Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions or Goals?

It took me FOREVER to get through my blog roll on New Years Day!! Seems like everyone posted a New Year wish. Thank you all and right back to you.
Lots of my friends posted Resolutions for the coming year. But no one says if they kept the ones they made last year.
The best resolution that I ever made and kept was to enter each check I write into my checkbook when I write the check. That one was made out of my need to attack procrastination. Last year I vowed to tackle jobs head on, and I have made some headway, but mostly at work. Its still a problem for me at home.
So, I don't make resolutions to lose weight or any of those other ones that everyone makes only to break before the month is out.
My resolutions involve making myself a better person. They are usually the same every year, and if I have made headway, I am lucky and can step up to the next level by the next New Year. Its really a conscience effort to improve. Simple, huh. Well, it really is.
So, is it silly to list resolutions? I think not. But this year, I will list mine and put them in a visible place so I will be reminded of what I think I should be doing to improve my inner self.
HOWEVER !!! Resolutions are not the same as goals. I am basically a live today the best I can kind of person and I have never set long term goals. But, just for me, I am listing some of the things I RESOLVE to achieve in the short term.
#1 is my focus to meet my friend Deb in person. Just in case you don't already know this, I met Deb on My Space through our love of beads. Deb took the initiative to call me on the phone (which is something I never would have done). We have become fast friends ever since. I love her like the sister I never had. You all have no idea how much I wish we live in the same town.
I know how to knit--barely and I plan to reintroduce myself to knitting. My goal is to become as adept at knitting as I am crochet.
I love to bead embroider. My goal is to complete all 12 pages of the BJP03 and to concentrate on creating more bead embroidered pieces.
I want to incorporate my love of needlework and sewing into my creative endeavors.
Frivolous goals? No. It is my goal to make more time for myself doing what helps to build my self-esteem and that is being creative. My mode of self-improvement.
There is a lot to who I am that people don't know. Some people don't "get" me. On the other hand, I have met a few friends through my blog that do, and better than anyone I know in person. I am unorthodox in some respects. Mostly my spiritual beliefs. I will continue to explore my inner Zen.
2009 was one of the worst years ever. There was a lot of turmoil in my life. But I made it through with the help of good friends and Terry. I welcome 2010 with open heart and soul.


Kelly said...

I hope you meet everyone of your goal this year. They sound like fun ones! Enjoy 2010!

beadbabe49 said...

Great list of goals...and I have to say 2009 was NOT one of my favorite years either and I'm with you in hoping to welcome 2010 as a better year!

Crystal said...

Great post, Carol.

I absolutely love your no-nonsense attitude, your never-ending optimism, your generous, caring, heart, and your noble soul. You may think you have a lot to do, but in my book, you have already achieved hero status.

With love and many good wishes that 2010 is your happiest year ever!

Crystal xoxo

Anonymous said...

And we all have become better people just by knowing you, Carol.

May you achieve all of your goals and may 2009 be erased for all of us...


Susan Elliott said...

I was very sorry to hear that 2009 was one of your worst years ever. 2009 was the year I met you and got to know you as one of the most insightful blogging needle friends in the blogosphere. If that was a bad year, I can't wait to see you smokin'!!

Your inner Zen is powerful and I will aid you in whatever way I can to be creative and build your self-esteem. Just let me know how to plug in.

I was delighted that so many things on your list included playing with needles...creating your beautiful life path one stitch at a time. very powerful, you are...

I better go find my are about to shine!

lots of love and polish wedding noodle sprinkles, Susan

Timaree said...

I think your short term goals are great ones. We have to take care of ourselves and part of that is expanding our knowledge and using what we learn which for creative people is in the arts somehow. My son surfs - I do art. I think religion is going by the wayside in a way as in thinking only one way is the right way. If God is love then he can be found where ever love is whether it is in a Buddhist temple, at the ocean or in a child's eyes. When we quit thinking there is only one way we might just find some peace in this world. Maybe I am unconventional too but so was Jesus and I follow his way not some church's way.

The trouble with taking too many classes is the email list is long EVERY day not just on New Years! I don't have time to get to my art between that and my husband!

dochoamom said...

Carol, I love this post... thanks ! We will meet... I like the idea of B&B 2011 too... That is something to be worked toward... I'll save the next cuff bucks :)

2009 you/we made it through... I knew you would. Remember we grow from adversity. And become better people for all of it... And it could have been worse right...

So onward and upward into 2010 !!!

Much Love, Deb

Pursuing Art... said...

I don't make resolutions either. But I love your short term resolve list!

Absolutely without a girls need to set a date, save some bucks and just do it! I think it is great that you want to learn how to knit as well as you crochet! I hope you do...would love to share some patterns with you. Glad to hear you are going to make more time for you being creative.

2009...hmmmmm...Mark and I were SO OVER 2009 and couldn't wait to ring in the new year! Wouldn't have missed it! I hope 2010 is going to be a great year for all of us! XO ~me

Beedeebabee said...

Happy New Year to you Carol! Those are some very good goals. I never make resolutions, but like you, I'll try to be my best! Wishing you a fantastic 2010! xoxo Paulette ;)