Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do You Know What A Kea Is?

If you know me, you know that I am a bird lover. I knew a Kia was a car, but I had never heard of a Kea.

My blogger friend in New Zealand posted about seeing a Kea. She has linked to THE MOST AMAZING video of how intellegent these birds are. Please visit her blog and take a moment to see the video. I guarantee you will be amazed.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Ear Hears Color AKA June 2009 BJP

It started as a phrase I say to my grandson often. "You only hear what you want to hear". Its not really what he HEARS, its how he chooses to interpret what I said. Which got me thinking about other ear phrases, or ear idioms.

Ever hear "Blow it out your ear!"? ~ Means leave me alone.

How 'bout "In one ear and out the other". ~ Heard it, didn't remember it.

Do you "Turn a deaf ear"? ~ Ignore someone who is asking for something.

The walls have ears. ~ Someone may be listening to your private conversation.

And this one is for me:
Be all ears. ~ Eager to hear what will be said.

So, I found this picture of an ear and thought I would bead it. Just for fun. Just because my May page was intense for me. The beads were simple, but the meditation was deep. So I promised this June page would be colorful. Its the page I mentioned in an earlier post that I showed my grandson when I explained that its OK to be your own person.

MY ear is colorful. It is seldom naked. It usually has big and bold earrings adorning it. I love glitz and color and bling!

MY ear hears wonderful music. Lady GAGA when I'm jazzed and Cody LePow when I want to be quiet and feel the blues. There's a whole spectrum in between.

MY ear HEARS what you say, even when you haven't actually spoken the words that are in your heart.

So, I present to you~~~~MY ear.

I am colorful.
I can bring the world to life.
I am silly.
I can make you laugh till you cry.
I am odd.
I hear the unspoken word.
I can make you wild when I hear music,
Or I can make you sad.
I am happy to be me.