Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is YOUR private joke?

I get my news from different places.
I scan Yahoo news daily.
I watch the local, national and CNN news on TV.
I faithfully read the South Bend Tribune.
I seldom read the Elkhart Truth. Every now and then I pick up the Truth if there is a story or obit I want to read, or on a whim. I live on the border of two counties. St. Joe which is my democrat county and Elkhart which is where I work and is Red. I am seldom in agreement with much of what the editors of the Truth decide to print.

Sunday was one of those Pick up The Truth on a Whim days. I needed something to read because I decided to ride along with Terry for an errand he needed to do, and I would be waiting in the car.

I glanced through the cover pages of each section and came upon a column written by Sharon Randall. I don't recall seeing anything by her before and the Headline to her column caught my eye. "Sisters share more than just Popsicles".

Maybe I started to read it because I don't have a REAL sister. I think Deb is about as close as I will ever come. I missed out on all the childhood stuff that forms a bond between siblings.

I have posted a link to the story, which is on the web so I think legally that's OK. I will send an email to Sharon to let her know I did just in case its not OK. Anyway, go here to read what I found entertaining yet thought provoking. I wish the South Bend Tribune carried her column.

The print brought to mind a little private joke that we have had between Terry and I.

If you ever call me, and Terry or I answer and tell you we are reading the newspaper, just say OK I'll talk to you later because there is more than reading going on between the sheets.

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Bird Battles

I used to have lots of different birds coming to my feeders. That was before the Bird Battles began. Remember I told you about the Grosbeaks coming and scaring off all the birds from the feeder. Well, that was nothing. I have two pair of Cardinals that make their home in or near my yard and come to the feeders everyday. One is Mr and Mrs Baldy. The other is a Cardinal that I call Guistopo.

The battle between the Cardinals started a month or so ago. First we noticed that a new Cardinal was coming to the feeders regularly and chasing all other birds away. Then he started coming to the picture window and pecking at it and flying up to it, fighting his reflection in the window. I didn't want him to hurt himself, so I put this guy in the window as a detourant.
Nope, the monkey didn't scare him at all. Guistopo just kept flying up and pecking at his reflection. Then he would fly up in the tree and wait for another bird to come to the feeders so he could chase them off. Then he would fly to the back yard and peck at this yard Thing- a- Mabob.

He would chase himself to the top, then slide off. I was worried that he would hurt himself on the house, so I moved the Thing-a-Mabob to the center of the yard. I heard a heck of a racket and there were two male Cardinals fighting themselves in their reflection and sliding back down. They must have come to an understanding, because now Mr Baldy is the only male Cardinal in my yard.
Guess what! Here he is, waiting to fight himself in this window. The window air conditioner is in this window, so I put potted Geraniums on top of the air conditioner hoping to keep him safe. But nope, not Mr B. Pretty soon he ignored the flowers.

Sooooo, I put this guy on the table in front of the window looking out. He'd scare anyone away, don't you think? Not Mr. B.
He is still flying around, guarding his territory. I tried to get a picture of him fighting himself in the door mirror of my daughter's truck, but he would not stay.
So, needless to say, Mr. Baldy knows this is HIS yard and HIS feeders. The other birds have come back, no not the Cardinals....yet.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pink Artist Project 2009

I came on the blog scene after the first year of this project had already started. I wanted to participate in squares for the doll really very much.

I was happy to add my name to the list of contributors this year. If you have an interest in the project, please add your name here.

Monica will be happy to welcome you in.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go See a Great Givaway!

This is a pendant that I bought from a gal on Etsy. She hand paints pictures on stones. I sent her a pic of my Jack and she painted a pendant for me. You can see her work on ebay or visit her Etsy shop.
Anyway, the giveaway... go visit this blog and see what Silver Parrot is giving away. She has sorted through her stash and believe me, it looks like goo stuff.