Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Ear Hears Color AKA June 2009 BJP

It started as a phrase I say to my grandson often. "You only hear what you want to hear". Its not really what he HEARS, its how he chooses to interpret what I said. Which got me thinking about other ear phrases, or ear idioms.

Ever hear "Blow it out your ear!"? ~ Means leave me alone.

How 'bout "In one ear and out the other". ~ Heard it, didn't remember it.

Do you "Turn a deaf ear"? ~ Ignore someone who is asking for something.

The walls have ears. ~ Someone may be listening to your private conversation.

And this one is for me:
Be all ears. ~ Eager to hear what will be said.

So, I found this picture of an ear and thought I would bead it. Just for fun. Just because my May page was intense for me. The beads were simple, but the meditation was deep. So I promised this June page would be colorful. Its the page I mentioned in an earlier post that I showed my grandson when I explained that its OK to be your own person.

MY ear is colorful. It is seldom naked. It usually has big and bold earrings adorning it. I love glitz and color and bling!

MY ear hears wonderful music. Lady GAGA when I'm jazzed and Cody LePow when I want to be quiet and feel the blues. There's a whole spectrum in between.

MY ear HEARS what you say, even when you haven't actually spoken the words that are in your heart.

So, I present to you~~~~MY ear.

I am colorful.
I can bring the world to life.
I am silly.
I can make you laugh till you cry.
I am odd.
I hear the unspoken word.
I can make you wild when I hear music,
Or I can make you sad.
I am happy to be me.


pam T said...

OMG Carol! This is FABULOUS! I love it!

beadbabe49 said...

I'm with pam...what an incredibly creative idea!

Jacquie said...

Oh Carol...this is fabulous! Love it and what a creative way to say something! Awesome!Unique!totally Carol!

Anonymous said...

Incredibly imaginative and a real conversation piece!

crystal said...

Your project is cute, quirky, (in a very good way!) and full of personality - just like you! But, what I am noticing more and more in your BJP's is that a poetic muse is awakening within you. She is further stretching her wings with each new project. Your words are poetry, Carol, and that poetry is amazingly beautiful!


Kelly said...

I love it. Looks like it took quite a bit of time. I'll be seeing you next year, for sure. =)
I agree with Crystal. Your poet is awakening!

Anonymous said...

That's a wild ear!!! I love that he is hairy (!!) Have you ever heard the idea (probably an urban myth) that ears get larger as you grow older? Take a look at old men - enormous ears!! (Prince Charles has a head start!)

dochoamom said...

Ha ha... that ear is cute... so colorful and fun..

Your ear is always there when I need it to be to share the triumphs or not so good things in my day. Thanks for always being there Carol... Cody will get a kick out of this. Forwarding it to him...

Much love, Deb

Anonymous said...

that is too fun!! Great idea and fab interpretation!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol! That's some cute little ear! A true attention getter for sure. I really liked what you wrote too, just like Crystal said so perfectly....Here's a little funny tidbit...The other day I was passing my son's room and I heard "Paralyzer". So I said "Oh, I love that song". He turned and said "You KNOW that???"...I was "cool"... for like 10 seconds. Thanks Carol! Hugs, Paulette =D

Susan Elliott said...

Carol, this project and entire post made me grin from ear to ear!!!!

I love everything about it. And you are so right about your ability to hear the unspoken word...I would even call it a special gift of yours...

The gift of's a great celebration of one of our oft neglected senses. I think I just might celebrate my ears tomorrow!

The ear is the avenue to the heart...and I think this month you have found the right path. love and hugs, Susan

Padparadscha said...

I love it, it's fabulous !

Robin said...

You are such a dear person, Carol!!! It is a pleasure to know you through your art and your words... and definitely, you are not just an ear!

You are colorful and silly.
Yes, you hear the unspoken word.
I am happy you are you.

Thank you for this last piece of your 2009 BJP year (10 or 12, no matter). You've given much to all of us.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Carol...I love this post and your very creative and beautiful ear!!! It is awesome! It is so colorful and fun...pure charm...just like you!!!

And, are not just an ear! You are a sweet and sincere person with a heart of gold.

I'm so glad that you started your blog and have shared yourself and your art with us. It has been a pleasure getting to know you!!!

XO ~Lisa

Sandy said...

I love the ear. You are developing your own style-it's great. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol! I baked with the Dough Boy yesterday! We made a cake! ... Thanks for your compliments =D ... I started with a nice wool blend felt ( but now I use mostly 100% wool felt (feltpro on etsy) both are nice, but the 100% wool is much more durable, and nice and yummy thick! If I'm making a large item like a rose, then I use the wool blend. Have fun sweetie!
I love the comments you leave over at Crystals! Hugs, Paulette ;)

Timaree said...

Terrific! I love all the color and texture. This is really great. I usually get an email saying you posted but it didn't happen this time. Sorry I am so late to comment. So much for trusting feedburner. said...

Fantastic ear - wish I heard in colors LOL. Something has happened to my beading - it went by the wayside. Maybe I can pick it back up now that winter is on the way and CONSTANT rain.