. Larson.

Its one thing to read it.  Its an entirely different thing to read it and analyze what each and every sentence means and how it applies to your life. Its not a religion.  Its a way of thinking. 

Several years ago, I became determined to become a better person.  I had never heard of  The Secret until a couple of years ago when my friend Deb mentioned it to me.  She sent me the book.  She sent me a link to the Creed. Take a moment to read it. 

It speaks to several changes I had already made in my way of thinking. But the Secret has helped me deal with anger directed at others and to myself. I am focused on maintaining peace of mind. I strive to be the best person that I can be.

There are a lot more aspects to the Secret than what I have talked about here. I learn more every day. Before I learned about the Secret, I heard several people say it changed their life.  What, you thought they got rich?  Got lots of Money?  Well, maybe.  Read the Creed.  Its All Good.


Anonymous said...

That is a marvellous creed. I have to admit that I was given a copy of The Secret - the small hard back book - and I was non-plussed, because I thought a lot of it was kind of obvious. And to say it was a secret was - I thought - a lot of hype. Although perhaps 'the secret' is living it. Now there is a challenge! To live skillfully, authentically and with self belief is very much like the message of the Tao. So agina I ask - is it a secret?

Jacquie said...

I have the book, have not read it yet, but have seen many lectures on tv regarding it and I do believe thinking positive and throwing things out there into the 'universe' makes things happen, it has worked for me. I need to get this book out again and read it...thanks for reminding me. Wanting to become a better person is always a good thing! Good for you..

Crystal said...

Definitely words to live by, Carol!

It would be good to print this page, laminate it, and keep it with us at all times.

It's the negative energy that hurts our immune systems. This has such comforting, encouraging, wisdom. Focusing on it is a stress-reducer and therefore it's truly a message of healing.

A great reminder for all of us - thanks for sharing it today!

xx Crystal

Timaree said...

There are sure a lot of good thoughts here. My favorite code for living is the Desiderata and Jesus' message to love one's neighbor as you do yourself which implies we need to love ourselves so we can go out and love others. Focusing on the good is definitely the way to go.

Susan Elliott said...

Thank you for sharing this Carol. I printed it out and stuck it in the front page of my journal so I could remember it every day. It always bothered me that the book was called the secret...so glad you shared it!

Unknown said...

THanks for posting this, I've read it before and love it, it was good to read again.
Yes the secret is living it, every moment of every day, It gets easier the more you do it. Kindness becomes a habit. and it's a good habit to have!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this... I'm going to repost it on my blog, it's something everyone should read and keep close in their heart and mind. I'm going to find the book now!!!

Beedeebabee said...

Carol, I've had this exact creed on my frig for years!!! It's a good thing to read every morning and try to remember throughout the day. I spotted mine while browsing with a friend in a little shop. It's decorated with a flowery border and laminated. I've always loved it. Hugs, xoxo

bbdyevr said...

Thank you so much
for sharing this creed...
You have spoken of The Secret
in emails...
now I need to read it!
I will post this to my Blog as well
and share with others, too.
Wonderful words to live by!
Thanks again!
Hope you stay warm & safe
my friend!
Debi W.

Raven Moon Magic said...

wow I have printed out this creed, well i printed 5 actually, everyone needs this, we are big secret followers too, we have the dvd so whenever the day is just not going right we put it on and re think life.
Have you read any Eckhart Tolle, a new earth, its amazing for understanding our personalities and patterns, after reading this book you can never be angry with anyone ever again, truly amazing.
good luck with your zen journey, its such a cool mission to be on to be the best person your capable of, its a pity more humans dont realise this!!!

thanks for the creed
my negative nancy father is gonna love it that im putting it on his workshop wall!

raven moon magic

Unknown said...

Hi, Carol. My husband is a member of our local Optimist Club and this is their club's creed - called the "Optimist Creed." They recite it at the end of every meeting. Great words to live by. Thought you'd find that interesting! Anita

Unknown said...

Hi, Carol. My husband belongs to our local Optimist Club and this is their "Optimist Creed." They recite it following their meetings. Thought you'd find that interesting. Great words to live by. Thanks for sharing it. Anita