Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspiration at the....MALL????

Corey is taking Driver's Ed. The classroom is in a room at the mall. Since I was off on Monday, he drove me there. At $3.19 for a gallon of gas, I decided to stay there and wait for him. I never get any time to just browse around the mall by myself. Well, 3 hours was a little much, but I toughed it out ~ lol~.

I spent an hour in JoAnn Fabric walking up and down the aisles looking at everything there. I bought some clearance fabric and a new book. Then I mosied down to JC Penny. I never go there anymore. Their prices are a little steep for me. Its not that they are expensive, its just that I don't really need anything so I am pretty selective in what I spend my money on. But could you please tell me how a purse that isn't even leather is $70. Not just . A. purse, but almost every one was $70 or more. But I did notice the new styles and spent quite a bit of time looking at the jewelry. I went to several other stores browsing in the same manner. I got a lot of ideas and still had time to relax and look at my new book until Corey's class was done. It was time well spent.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are You Resolute?

I was thinking about the things that I listed that I wanted to do this year.  Actually, I really did do most of them.  Just not in a big way. Not in an accomplished way.  Not in a satisfying way.

So, I started to really think about why that was.  The first thought that popped in my head was that I didn't make enough time.

Make time? You can't MAKE time.  There are only 24 hours in the day and no matter what you do, or how smart you are, its impossible to put more than 24 hours in one day.

Do you read "Notes from the Voodoo Cafe"? Well, even if you don't, and you think you need to MAKE Time, read just this one post that I gave you the link to. Rice is an author and so much more. She starts this post off with this sentence: "To make more creative time and space, you're going to have to give up something."

That first sentence just stood right up and talked to me.  MAKE time? Impossible. Rearrange priorities, yes. Give up time spent on something not so important and redirect that time to what I want to be doing.  Yes.  Difficult maybe.  But possible.  Break old habits.

Rediscover the importance of me. That is my goal for the year.

Five people live here now.  It cramps the space, thats for sure. But boys CAN pick up after themselves.  They can do dishes.  They can do laundry. They really do know how to vacuum and clean the bathroom and wash mirrors and be sure the mutts are fed and watered.  They can even cook or at the very least, start supper.

Huge revelation...I am not all things to everyone, and I can say that with NO GUILT.  And I pushed my funky mood right out the door.. Gone for Good and Good for me!!

My goal is in place for the year.  I have already started delegating and reclaiming time. 

My January BJP is in the works.  I have a couple other projects I have wanted to try.  I do have to de-clutter my room a bit, but I have been working on that too.

I am resolute but without Resolutions.
I am liberated. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2007 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve in Sarajevo

Please enjoy my favorite Christmas music set to beautifully sychronized lights.
Merry Christmas and wishing you a prosperous New Year.
xx, Carol

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Quiet Christmas

Are you old enough to remember these stupid Christmas trees?  I think they became the rage in about 1959.  I remember that we got ours when I was  in about the second grade.  My mother and sister both had them in their homes.  My mother never really decorated for Christmas.  We had a tree with a manger below.  That is probably why when I got married, it became my tradition do go all out decorating for Christmas.  Lights inside, outside and anywhere I could put them.  I collect Nativities so they are stuck wherever I can find a spot.  I also have quite a collection of village houses.  Some years they have taken over the house.  I like to put up decorations the day after Christmas and usually take it down the first weekend after Christmas.

Terry's mother never decorated too much for Christmas.  I'm not sure how soon she puts up the tree, but she takes it down on Christmas Day.  Christmas Day for gosh sakes!!  I'm telling you this because EVERY year Terry gripes about the Christmas decor.   We don't need a tree, big pain to put up the lights outside, blah blah blah.  I made a comment early on that maybe I wouldn't put a tree up.  A few weeks later I mentioned where I thought I would put the tree this year.  His reply was "I didn't think you were going to do that this year". 

 And THAT my friends was the straw that broke my spirit.  I don't blame Terry at all.  He didn't say anything any different than he does EVERY year when I just ignore him, ask him to get the decorations out of the attic and he does.  This year I didn't ask and I'm not going to. No tree, no lights outside. He has his issues, I have mine.  All these years of decorating have been done for ME.  Because I enjoyed it. Because I loved to look at it. I thought it was for THEM.  This year is just different.  I have no desire to hear a carol, see the lights or make presents.  Its a state of mind that will pass in about 2 weeks and I'm good with it.  At peace.  The first Christmas season in forever, no stress. I suppose it could be called some kind of depression.  I'm waiting to see what my mood is after the first of the year.

So, for my friends that read worries...I'm good with it. I have been focusing on some projects that interest me. Really focused.  More than I have been all year.  That's why I'm not worried.  Because I am enjoying my time.

