Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Spunky Sparrow

You may remember past posts about some of the birds that live in our yard. One that is so precious to me is HELLO PRETTY GIRL. She is the sparrow that decided last winter that this was HER house. She made sure that a woodpecker didn't take it over last winter. In the spring we watched as her mate showed her several nesting spots he had selected but she wouldn't even look at the others. When the Cardinal Gestapo tried to scare her away, she stood her ground. She raised three broods in this house this spring.

The house sits near a corner of our house. We can watch it from the kitchen window or the bathroom window and is very near the new frog pond. We talk to her as she sits looking out, or on the roof or as she sits on a shovel handle that Terry leaves in the ground near her house. We always say HELLO PRETTY GIRL so I am sure she thinks that is her name. I believe that she knows our voices because when we sit on the front porch near the feeders she is never scared that we are near.

One thing that we have found really interesting is watching the bird baby cycle from the mating through the parents teaching the fledgelings that it is time to leave the nest. It was so cute to watch the mother bring a bug to the babies open mouths, then not feed them. She would sit on the shovel handle and kind of squawk at them. I'm sure she was urging them out. Sure enough, one by one out they came. But I was surprised to wake up the next day and find the babies had spent the night back in the birdhouse. I guess I thought that once they left, they were gone.

So, at least one of the broods is still hanging around. I think they spend a lot of time in the honeysuckle in the front yard.

Here you can see them all sitting on the roof near the honeysuckle.

By the way, I know HELLO PRETTY GIRL because she has a white stripe off center down the top of her beak.

And if you are wondering, Mr and Mrs Baldy still live here and he is still pecking the window. He was at the window the other day squawking up a storm and Terry swears it was because a squirrel was in his feeder. Terry shagged the squirrel out and Baldy stopped squawking. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where Have All My Frogs Gone?

Funny thing. At the beginning of the spring, we had two frog ponds. There were A LOT of frogs in the back smaller pond. When we built the new pond they all moved to their new home and we covered in the smaller pond. The new pond is just outside our bedroom window. Those frogs made such a wonderful racket. We loved it. Then we had a rather severe thunderstorm. We haven't seen or heard a frog since. Terry says they moved on when it stormed. I never heard of that, but I like to think they just moved on.Well, we started hearing tiny frog barks so we searched and look what we found....two small baby frogs. They were probably tadpoles that the bigg'ens left behind. They are about the size of a quarter. Very tiny. I am happy again. My frogs are back.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Have You Been to a County Fair Lately?

We haven't done much traveling this year. We had a staycation this week, mostly due to the need to spend time with much needed home maintenance and R&R. But we planned to spend a day at the Elkhart County 4H Fair. It is the largest county fair in the state and something like the 2nd or 3rd largest in the country. Its been about 20 years since we have been to this fair. We usually go to the fair in our county, but since Elkhart is larger and prices were reduced and parking is free, that's where we went.
$20 each bought Laurie and the boys a wristband that entitled them to ride rides all day. When we entered the fair on this cool breezy day, we were hit with about a million scents all at once. Most of it was food cooking since we entered near the club food restaurants. Lots of sweet smells too. Do you know they even had deep fried peanut butter and jelly? We didn't try it. I am game to try anything, but I draw the line on some things depending on the price.
My first path while the kids rode the rides was straight to the home craft exhibits. I was interested to find a few really nice pieces of jewelry. I was wowed by entries in the quilted fabric items and mixed media fabric items. Made me antsy to start some project in that area. There were several entries that used pictures transferred to fabric. I'll be looking for a book with detail on how to do it. The entries in photography totally blew me away. Amazing talent was displayed in the entire exhibit. What a wonderful opportunity for artist's work to be recognized.
We walked through the commercial exhibit buildings. There were a few vendors there that caught my eye. Since the current bane to my existence is dog hair, I was drawn to a booth selling washable lint rollers. I think I had one a long time ago. I hope I liked it because I bought another today.
Then, we all met up to eat supper. We each picked what we wanted and met at Nelson's chicken, a local restaurant booth that invented the most wonderful way of grilling chicken and ribs. I never met a rib I didn't like, so of course that was my choice.
We topped off the day by watching the demolition derby, which was free grandstand entertainment. Yes, we spent a ton of money but we spent it in our own town and everyone had a wonderful day and ate well. What more can you ask for?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Send the World the Power of Peace

This is where I go when I want a moment to myself. A moment to ponder problems and blessings.
Some of you think I am kooky. Yep, I probably am. I believe in a higher power, what ever that means to each of us individually.
One of my favorite bloggers is Stoneweaver. She belongs to the etsy prayer team. Please read her post today found here. I believe in the power to send energy into the universe. Take a moment to follow her links, and take a moment to be at peace and send a message of peace to the world. Even if you don't believe, you will feel better and more at peace with yourself.
I am sending you all love and peace as you read my post.