Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What did I get for Christmas?

Friends ask what I got for Christmas. Well, receiving Christmas presents is not important to me. Giving them is. Mostly I get the greatest joy in giving a gift to someone that does not expect to get one. Like a scarf that I crocheted for my favorite deli clerk at Walmart.
This is my Christmas Eve visitor. He flew past my front window and I could tell he was going to land somewhere. Terry and I hurried to the kitchen window and sure enough, there he was perched in the tree outside my kitchen window. Actually, I think HE is a SHE.
No matter, for some reason I am always thrilled to see a hawk up close. Even though I feed the birds, I have an agreement with hawks. They are welcome, but they can't eat in my yard.
(Yes, Jeanne, that's part of my Kookiness and I LOVE it).


Crystal said...

I would have loved to see the look on the Deli Clerk's face as she opened her beautiful gift! That was so sweet and thoughtful of you! Now why doesn't it surprise me one bit? ;-)

How cool that the hawk actually stayed still long enough for you to not only get a good look - but a picture too! I'll bet that's a good luck sign for 2010! :-)


dochoamom said...

Wow isn't he/she stunning... that is a good sign for you...

The best gift is your friendship... both giving and receiving..

Love, Deb

Beedeebabee said...

Carol, that was so sweet! I bet you made that deli clerks day!!!...this Hawk is a beauty, but I hope he paid attention to your agreement! A couple of years ago, we had one that came for lunch in our yard twice...I wish I could have made an agreement with him beforehand! xoxo

Timaree said...

Just what do hawks eat? We have crows that eat on our light poles or garage roof. I think they are eating rats, mice or ground squirrels as the animals aren't big enough to be rabbits - we have some BIG crows! The problem comes when they drop the animal and the dogs get to it.

I'll bet the deli clerk was happy and surprised to get your gift.

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful... I promised myself I'm going to make one item as a gift for someone each month this year... it feels so good to make people smile, doesn't it?

Pursuing Art... said...

I bet your friend who works at the deli just loved what you took the time to make for her...that is so sweet of you! I agree, there is nothing like bringing a smile or warming someones heart when they least expect it!

Love your agreement! ;-) I couldn't agree with you more. They are welcome to visit but no eating in my yard either. How cool that you got a picture.

We just got some pictures of one last week. I will have to share a picture too. ~Lisa

Valerie said...

Carol : I like you !
Along with gift giving to my two sweethearts at home, to give a little heartfelt gift to someone that has been nice to me through the year but doesn't expect any gift is one of my great pleasure at Christmas !