For those that may read and relate, good.  You know you are not the only one. You are why I posted this.

To my friends that may wonder where my daily inspirational emails and comments are...well...they are in my head...I am just in a short withdrawl.. I'll Be Back!!

Happy Holiday Wishes To You All

Monday, November 29, 2010

Look What I Won!!

This is a necklace that I want to wear EVERYDAY.  A signature piece, so to speak.  It's called Infinite Moment.  I love getting lost in thought, thinking about what I deem to be infinite moments in my own life.  When I saw this piece on the Love My Art Jewelry blog, I knew that I had to have it.  I actually KNEW that I would.  Sometimes, things hit me like that and I just know. Go visit the blog and explore the etsy shop.  This is a colaboration of very talented artists.

The designer is Maire Jane Dodd.  I came to know Maire about a year ago when I stubbled on her blog.  I was drawn to her because we share some of the same life philosophies. I followed along as she created jewelry.  But then her pieces started to really come to life.  She learned new skills and began to talk about what she was thinking before and during her creative process. Creating her art is to her what the first year of Bead Journaling was to me.  What I want it to be again.  Looking into myself and expressing my thoughts in creative work.

For me, at this point in Maire's career, her work is timeless.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time To Register for 2011 Bead Journal Project

I have been visiting a couple of my friends blogs and they are so excited for the 2011 BJP to begin, that they have already started their first page.  I am glad to see many of the friends that I have made through the project are returning.  I am really excited  and expired to see many new faces have registered too.

If you are thinking of joining, but haven't yet, please visit the site and register today. There are only about 2 weeks left to register.  Tracey has been steadily geting requests. Commonly, lots of the requests to join come close to the deadline.  Make it easy on Tracey please ~lol~
go register today.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Blue Moon

Did you know that the moon tonight is considered a Blue Moon?  Some quirky thing with the blue moon rule.  If you are interested to know, please google.  I had a link to the yahoo story, but someone got a dangerous site notice so I removed it.

I have been doing a little reflecting on certain things.  It seems like only yesterday that we were discussing the New Years Eve 2009 Blue Moon and what some of us felt about it falling at the end/beginning of a year.

I felt sure that 2011 was going to be a good year.  Looking back, it was an excellent year.  It has brought prosperity regarding the things most important to me. This is in no order of importance.

Corey's attitude about school has turned around 100%.  He is focused on his grades and talking about college.  I don't know how much of it can be attributed to wrestling, but we no longer have discussions about why school is important.  One stress off my plate! ~lol~

Terry had a mini stroke.  We found out he has high blood pressure, which we didn't know. If it hadn't happened, who knows.  Even though he decided to step down from mgmt for less pay, he is far happier at work now.  Today when he took his BP, which we monitor every day, it is the FIRST time that he got a normal reading.  The FIRST time!! I am so grateful.  Why?  Can't put it into words.  I guess I feel we are dealing with the unknown.  The medical bills have given us quite a set back, but heck.  I guess we just won't be taking the Austrailian Vacation anytime soon.  He wants to go to the Amazon so I guess I'm off the hook on THAT one. ~lol~

We dealt with my teeth.  I am STILL dealing with THAT situation.  But its all good and will all work out.  And financially speaking, well, we did it while we were still working before we get seriously thinking about retirement.

Laurie found a job earlier this year and we are hoping that holds out.  Keeping fingers crossed that the RV show in KY is a big success this week.

We have had a very prosperous year.  Financially, not so much.

How do YOU measure prosperity?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Register for 2011 BJP!!! Today!!

                                                         Its  time!!
                         Registration day is HERE!!
 Beginning today,  Monday, November 8th, you can send a request to for registration.

In order to be sure your registration is processed, when you send your request, please include answers to the following questions:

Your full name, first and last.
Your web name or alias, if you have one.

Your email address. Please give us your “best” email address, one that is not likely to change during the year and one that you check frequently. (Note: we don’t contact you very often.)

Your home address.

Your telephone number.

Do you have a website? Y/N – If yes, what is the URL?

Do you have a blog? Y/N – If yes, what is the URL?

Were you a registered participant in any other Bead Journal Project? Y/N - If yes did you complete the project for the year? Y/N

If you are a new participant, where did you hear about the 2011 BJP?
An easy way to do this, is to copy and paste the questions and answer them in the email request.  Its just THAT easy.  Then the fun starts.  I hope to see old and new friends when the new BJP begins.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

 My friend Robin posted a list today of 25 things that make her happy. I am wondering how I can figure out which 25 to list.
So, I am jotting 25, but not necessarily in any order, and not the only things that make me happy.  Not by a long shot. I'll have trouble limiting to 25!

