Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Asked For It!!

This is how my noodles look before they are transformed into one of my family's favorite dishes. My mother never wrote down any recipes and I never was allowed to cook when I lived at home. So when I married, Terry just assumed that I knew how to cook Polish Wedding Dinner Noodles. Even though my aunt and uncle owned a home-style restaurant and my other aunt and uncle also owned a restaurant, and my mother only made dishes from scratch, I only knew what I watched them all do.

So I began a hit and miss process trying to duplicate the noodles my mom used to make ( among other dishes she made also). Finally I got it right. Its amazing that its so easy.

This is a great recipe as a side dish. You can add chicken and have a main dish. For the best results use Kluski noodles. They seem to absorb the chicken flavor better than egg noodles or Amish noodles. I have, however, many times made homemade noodles from scratch and they work great too. Hope you like them.

Polish Wedding Noodles
OK I am polish 100 per cent. Here is the coveted recipe for Polish Wedding Noodles. Sorry I don’t measure when I cook.

1 bag Kluski Noodles
1 big glob of butter or margarine
salt and pepper
3 cans of chicken broth

Bring a dutch oven size pot of water and the broth and butter to a boil.
Add the noodles and lower the heat.
When the broth boils out so that the noodles are just a little saucy, salt and pepper to taste.
They’re done!!


Unknown said...

Thanks! I'll have to try them they sound good!

I had to laugh at your recipe! you cook like i do! I call it gourmet and it always amazes my family!

Timaree said...

I'll have to try these. It sounds so simple.

After all that turkey at Thanksgiving my sister trying to feed a large family on nothing, mixed noodles with leftover gravy and bits of turkey. I make that now but I like homemade noodles with it.

rairie said...

Oh Carol after I start Weightwatchers you offer this...somehow I cannot imagine that it would taste the same with whole wheat noodles and fat free margarine. ;( However there has got to be a time I can make it for company! Thanks!

Shelley said...

This sounds delicious!!

a2susan said...

You cook just the way my grandmother used to, by feel and look. And everything always turned out perfect!
Polish wedding noodles sound good for a cold winter night.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol! This sounds yummy. My guys love buttered noodles, so I know they'll love this and so will I! I'm snatching the recipe! ... Thanks for the visit. I think "Mutt" is such a cute nickname! When my Jamie was little, he'd get food all over himself when he ate, so we started calling him "Pig man". We still call him that half the time and he's's terrible! Hugs, ;D

Susan Elliott said...

Oh is Jack ever going to love this!!!

This ALSO made me laugh today -- you are a hoot! Now I just have to search for Kluski noodles around here...

big hugs and kisses, Susan

Pursuing Art... said...

These noodles sound so yummy and easy! Thank you for sharing, I would love to try them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Carol! Have fun and enjoy!!
XO ~Lisa

Unknown said...

Hi, Carol!
I wandered over from the comment(s) you left on my blog(s). Thank you so much for your encouragement on the BJP and I would love to chat with you about/how positive attraction :)

I am definitely going to have to try making your Polish Wedding noodles, they sounds delicious!
Take care!

Gale said...

Love the recipe, Carol. Can't wait to try them! Gale

Susan Elliott said...

I'm making them now as we speak! Just had to come back and check the recipe before I screwed it up! Can't wait!!! OH boy oh boy!!!!

Valerie said...

You're Polish ?
I'm 25 % Polish, my grandmother was from Cracovia and I hope to go for the first time next winter...