Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is YOUR private joke?

I get my news from different places.
I scan Yahoo news daily.
I watch the local, national and CNN news on TV.
I faithfully read the South Bend Tribune.
I seldom read the Elkhart Truth. Every now and then I pick up the Truth if there is a story or obit I want to read, or on a whim. I live on the border of two counties. St. Joe which is my democrat county and Elkhart which is where I work and is Red. I am seldom in agreement with much of what the editors of the Truth decide to print.

Sunday was one of those Pick up The Truth on a Whim days. I needed something to read because I decided to ride along with Terry for an errand he needed to do, and I would be waiting in the car.

I glanced through the cover pages of each section and came upon a column written by Sharon Randall. I don't recall seeing anything by her before and the Headline to her column caught my eye. "Sisters share more than just Popsicles".

Maybe I started to read it because I don't have a REAL sister. I think Deb is about as close as I will ever come. I missed out on all the childhood stuff that forms a bond between siblings.

I have posted a link to the story, which is on the web so I think legally that's OK. I will send an email to Sharon to let her know I did just in case its not OK. Anyway, go here to read what I found entertaining yet thought provoking. I wish the South Bend Tribune carried her column.

The print brought to mind a little private joke that we have had between Terry and I.

If you ever call me, and Terry or I answer and tell you we are reading the newspaper, just say OK I'll talk to you later because there is more than reading going on between the sheets.

Have a great day!!


pam T said...

Carol - what a cool story you linked to! I liked it a lot. I don't have a sister either but have found many over the years in different places that I sure wished were my sisters.. My brother and I were so far apart in age that we didn't really like each other until much older and then he moved away. anyway, the popsicle story is very cool.

brenco1 said...

Carol, I enjoyed your story, although I have 2 sisters they are 12 and 14 years older than I. I do have a best friend who feels like my sister. My reply to my children when they left home and would call late at night and say Hey Mom what ya doing? My reply, "you don't want to know". All I heard was the dial tone.

Anonymous said...

Why would you answer the phone?


rairie said...

I too do not have a sister. I think those or us who do not have a natural sister will always find the ones we wish were. Thanks for the link. Also thanks for reading my Jessica's blog...she is like my little sister as well as my daughter.
Deb in FL

crystal said...

I have two sisters and I them a whole bunch!

But I think that women instinctively find "sisters" in the world around them. We bond with those who share our emotions and the connections we make are often as strong as those that are formed from birth.

Sweet article, Carol! Thanks for sharing it! :-)


Mary Timme said...

Ah-ha! Now we know the truth! Keep beading between the that what I mean? I'm not sure. I'll let you read between the words!

Marty S said...

Nice story. I'll call my sister tomorrow.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Plays with Needles said...

wink love how you read the newspaper... here's to private jokes...I have to think of what some of mine are...

freebird said...

Both her story and your newspaper story were great. How funny. I never had a code for being "busy"! For me, people come before my art or my dinner or anything under my control. It's just the way I am although it sometimes means my art doesn't get done for a while and I feel bad if it goes on for too long!

a2susan said...

Interesting post. It's so true that people use phrases that mean something, but mainly to them. I get the answering the phone though, especially if you have teenagers or young adult children - when that phone rings I'm always a wreck that something happened.

BTW, I know how much you like birds (!) - do you think there are more than usual this year? My yard is like a symphony of birds all day.


Pursuing Art... said...

Both of these stories made me smile.

I think those that don't have a real sister always find the *special friend* that makes up for the natural sister they didn't have...and it sounds like Deb is that sister and *special friend* to you! I am glad you both found one another, Carol!

I am very grateful to have one sister and we are very close. We talk often, laugh hard and sometimes argue...but we always make up. Come hell or high water, we'll always be sisters too!

Thank you for sharing the article...I enjoyed it a lot and your private joke too! ;-)