My family
My dogs
Watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders and frogs in our pond
Watching a hawk glide across the sky
Lazy summer days and nights
The sun and the night sky
The scent of vanilla
The glow of the Christmas Tree
Being at the Beach
Laughing with Terry
Day dreaming of the good things I will do when I am a millionairre
Spending quiet time alone
Wearing shorts, a tank top and flip flops
Great BBQ Ribs
Going to Chicago
Giving Surprises
Cheesy Love Stories
Filling all the squares of a crossword puzzle
Good Music
Good hair days

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cheesiest

I admit it. 
When I come home from work, I am looking for the quick way out when it comes to supper.  Life is pretty hectic in my home at night until about 8 o'clock.  Each boy is involved in a different activity and are usually going in different directions.  They pretty much depend on us to be sure they get where they need to be when they need to be there.  About once a week I depend on good old Kraft to help me get food on the table quickly.  Its good and its inexpensive if you pick it up on sale.

The other night horror of horrors, I only had one box.  Somehow I have an adversion to running to the store to pick up some last minute needed item so that was not an option.

I always have a large variety of pasta in the pantry, especially now since its about the only thing I can comfortably eat with any substance.  Yep, I had a box of macaroni.  My refrigerator is ALWAYS stocked with a variety of cheese.  I had the ingredients for homemade mac and cheese.  I am embarassed to say that I haven't made it from scratch in years. (I rarely use a recipe, so don't ask).

The kids came in for wrestling practice.  "What's for supper".  Chicken and Macaroni.  No reaction.  THEN they came in to check it out.  Whats that?  Homemade Mac and Cheese.  O.  THEN they took a taste from their plates.  WOW!  This is great!!  I LOVE this stuff!  It was a huge hit. 

I get lots of great compliments on my cooking.  I come from a long line of Polish fantastic cooks.  I don't brag, I'm just proud of my skill (though, I don't like to bake).

So, 3 boxes of Kraft on sale...$1.50. 1 box macaroni and 12oz cheese about $3.  Family's Reaction ....PRICELESS.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BJP 2011

It's time to make your plans to join the 4th annual Bead Journal Project! The 2011 BJP will run from January 2011 through December 2011. Registration will begin November 8, 2010 and close on December 8, 2010. Registration information is available at the BJP website (
Please register early!

When you see this badge on a blog, you know that the owner is a participant in the 2011 project.

Unfortunately, I have not always been faithfully committed to this project. 2011 will be my third year.  I can't believe its flown by so quickly.  I remember stumbling on Robin Atkins blog and my jaw immediately dropped in awe.  I haunted the participants blogs appreciating the wonderful bead embroidery they created. When I joined, I entered the world of bead journalling.  I learned  a lot about myself in the process.  I also became cyber friends with other beaders.  I have made my best cyber friendships through this project.

Last year, for some reason, was a hard year for me to maintain my pages.  Looking back,  I could make excuses in that we have had some illness. I've pittered in other projects. I've spent a whole lot of time outside this year working in the garden and other homeowner responsibilities.  Well, stuff happens.  But I can honestly say that I have come a long way.  My pages have taken a curve toward more fiber/thread embroidery/paint.  I like that and will continue on that path next year.  I am planning the 2011 project with  a realistic plan that I can maintain in my continual struggle to find "me" time to feed my soul.

Why not put November 8 on your calendar and join a group of very creative and talented people. I guarantee you'll find new friends and plenty of encouragement.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fantastic Give A Way At LMAJ Blog

Do you know Maire Dodd?
Well, she is in collaboration with several other artist that have formed the
Love My Art Jewelry Blog.
Mary Jane is having a birthday today and in celebration she has offered a
wonderful pair of earrings to give to a lucky follower.

Hurry over and check it out.
(Its really HARD for me to tell you about this, cause I want em so bad myself!!)

Lots of Love to everybody.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Am Good!!

People have been asking how I am.
Had some sores.  Got an adjustment.

Remember, I love the sun!
And being toothless is no fun!
And falsies come in twos
Just don't forget to use the glues!!

Love you all.  Thanks for the well wishes.

Could someone please.......!!!!!&&*((*&^%$#$#

Its not bad enough that I am recouping from this surgery, not Blogger thinks they have enhanced this place.  Reminds me of our not so wonderful governor of Indiana that says we don't know what is good for us.

They did a nice little change a while back.  You could add several pics and hold them and add them as needed.  What happended to that great feature.

