Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bye-Bye Bad Bird

Some of you have asked what is happening in my quest to be rid of the bad bird or the Guestapo Bird as he has also been called. All summer long, be have been missed birds frequenting our feeders. We have been driven crazy by the Bad Bird who continues to peck on our house and car windows. It's really embarassing to go to work with white bird do-do dripped down the car door! I have to admit though, it is kind of amusing watching him fly from the front to the back, and back to the front of the house on guard against other birds in the feeders.
If you follow my blog, you may remember me telling you about Mr. and Mrs. Baldy. Well, they are still near, but rarely come to the feeders out of fear, I suppose.
A few years ago, I picked up a bird trap for English Sparrows when we thought that we would attract Blue Birds to our yard. I asked Terry if he thought we could trap Bad Bird. We agreed it was worth a shot. He set up the trap with mirrors under and behind it in hopes that Bad Bird would want to fight himself in the mirrors. We actually had forgotten about it because it wasn't working.
If you have never seen one, here it is. No, that's not Bad Bird inside. Its just a replica.
This morning I was so excited because both Mr. and Mrs. Baldy were eating at the feeders. When Terry went outside later, he came back in to tell me that the reason the Baldys were back was because Bad Bird was in the trap!!!
We put the trap in the back of the truck and drove him about 20 miles south.
We turned him loose and he flew up to the top of Grissom Jr. High. My grandson said he was up there looking to see what direction to fly home. He thought for sure Bad Bird would get there before us!


Jonna (aka mom) said...

Oh sneaky! I didn't know you could do that!

If it weren't for the fact that my ducklings were livestock and the owls protected.. I'd be tempted. But alas, owls are feeding on my small livestock.

Plays with Needles said...

Giggle....I have trapped bad birds in a trap just like this one...except where I live, I trap those evil house sparrows that came over from England and usurp all the nesting places of my beloved bluebirds...I LOVE how you staged the trap with the fake bird inside...You CRACK me up!

pam T said...

OMG this is too funny, Carol! you guys are very clever!

rairie said...

LOL I did not know that you could do this so it made me laugh. I forgot about the prior post about the bad bird. Is he home yet? Maybe it will take a longer trip.
Hugs...Loved the Harley necklace.

dochoamom said...

Boy your replica looks mad huh... Good hopefully he will not come back... and Mr. & Mrs. Baldy can return...

Love, Deb

crystal said...

C'mon, Kid!

The suspense is just too much!!! Did he come back again???

It would be great if Mr. and Mrs. Baldy could have some peace and quiet for the fall months.

We had a neighbor who had a similar problem with a squirrel that had made a clubhouse in his attic. ;-)

The neighbor trapped it and drove it miles away from his home to let it go. I hate to report that the squirrel was back in the attic the next day!!!

Hopefully, birds LIKE a change of scenery.

freebird said...

I know he was a Bad Bird but I sort of feel sorry for him. He was only looking out for himself. I guess he couldn't really be taught how to share though.

Carol said...

Hi all. After responding to Timaree's comment, I thought I would post it here also. I post the amusing side to the stories about my critters. This story has an ugly and gross and unheathly side also that I did not tell and have tamed down in my reply as follows:

You know, that is the other side of this story. I felt bad for him too. And I worried if he had a mate I left behind. On the other hand, he was more than annoying. He was ALWAYS flying up and pecking at the windows and would go from one window and move on to the next. You may not know, but that leaves a mess on the windows. I don't know if its from dirt from his wings or what. We also have bird do do on the side of the house, on the window sills and on the patio furniture. I know that we put up with him longer than most. Too many people told us to shoot him.

So, I like to think of him entertaining the kids at Grissom Middle School, lol.

a2susan said...

I give you a lot of credit for being so kind to the bad bird. He had plenty of opportunities to reform and he chose not to, so the consequences were...he lost his rights! And rightly so! Hope he stays away and you can reclaim your house and other birds.


Pursuing Art... said...

Lol...I bet he is entertaining the kids at Grissom Middle School. ;-)

I'm glad that Mr. & Mrs. Baldy and others have their territory back. I don't blame you for driving him to a new area. Hopefully he'll enjoy his new surroundings and not find his way back. He hasn't has he??? XO ~Lisa

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Carol! I found your story about Bad Bird very amusing! We've had bad mockingbirds and jays but never a bad cardinal!
Hope all is well now and the baldy's are happy! Hugs, Paulette