Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Spunky Sparrow

You may remember past posts about some of the birds that live in our yard. One that is so precious to me is HELLO PRETTY GIRL. She is the sparrow that decided last winter that this was HER house. She made sure that a woodpecker didn't take it over last winter. In the spring we watched as her mate showed her several nesting spots he had selected but she wouldn't even look at the others. When the Cardinal Gestapo tried to scare her away, she stood her ground. She raised three broods in this house this spring.

The house sits near a corner of our house. We can watch it from the kitchen window or the bathroom window and is very near the new frog pond. We talk to her as she sits looking out, or on the roof or as she sits on a shovel handle that Terry leaves in the ground near her house. We always say HELLO PRETTY GIRL so I am sure she thinks that is her name. I believe that she knows our voices because when we sit on the front porch near the feeders she is never scared that we are near.

One thing that we have found really interesting is watching the bird baby cycle from the mating through the parents teaching the fledgelings that it is time to leave the nest. It was so cute to watch the mother bring a bug to the babies open mouths, then not feed them. She would sit on the shovel handle and kind of squawk at them. I'm sure she was urging them out. Sure enough, one by one out they came. But I was surprised to wake up the next day and find the babies had spent the night back in the birdhouse. I guess I thought that once they left, they were gone.

So, at least one of the broods is still hanging around. I think they spend a lot of time in the honeysuckle in the front yard.

Here you can see them all sitting on the roof near the honeysuckle.

By the way, I know HELLO PRETTY GIRL because she has a white stripe off center down the top of her beak.

And if you are wondering, Mr and Mrs Baldy still live here and he is still pecking the window. He was at the window the other day squawking up a storm and Terry swears it was because a squirrel was in his feeder. Terry shagged the squirrel out and Baldy stopped squawking. What do you think?


dochoamom said...

How cute they are... Yes she is very determined isn't she..

Good post...

Love, Deb

crystal said...

I think Terry is right! :-)

Such a great post, Carol! What a fun cast of characters your birds are with their different personalities. They obviously feel very comfortable living in your yard and having your family for their neighbors. :-D

pam T said...

what a cute story about Hello Pretty Girl! what fun to watch all these birds and their daily lives, and not deal with the fuss and muss of a cage and having them in your house! Now there's a pet for ya.
love the pics.

rairie said...

I so enjoy all your blogs and this one is so darn cute. It is so wonderful to keep track of people we enjoy by catching a glimpse of their world!

freebird said...

Birds are very determined! She seems to know a good home when she has one. I've got some doves nesting in a tree - they'd tried and tried to roost on a beam under the porch roof but my husband kept shooing them away and now they've got two babies in the nest.

Plays with Needles said...

I love the tenacity of Hello Pretty Girl. What personality!

beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol!

I really enjoyed reading about Hello Pretty Girl! We also have a bird house hanging above our front porch, and a happy family of sparrows live there. I wonder if it's the same sparrows that come back year after year??? They sort of hang out there during the winter also!

Thank you so much for your visit and sweet words!

Hugs, Paulette :o)

Pursuing Art... said...

I love the story of Hello Pretty Girl and seeing your photos too. Isn't it fun and amazing to watch and learn from them. We have enjoyed the same this year too. Each year we learn more. I always thought that once they left the nest...that was it too.

I talk to mine all the time. Haven't named any for awhile...they all seem to have the same name...sweetie or sweetheart! ;-) It's funny the birds don't seem bothered by us much either...I think they know we help take care of them. Only a few seem skittish.

Mr. Baldy is still pecking at the window? Wow! I agree...I think he was telling that squirrel what he thought about it being in his feeder!

Thanks for sharing this fun post! XO ~Lisa