Now, if someone will just tell me the easiest way to view the latest posts on blogs I follow.  When I go to the dashboard, the blogs I follow  used to all be listed and I could scroll down to view the lastest post of each.  Now I get this long list of blogs I follow and below are a few of the updates.  No opportunity to page down and see more.

So, I thought I'd go look for Reader, which I do not prefer.  It looks different too.  Someone please tell me the best way to see the blogs I follow because I am super &^%^&*(*&^%&*( right now.  And thank you cause I know someone will give me a clue.

Have a great day.  I hope I don't miss your latest post!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Day After!!

This is about how my smile looks today....HUGE.

They may be temporary, but they are prettier teeth than I ever had.  I always had trouble with my teeth.  When I was young, my baby teeth wouldn't come out when the permanent ones came in so I had 8 front teeth all at once. My mother used to tell me not to smile and show my big horsey teeth.  Somehow, that stuck with me all my life.

I never saw a dentist till I got my own job at 16.  It was the first thing I did and had to have 2 teeth removed.  That set my resolve to take care of my teeth properly.

So, today is the day after losing all my teeth.  I have temporary plates that I will keep for 8 weeks then get fitted for permanent ones.  I can tell you, that I am glad I have temps because I don't think I could stand to feel the wounds and stitches.

Thanks to everyone that sent me well wishes and healing energy.  Let me tell you I sucked in ALL in and was grateful to have it.  I really knew I would be OK when Hawk flew next to the car for several hundred feet on the way to surgery. It always lifts my spirits to see Hawk.

So, I came and slept most of the night.  Terry bought me pudding to us to swallow my pills. 
I kept gauge in my know why. (I had some bone removed too, so the lower plate could sit correctly)

This morning I went to the dentist to be shown how to remove and replace my teeth, to learn how to care for them and to have a slight adjustment.

Its all going well.  Better than I thought.  I think I'll have to learn how to talk again.  A couple of things I found out is that:

Terry is pretty good at Charades and so is Corey.  They were pretty funny trying to figure out what I was saying last night with a mouth full of gauge.

Laurie does not play the game well and had me laughing so hard I was worried I'd choke on the teeth.

My dogs under stand sign language VERY well.

Jack is my biggest baby and has stayed close to me since I came home.

Don't worry if you have to go through this.  Select a good dentist you trust and surgeon and it will be OK.

Lots of love to all my well wishers.  It really did mean a lot to know you thought of me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gettin New Choppers

I could be getting these

But I'm not.

Nope, Not getting my own helicopter to take me away!!

What would I do with THIS chopper?
Yep.  The bank is broke now.  No choices except toothless.
I will be having my teeth pulled and getting falsies.
Don't let the tongue in cheek fool you.  I am not happy.
I could spend thousands and get a few more miles out of what I have.
But its not adviseable.
So, Tuesday at 1 they are going to put me out and when I come out they'll be a new me.
I am not terrified, but I'm a baby so I'm kinda scared about the day after.
I'm going to let you know how the days after go.  Why? I feel compelled.

If you have good stories..please tell me.
I would prefer not to hear the horrors, please.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You A Magnet?

When the movie "Pretty Woman" came out, there was a line about how she called herself a "Bum Magnet".  That became our name for someone who shall remain nameless.

Terry tells me I'm a Weird magnet.  This is the kind of stuff that happens to me.

Terry and I were in line at Walmart.  I'm sure it was apparent that we were together.  The older gentleman in front of me in line turns to look at me and says "O my gosh, your Aura is the brightest most beautiful blue I have ever seen".  I'm a pretty friendly person so I smiled and asked if that was good.  He touched my arm, which I quickly pulled back, looked him straight in the eye and told him I didn't like to be touched by strangers. (I didn't look at Terry but I am sure he was at attention).  Anyway, he apoligized if he offended me.  He then proceeded to explain that he could read people and because of my Aura he wanted to feel my energy.  (Well yeah, I'm sure!)  Then he tells me that my Aura tells him that I am at peace with myself.  I have an inner serenity. (Hmmm, I'm thinkin he never saw my temper...yet).  Then he tells me that when he touched my arm he got a sense that I was a very giving person.  That I will work with anyone that goes at least part of the way, and that I am the kind of person that will take only so much before I would cut you down with only a look. (Do you think I gave him the "Look" and didn't know it?)  He then told me that he didn't know what my job is, but it is a position of  a lot of responsiblilty.  I told him I buy steel. He said that made sense (?) and that I have what it takes to barter a good deal.  I asked what he did...he sells houses.  He says he just has this knack of knowing about people.  I told him that actually, he did pretty well.  Then I asked what he knew about Terry.  He told me he couldn't read him very well, but he did know that when he gets made, his eyes turn black.  Even though science says that doesn't happen, Terry is one of the few people that it did.  Well, THAT was true.  Its something that our whole family talks about.

