Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kids and Books

This is Corey. He is 14 today. He has lived near me, next door or with me all his life. When he was little, I bought him every book that was published by Mercer Mayer. He LOVED them. We still have them all. He's not so passionate about reading now, but he does have magazines that he subscribes to AND reads, and when he wants information, he does research on line.

When I was young, books were my escape. I lived at the library searching for several to bring home and devour. Do you know that I never actually owned a book until I was in my teens. Sad.

The purpose of this post is to bring to your attention the fact that there are a lot of kids in areas of our country that need to have books made available to them. My friend
Jeanne is involved in a charity event that will benefit children that don't have access to enough books. Don't even OWN a book. Please visit her blog to learn more about it. The fund raiser is May 15th. If you use a voucher on May 15, available on her blog, at any Barnes and Noble a portion of the sale will go to the fund raiser.

I am not sure that I will be able to get to B&N that day, so I will be sending a contribution directly to the group.

Check it out. Even a $1 will help. Or print a voucher. If you don't want to buy a book that day, they have TONS of magazines.

Its a worthy cause.


brenco1 said...

Carol, I also grew up with a love for reading that extends even to today. My Mom would take me to the library every 2 weeks and I check out every book they would allow. Growing up as an only child left at home. I plan on printing out the voucher and trying to go that day to help out a worthy cause. My granddaughter has been reading chapter books since age 6 (she is almost 8) and Will loves to read too - he is 5. We have to encourage our little ones so they will go far. Even reading comic books and magazines is okay - they are reading.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! That says it all, Carol. Thank you.


freebird said...

My granddaughters read a lot. They even read during classtime (which is why my daughter is going to homeschool next year). Just yesterday her youngest (8 years old) was upset because she forgot to bring her books to school for the day. The teacher told her he had some she could read.

I used to buy my kids the books that were in the little magazine the school would send home. They were very cheap but good. My daughter continues that but also buys books at EVERY opportunity. She has a library in her house and I mean a library! It's mostly childrens books but that doesn't mean adults won't find something to read in all the bookshelves she has.

My son reads a lot too but not so many novels as books on living such as economics, government, diet and exercise books. He does read novels - just not as many as other types.

I'll go check out the blog you are talking about.
Have a nice sunny day!

Jacquie said...

When my niece stayed with us for a year without her mommy (she was in Korea), reading was a fantastic way for us to bond and 'escape' the fact that mommy was serving our country and couldn't be with her, so we also bought all the Mercer Mayer books because they all seemed to fit her at the time..(4 years old and up). I love reading and this is a great cause! Thanks for the info.

crystal said...

Happy Birthday to Corey!

Mercer Mayer was a big favorite in this house, too. :-)

Wonderful post, Carol! This is a subject I am very passionate about. I truly believe that if kids are given the chance to have books in their lives when they are very young, that it will not only help them during their school years but all through their lives. This is a topic I would like to blog about in the future. For now though, I will make a donation and I hope that everyone who reads your post today will do whatever they can to get a book into the hands of a kid. :-)

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

Thanks Carol for raising our awareness and sharing your love of books that began in your childhood! What a great cause! I am immersed in books myself because of my graduate school program...I do look longingly at luxurious novels at the bookstore...Happy Birthday Corey!

xoxo Camilla

G Leigh said...

Another good way to help get books into the hands of kids: Go to your nearby elementary school. Most Elementary schools have a couple of ways you can help out:

1. Donate books to go on the school's "free books" cart. Most of our local elementary schools have a cart in an open access area like the cafeteria, where kids can pick out a gently used book to keep.

2. Donate money to be used to help a kid buy a book at the school book fair.
The school librarian will be the one who can help you with this. Usually they keep a "wish list" of kids who would like to buy a book during the book fair, but doesn't have money.
Most elementary schools have one or two book fairs a year.

3.If you have a child in a local elementary school (like I do), ask the classroom teacher if there is a kid who needs help reading.

Most teachers would love to have an adult who is willing to share time with a kid who needs extra help on their reading.

your time goes a long way to help kids learn to love reading.

4. Help a kid make/publish their own book. It not only gives them a sense of pride and ownership in what they are reading, but there is some sneaky learning going on as well.
With computers and digital cameras, you can come up with really professional looking and spiffy stuff. Bind it in a clear plastic report cover, and voila!

Hope some of these ideas help insire! - Hugs and THANK YOU!!!! for bring such an important cause to folks notice. - Ginger

Rocki said...

Carol, this is a marvelous post! We are actually planning a trip to B&N next weekend, but I'll check it out on the 15th as well!

Happy Friday!

pam T said...

What a great reminder for everyone how important books are! I remember reading voraciously as an elementary school kid, so much so that my teacher reprimanded me and made me go outside and play during recess. That still makes me laugh.
By the way, Corey is adorable!
always mean to tell you too, Carol, I love the song on your blog!

a2susan said...

Hi, Carol. I've printed out a voucher and will definitely try and stop by B&N next Friday. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

I also stopped by because I wanted to wish you a happy mother's day! I know your grandkids are with you, so a double happy mother's day!