Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Pond is an Ongoing Work in Progress

This was the pond two summers ago. The boys needed something to keep them out of trouble so we suggested that they dig the hole for the new pond. Somewhere I have a pic of a joke they played. When the hole got bigger and deeper, they stood up a GI Joe in the bottom on the corner and sent a pic to Papa and asked if it was deep enough yet. From that distance it looked like one of them standing in the hole. No, this is not that pic.

Here is Corey again and this is how the pond and Corey looked in the spring this year. Corey is about a foot taller, 6'1" now, and the pond area is about 60' long.

Here are just a few of the pond residents.

A view from the deep end ( about 4-1/2' deep) looking to the shallow end which barely covers pea gravel. That end is just one huge bird bath and we enjoy watching from the window or sitting on the glider at that end of the pond.

This area is basically the channel connecting the deep and shallow end. You can't see the water here but you can see one of the flower areas. This is stall all a work in progress.

Here is my other grandson that helped to dig the pond. He is deep in thought here, or just relaxing watching the fish. Its the same spot where I look for anybody when I can't find them in the house. Its a quiet place to think or just watch the wildlife that enjoy the pond too. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits can be found here just about anytime.
We plan a patio area at the shallow end where a umbrella table will be. Very much more landscaping needs to be done in the entire area. We also plan some solar lighting. I have lots of ideas, which will probably never end.

The pond has been a family project. When the boys felt like it, they went out to dig. Terry of course, finished off the digging, designed the water system and did all that work, from lining to filter, to electrical. I supervised the planting which was done by Terry, Ky and me. We all love this area and I am so proud that projects like this have taught my grandsons love of wildlife and concern for the environment. BTW, this area is fenced to protect the dogs from the wrath of Terry should they perform nature's duty here or bother a critter.

14 comments: said...

What a lovely accomplishment for the boys to be proud of, as well as you. I envy you the area to sit and reflect, but am so joyful that you have it to enjoy and share. In spirit I am there watching the goldfish.

Anonymous said...

This is a work of art, Carol. It looks so peaceful. How wonderful to have such a thing as a family project. Congrats.


rairie said...

Wow what an excellent way to have the boys connect with your place to make it their place. I love to watch the water creatures here on our pond so I am more aware of how tranquil that really is.
Deb in FL

Susan Elliott said...

Oh, I enjoyed this tour of your pond this morning -- First of all, good for you involving the boys in the making of the pond...I love the pic of your one grandson pondering life on the bench -- it's such a nice idea for there to be a place for the boys to go and think and appreciate the world around them. My mom used to always say that thinking time is critical for kids. That's how they process life and the world around them -- without downtime, their learning is severely hampered...Good for you!! I also love the work in progress feel to gives me a sense of comfort to know that if I wanted to add my own special touch to the would probably welcome that. Your grandsons are very lucky to have you...grandmothers think about the needs of kids in a very different way and they really benefit from being around you, I have NO doubt. Keep being beautiful, Susan

Timaree said...

You do have to watch out for the dogs. We had one years ago that would stand in my dad's little pond and wait for the goldfish to come out from under the rocks. He got every single one! We couldn't keep him out of it.

It's great to have such a large work in progress. The grandsons will look back later and have lots of good memories.

dochoamom said...

I am mentally sitting on that bench drinking a cup of coffee with you... someday... What a wonderful place you have all created...

Much Love, Deb

crystal said...

Oh Sis,
This is breathtaking - your own piece of paradise right outside your door!!!

Wonderful pix, too! I felt as if I was actually on the tour. :-)

Wish I were close enough to drop by and experience that very inviting serenity!

Congrats and hugs to all of you for such a huge accomplishment. :-D

Sue said...

What a wonderful place to go and be alone with nature. The results are beautiful, but the group effort and companionship is worth much more than the landscapeing results

Anonymous said...

It looks brilliant. And what a great idea to get the boys involved in something that brings them close to nature. Now they can see all the different creatures that live in and around it. It is always lovely to have a water feature - a peaceful place to enjoy. I may be coming back to you for some tips when I finally get a garden!

flyingbeader said...

I'D LOVE A POND...but then my dogs would be in it all the time & Fiona would catch & eat all the fish. Lovely to see. Guess I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog in having a pond in my backyard.

Shelley said...

What a great project fo the boys and to develop their love of nature. Your pond is beautiful! We just have a small 3 foot pond but I would like something like yours.

Beedeebabee said...

This is just soooo beautiful!!! What a peaceful spot to sit and watch all the critters, or just get lost in your thoughts... loved what the boys did with the Ken doll, that was just too funny! Paulette :o)

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Carol...forgive me for being so behind! Life has been a whirlwind here lately!

Your pond is beautiful and getting more fantastic as the seasons change. What an amazing spot to listen and watch nature and find some peace.

What a wonderful family project! You all have contributed to it's beauty and that is so special. I'm sure the boys enjoy it as much as you and Terry! And, of course, the wildlife must be *LOVIN'* it!

I look forward to seeing more of your work of art in progress How fun!

XO ~Lisa

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! What a great story and wonderful pictures!! I'm so glad I stopped by. I wanted to let you know I found the "gorgeous brown hemp cord" on abeadaday at Walmart last weekend just in case you have one in your neck of the woods. :)