Sometime I'll tell you about some of he other "weirds" I have encountered.
Are you a magnet?
What do you attract?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Love My Art Jewelry Blog

Here is a link to a new spot on the web
Its a collaborative effort of several artist.
Do you know Maire Dodd?
Well, if you love her art as much as I do, you will want to visit.
Go see because they are having a give a way to introduce the site.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Ask-Don't Tell**No! Not THAT One!!!

Nope! Not gonna get political here.
Whenever I hear the phrase "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" I snort just a little.
It always reminds me of my daughter's teen years.
She had her own version of DADT.
Like the time that she asked to swim in the neighbor's pool, two blocks over.
I asked a lot of questions, got all the right answers.  Later I found out that I just didn't ask the RIGHT questions and the situation wasn't exactly as I was LED to believe.  That was a turning point for me in our relationship.  That was when I realized that she wouldn't really lie to me but if I didn't ask it right, I wouldn't get the stuff I didn't want to know. LOL. Occasionally we get the opportunity to hear now what we didn't know then ~lol~. 

 Today she and her boys live with us. That has its good and bad points. She works long hours...5 x 12.  The boys usually look to Terry and I for permission, guidance, and support.  We also have the opportunity to teach them our values.  Even so, its a whole new world out there.  I am sure they have their own version of DADT.

Did your kids ever use DADT on you?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You List?

Stoneweaver commented on my last post that she also feels like she doesn't get enough done so maybe she should get rid of her To Do List.

That got me thinking about lists.  We all keep a list whether is written or mental. For me, if I relyed on a mental list I would never remember all that is on it.

I am diligent about keeping a list at work.  Not so much at home.  I keep a running list at home of items that need to be bought on the next trip to the store.  If you need it and its not on the bad.
When I go to the store, I also scan the ad and list anything that is on sale.

If I am planning a holiday dinner, I always have a list of the menu, with a list next to it of ingredients I need to buy.

When we travel, I always make a list of what I want to take and check each item off when it gets packed.
Same goes with sporting events.  Many times we have gotten where we wanted to be, only to return home for a forgotten item.

I used to keep a Honey Do list for Terry but we don't do that anymore.  Since he began doing maintenance at a large apartment complex, it was pretty cruel to give him more work orders ~lol~.

I HAVE to have a list of kid activities, otherwise I would never know where I am driving next. Since I am great at multi-taxing, I try to combine errands into trips to sporting practice etc.  I understand pretty well why I eagerly anticipate Corey getting a driver's license!

Personally, I would be happy if I could just remember to carry my cell phone.  God only knows where it is right now. ~lol~

So, tell me.  Do you keep written lists, or do rely on your memory?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whats Going On Here......

This morning, my friend Crissy blogged about never getting everything done she wanted to.
But really, it was about being grateful for accomplishing SOME things and realizing the hidden value of your accomplishment.  Maybe you didn't get the garage cleaned, but you visited your parents and THAT was more important than your original plan.

The older I get, the less I get done, both at home and work.  I just don't have the hustle that I used to.  And that's OK.  I have come to realize what the important things really are in my life.  Maybe the end tables in my living room get a little cluttered.  Maybe I go to bed with a couple of last minute dishes left in the sink.  But I always find time to listen to Ky's toooo loooong stories with patience and interest.  I always find time to help with homework, or to listen to a rehash of what happened at the gym. What Corey's World Civic  teacher has to say about evolution vs creationism and to discuss the Big Bang theory so he can get BOTH sides of the story.

In my opinion, life is about trade offs.  When I accepted Terry's marriage proposal oh so many years ago I thought we would never be money rich.  But I knew he loved me more that any other man on this earth EVER would or could. 

I work at a job I really do like.  The money is ok...actually pretty good.  I know I could probably make more somewhere else.  But this job gives me the opportunity to be other places when I need to be.  They are totally in agreement that family comes first.  I don't mind staying late when I need to. Choices and trades are silently made on both sides.  A mutual trust so to speak.  A trade.

I find this in many areas of my life.  It works for me.  Its how I justify choices I have made.

In the past, I have looked at this blog as a place to offer a view to the artful things I do and to my time spent around the garden and my bird friends.  But my blog friend June made me realize with her post this morning that there is so much more to me that I never talk about.  So, in the future, well, you just don't know what you are going to find here or what I'll be talking about.

If you take the time to read, please leave a comment.  I love them and I'd love to know what your opinions are too.

Have a great day.  And remember to find inspiration today to be a better person.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Is How The Conversation Went.......

