Monday, January 4, 2010

Yes, I really do crochet

Meet Bob. Bob has been a member of our family for about 8 years or so. If you or someone in your family is into Martial Arts, you may have met one of his brothers.

Bob's a lucky guy. He lives with Corey, who takes good care of him. Corey makes sure Bob changes clothes frequently. You know how stinky....uh, I mean sweaty Martial Art guys can get.

Bob agreed to work with me on this post, though he is not really very photogenic. No matter what I did or said, I could NOT get Bob to crack a smile.

Here is Bob modeling the latest in Midwestern cold weather wear. Jacket by Volcom, bandana by Hobby Lobby and ...ta da... ruffled scarf of Homespun yarn crocheted by Carol, however I found the pattern somewhere on the web, as with all that follow except one.

This one is my own design. Though similar in design to others you may see, I crocheted this loopy boa, just crochet and go.
I bought this moebius cowl pattern on etsy at thinkdfrent. It was easy and quick. I like these cowls. Slip it over your head and never worry about losing it.

This scarf was also my own design. The great thing about scarf is you can just crochet stitches you know and when its the size you want...stop...block and you're done.

I've been making these while waiting for Corey after wresting practice or while waiting for him or his team mate's match at the Saturday wrestling tourneys.


freebird said...

You've got quite the wardrobe of scarves here but it looks like a winter where you might need them - maybe all at once!

Everyone needs a model like this. How does your jewelry look? Hmm, well maybe it wouldn't look quite so nice on that t-shirt, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this presentation is too funny, but looking past the humor I see very lovely and useful scarves! Congratulations on making them all, and thanks for the giggle.

Crystal said...

I'm laughing here because when I saw the first photo - I thought Bob was the size of a G.I. Joe doll!!! LOL

Imagine my surprise as I began to scroll down and it became clear that this guy was - LIFE-SIZE! :-)

What a gorgeous group of scarves you have created, Carol!!!! And you are such a riot to use Bob to help you show them.

Thanks for the giggles.

Crystal xo

Jacquie said...

ROFL...ok honors for the most creative posting!!! bob looks "Fabulous Darlink" in all your wonderful crocheted pieces. I especially liked the ruffled scarf! Very nice! started my morning with a laugh. thank you!

Heather said...

What a sport! Bob must be a REAL man - not many would even consider modeling such pretty and frilly scarves!
They're great - I really like the red scarf - it looks snuggly and light.
Stay warm and before you know it spring will be here again!

Plays with Needles said...

Looks like Bob can take a punch but he can't throw one, poor wonder he's had to resort to scarf modeling...

But, my GOODNESS, you have been BUSY! Lots of yummy scarves...have you given them all away yet? And which one do you like most? I like the cowls alot too...I made one a few years back and now I have to find it somewhere...

Sure wish Bob was at my house.

Anonymous said...

My goodness you have been busy! Love Bob...adore the hard is the cowl scarf to crochet? I am thinking that crocheting might be my next I have run my new kiln twice...waiting to see what that does to my electric bill...May have to start selling my dolls and jewelry to pay for my creative hobbies...

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Wow those are great scarves - pity Bob doesn't appreciate them - miserable so and so...!

Whytefeather said...

Wonderful scarves and I love Bob the model! LOL! Especially love the ruffle scarf.

Haven't crocheted a scarf, just knitted... thinking maybe I should try a neck cowl or two for this cold weather we're having. I've always crocheted faster than I knit anyway.

Pursuing Art... said...

What a crack Bob! ;-)

Volcom boys got new ones for x-mas! The ones with the sherpa lining..they love them! ;-)

I love all those beautiful scarves you've made, Carol! I like all of them, but am very fond of the ruffled scarf and the mobius cowls. Isn't that the neatest scarf/pattern. I never did make that one when I was knitting, but I did make three of the ruffled scarves! ;-)

Thinking of the freezing should maybe be crocheting an afghan to keep you warm!!! LOL! :)

beedeebabee♥ said...

I too thought Bob was a little guy, but how wrong was I! I love that you used him to show off your beautiful scarves! I loved them all, and what a nice selection of colors and styles! I can crochet but knitting is really hard for me. I need someone to really show me the ropes...or should I say "yarns"! There is a lovely gal, Donna, who's blog I found not too long ago, she knits beautiful things ... Go to for a peek! Hugs, Paulette

Marty S said...

Great scarves! But Bob? I wouldn't want to bump into him in the middle of the night!

Too funny!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

a2susan said...

Bob is really a good sport to model all those fabulous scarves! But really, what is Bob? Does your grandson practice martial arts on him? Lucky you don't have to feed him, 2 teenage boys eat enough as it is!


Anonymous said...

Your scarves are beautiful!!! Someone above said they thought Bob was a small figure from the first pic, so did i!! Lmao Too friggin funny! Go Carol go! Keep up the gorgeous needlework! I have been crocheting since I was 6, the very first needlework I ever learned. My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Tyler showed me how in her ancient living room with the lacey crocheted doilies over the arms of her chairs. She was also the teacher notorious for the ruler across your fingers..ahh what a memory LOL

bbdyevr said...

Wonderful work with the various scarves -
you have been a busy gal!

As for Bob...
"Strike a pose!"
Does he do parties?

Cool post!

Debi W.

Ellen said...

Great scarves Carol, pity you couldn't get Bob to crack a smile though ~ grin

hugs Ellen

Valerie said...

how cool your "Bob" is ! my "Bob" doesn't even have a head/face ;P so I figured I didn't need to give it a name !! LOL
Very pretty scarves ! I especially LOVE the 2 last ones... exactly the type I wear :)