Hi Marie.  How are you?

Hi Dear.  I am doing pretty well. ( She looks me over, her eyes glancing at the top of my head).
Are you letting your hair go?

What do you mean?  Did I forget to comb it this morning? Or can you see my roots?  Or do you think I need a cut? (I have my hair pulled back into a wild uptail with bangs).

Well, no..  You know.  The front is one color and the back is different. I think the front is lighter.

O, that!  Well, you know me.  You NEVER know what color my hair will be.  Right now, I am lightening it because its hard to cover all that gray.  The back is a little darker because its older hair.  You know, the older we get, the hard it is for us to change.  Our hair is like that too.

Oh, I know what you mean.  I have been dying mine lighter too.

Well, I think lighter softens your face when you are older.  But you know, I saw a girl in Walmart the other day with purple streaks in her hair.  I think I might like that.  Do you think I'd look ok with purple streaks?

O, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Carol!  You can't dye your hair PURPLE!!

Why not.  I dyed it dark red once.  It was when I worked in a factory.  My hair was so dark and the lights were so bad that the guys thought it was Navy.

Well, I came to see John.  My car has a scratch and I think I need to take it to Leroys so he can paint it.

O, Marie, John isn't here.  He's at lunch.  Don't know when he'll be back.  I can show you a picture of him though.

O, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yes, I know he's so busy.  Sometime I have to look at his picture if I want to see him!

Well, Marie.  You are pretty High Maintenance today.  You need your hair colored, you need your car painted.  What else do you need as long as you're out spending money?

O, HAHAHAHAHAH. Carol!!!  No, I don't need anything else today.  I'll just hang around for a bit to see if John comes back soon.

We give each other a genuine hug, and say goodbye.

I work as shop secretary in a local machine/die shop.  The owner's father started the business in the '40s.  Marie, his wife, was a school teacher who quit teaching to work in the office. When Marie's husband retired, their son, John, bought the business. (He had been the president for quite a while before that occurred.)  Marie is a 90 year old widow that only retired 10 years ago.  When I came, I job shared the front desk with her.  I worked in the mornings and she worked in the afternoons, until John and I developed the Shop Secretary position.

Marie is a dear person that I love.  She is one of the few people I know that I can be myself with.  I let my guard down with her.  We laugh together all the time.  I can almost see her son shaking his head as he over hears our conversations.  I wonder what he thinks.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Terry Got a New Toy

Can you see his mustache flying?

John Deere says to cut in high gear!

We won't have to ask Ky twice to cut the grass!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Got A Rep To Protect!!

Just to give you a little background here, let me tell you something I LOVE to do.
Years ago, when I did a lot of cake decorating, when someone at work had a birthday or other special occasion, I used to make them a cake that was symbolic of what they liked.  A pool for the swimmer, a sunny beach for the sun get the idea.  That all got to be too time consuming.

But it did evolve into something else that is tons of fun.  The ower and President, John, looks forward to it.  Is even disappointed if I don't come through.  Once when he went on vacation, our plant supervisor brought his 2 year old son into the office.  We took all kinds of pictures of him then posted them on a board with cute know like because the boss likes to leave early,  one caption said something about gotta run to beat the 2:30  traffic.  Another time I got that fake cobweb stuff and covered his door.  You get the idea.  We have a relatively new plant manager, CJ, who just happens to be John's son-in-law. Last week he went on vacation with his father to Canada.  CJ's father was going bear hunting, but CJ swore to me HE was only going to fish.

Everyone knows I love animals. Since deer around here are totally over-populated I can ALMOST understand deer hunting season.  But Bear!  No Way!!  Well I just couldn't let this one go by.

CJ had to be initiated into my Hall Of Fame.

I gathered my favorite bear.

Found a few militia type guns.  Very high power!

Dressed him to the nines!

Gave him the warning!!

I think he'll get the message!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is YOUR Creative Style?

I was surfing around the blogs and came across a link to this site. 
The answer I got was pretty interesting to me because it was pretty much right on the money.
Check it out, if you want to see if its right about you.

Creativity gives you insight

You feel that creativity provides insight into your own being. In fact, it is like therapy for you, enabling you to get to know yourself better. You seem to be looking for a way into the mysteries of the subconscious. It’s not really self-expression you are seeking, but rather the tools of self-expression: discovering what your creation will reveal about yourself. Art helps you reflect on, analyse and expand your personality. You long to be creative, and it’s not just because you need to deal with your emotions. It’s the tension between contradictions, and the need to resolve doubt that drives you to be creative. Painting pictures, decorating rooms, arranging shells in the sand — these are all creative processes that allow your introspection to roam. You can trace your life through the different ways you have exercised your creativity. For you, art is there to make sense of life. You are more attracted to artistic activities that demand reflection, planning and solitude, and the personal discoveries you make often provide answers for others, too. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


He saved his money.
We saved ours.
His mom gave the rest.
We found  a car.

He's not driving, yet.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Will My Legacy Be

When I look like this, will anyone remember that I did needlework?

On Tuesdays, my friend Lynn posts about Tuscarora beading.

This morning when I read her post, it got me to thinking about handwork that has been done and passed down over the years.  Beading, needleart, patchwork.  Some pieces have been saved for hundreds of years.

I have some of my mother's embroidered  and crocheted pieces. I have my grandmother's crocheted doilies.

Will anyone see the value of my work and want to save it and keep it safe?  Will they even admire it?

It saddens me that my daughter has no interest at all to learn how to do the needlearts.  I am more than willing to teach her.  She didn't have any interest when she was small either.

How will I be remembered
When I am gone from this earth
Will they think of me with love
Will they know how much I loved this earth
Will they speak of my garden, birds, squirrels and frogs
When they talk about me.
Will they recount that I was bold and out-spoken
But could be gentle and kind too.
Will they know that I will be here in spirit
To always hear what they say?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Flowers

My garden and yard is full of Rose of Sharon.  I have several varieties in all the common shades.  I have double flower bushes too. Rose of Sharon are in the Hibiscus family.  I have  Hibiscus in Fuchsia.

I can't remember where or when I bought this bush. I think it was last year or the year before.  This is the first year that it flowered.  The leaves are purple.  Believe me, if I knew the flowers were going to be this huge and this gorgeous and this color I would have broke the bank to load up.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Back Hurts When I Do The Dishes

He mentioned to me that his back hurts when he does dishes.
I thought, yeah right, though it was out of character for him to complain about work.
The other night, he called his brother to the kitchen.
I heard dish water running.
Peeking in, I saw him hunched over the sink.
He is 15 and 6'3".
Later I looked in. 
I wish I had taken a picture.
 He was kneeling at the sink.
  On his knees, he stands about as tall as me when I'm standing.
So I got my stool.
Folded a bath towel on it
So he could be comfortable.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

39 TODAY!!

No, I am NOT 39 today.  Well, in a sense I am because I had my 39th birthday quite a few years ago.  But I HAVE been MARRIED 39 years today. 

Every day I look for inspiration from the Universe.  Today, my inspiration, my gratitude, my positive energy....comes from US!!

I can honestly say that I have had far far more better days than bad because I am married to this guy.

If it is true that there is one person on this earth that we were meant to be with, I thank the heavens that we found each other.

Taking a rest after yard work.

A quiet moment with Ky.

Guy talk with Corey.

I wanted a quiet place.  I wanted a place to attract the birds.  I wanted frogs.  He built me a pond.

I wanted more light in the living room.  He put in two patio doors. Then he built a porch.

As long as I have him.  I have everything I need.

Happy Anniversary, Terry.  I love you more than Dino.

PS to my readers.  Dino was my most beloved ever dog.  When the boys were growing up, I used to tell them that I love them more than Dino.  When I said THAT, they REALLY knew they were loved!  Its been my saying ever since.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Here is the second installment of my pages in transition. I have to say that I like these two pages, in certain ways,  better than any others I have done.  I was never really comfortable encrusting entire pages with beads.  I think in the future I will feel at ease incorporating more and more threadwork into my pages.

I started by thinking about how I would color the back ground.  I wanted to use chalks, but for the life of me, I cannot find my chalks.  So, I used crayon, then heat set it.  It was OK, but not quite the effect I wanted.

I don't know much about stamping on fabric.  I love the saying on this stamp and decided I wanted to use it on this page.  Stamping on wool felt didn't work too well for me.  After the page was stitched and beaded, I had to tackle the fact that the stamped words had faded.  I tried stamping on other material but didn't like the look on the page.  So, I restamped a piece of felt.  Tested textile medium on a stamped scrap and proceeded to glue the new stamped piece to the page and secured it with stitching.  I'm still not too happy with the way the stamping looks, but after all its a learning experience.

I love these two newest pages.  I'm not totally sure why.  Maybe their 3 x 3 size.  Probably the mix of thread stitching with the addition of beads.  Its likely the fact that I am trying new things has a lot to do with it, even if it is in a small way.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Do You Know Lisa?

No, this is not Lisa. But we both like squirrels so I just posted a pic of this little guy on my roof.

Lisa is one of my favorite cyber friends.  I met her a little over a year ago.  She is THE most amazing bead artist.  This is a link to one of her  recent posts.

She made the most amazing and creative gift for another bead artist we know. The thought and time that Lisa spent creating this gift is just an example of how wonderful she is.

I hope we always stay in touch.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BJP In Transition!

The BJP is in transition for me. 

First, I am not going to name them or even think of them as a "month" project.  I will think of them and refer to them numerically.  This is #4.

I recently decided that I wanted to get back to sewing and hand stitching. I long to mess with fibers again, mainly embroidery and crazy quilt.  Its been at least 20 years since I did that kind of needlework. Man am I rusty! But it feels SO good to use a needle and thread again.

So the transition is from a bead encrusted page to a smaller size more fiber thread work page.

So, here is the story.  The square is 3 x 3 white wool felt.  I used colored pencils to color the square then glazed it with textile medium.

The story:  This is a memory of a place at the beach in Michigan City Indiana where I was raised.  When I grew up there, it had not yet turned into a tourist town.  Not many people from Chicago had summer homes there. But (back in the 30's Al Capone owned a gated estate on the Lake Shore).  Anyway, from my early teens until I moved away when I was 19 I spent almost every summer day at the Lake. I love the water and the sun.

What I learned:  My embroidery skills are just so rusty.  But they are coming back.  I worked at keeping even stitches.  For the first time I used metallic thread in an effort to show the sun reflecting off the ripples in the lake. I love the look, but hate working with this thread.

I'm going to continue with this smaller size page.  I'm also going to continue to play with thread and beads for the rest of this year's pages. I'll be eager to see my stitching skills improve with each new page. I used to stitch really pretty embroidered pieces especially on clothes.

The picture is not that great, but this square is really pretty in person!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Year Later

What was I blogging about a year ago?  Well, since I live for summer and working in the guessed it....our yard.  More specifically, our pond.

Terry and I have different ideas on how the landscape should look in the pond area. But, as in most cases, we put our heads together and just make it happen. Terry likes little "things" that decorate the area. Me, not so much.

Let me show you his pond chotch-chees. He has had his eye on this hippo for a LONG time. Yesterday the hippo found his new home. Doesn't he look happy!!

This is a solar powered bird bath that my sister gave us.  I know it seems silly to put it next to the pond, but we thought it would be safer in the back yard.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we were sitting by the pond watching baby house wrens leave their nest for the first time.  They would fly out and over to the bird bath.  We were scared they would fall in the water and not know how to get out.  It was the sweetest moment.  While we waited patiently to see how many chicks there were, one by one they flew out.  One of the birds on the bottom wanted out really badly and actually shoved the hestitater right out the door. We watched 5 babies try their wings that day.   
You know I love hawks.  Well, Terry does too, but he loves bald eagles more.  No, this isn't a real bird.  But let me tell you that Terry called me a week ago on his way to work.  He had actually seen a bald eagle fly in front of his truck headed in the direction of the river.  We have had some articles in the newspaper that there have been sightings of a bald eagle near the St. Joseph River.  Since we live two blocks from the river and near a bay, its believable that he did actually see one.  How cool is that!!
Let me also mention that THIS bird is sitting in the middle of one of my favorite flowers by the pond...Spider Wort.  I love it.  The flowers open in the sun and close in the evening.  It is a beautiful shade of purple and blooms all summer long.  And it SPREADS!!!       

Here is another new addition to the pond decor.  Terry found this clock at Hobby Lobby.  He had a good idea.  Usually when I am working near the pond, I have no clue what time it is except a wild guess based on the position of the sun.

Terry's Goldfish, Koi and Shibunkin.  You can't see any in this picture, but there are about a trazillion baby fish in the pond. They are all sizes and ages.  Terry spends a lot of time gazing at them and trying to figure out what bread they are.

This is a little spot by the fence where I removed the grass and planted a few new perennials. I was putting the grass in a bucket then taking it to the compost pile.  When I went to move to another area, I misplaced my claw hand rake.  I swore I didn't throw it out with the grass.

When Terry disappeared in the house, I had no idea why.  Here he came with metal detector and scrounged around until he found them.
Terry is my hero,  ALWAYS.

Just a couple more things.
The tree in the front yard next door has always and every year been home to litters of baby squirrels.  This is one of a four of the latest litter.  Its been great fun watching them run around and play.  This picture  is one of the babies helping to clean the maple tree whirlygigs out of the eaves of the garage.   Good Boy!!  And the last picture is of  some of my Black Eyed Susans.  They usually grow about 3 feet tall.  We have had so much rain, they are over my head.  Most of the other bushes have grown just as well and are higher than usual.
So, now you see why I am not posting beading, or sewing or any other project.   They are in the works, but not complete.  But they will be!