Monday, April 27, 2009

Cyber Space

I have had this page done for a while, but unable to get the quiet time needed to post. Though there is not a lot of beading on my March page, a lot of thought went into what I would journal about.

When you look at my list of followers, actually there are quite a few. About 1/3 are people that I have met through blogging or on the internet that I maintain a constant cyber friendship with. We communicate frequently passing along cute jokes, well wishes and genuine concern about each other's life situations. We are a wonderful support network.

I have accumulated friendships through beading mostly, but also other interests. I have met a few gals that have uncanny coincidental same life events as I.

So that is what I am trying portray with this page. The blue background is cyber world, like the darkness of the night sky. The major stems are several of us that stay in contact, bound by the same interests, yet branching off to our own individuality. Each branch is a different color, which also depicts our diversity. I am the red. I am not anchored to the root, because I am new to the game. The golden staff that is connected to me goes off to do her own thing, yet part of her winds back around and connects to me on the other side. She is golden, because that is what her friendship is to me. You will also notice the dots that are also gold. They are the talented artists that you find on the internet that share their work and offer inspiration.

You are here, Deb, Deb and Deb. Can you find Camilla and Pam? Jeanne, Tracey, Susan, Christina, Crystal, and Lynn. You are all here. If I have forgotten to mention anyone...well you were in my thoughts while I was beading. Cyber friends, support, inspiration and encouragement.

BJP, Yahoo Groups and Blogs. What a wonderful Cyber World to be in. Don't forget Facebook.


a2susan said...

Carol - what a wonderful piece. It's not the amount of beading that matters, but the meaning, as you so obviously know.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, Carol! Friendship well illustrated. You are a talented artist and a great friend. I am glad we are getting to know each other. You are one of the best!


Tracey Leeder said...

How lovely carol! I enjoy our cyber talks very much, although I have ben a bit quiet as of late. Once again, I am sick so I am trying to take care of myself and rest as the DR says! I love your work and the symbolism of this piece. We are a blessed bunch, arent we? Hugs! tracey

crystal said...

Sweet Carol,
You continue to amaze me with the thought, care and love that you put into your beading. This piece is beautiful and so are you!

rairie said...

Carol, You touch others and make them feel good. Your art speaks of your talent both in you beading and the friendship you offer us. Thank you.
Deb in FL

Timaree said...

Great page. Expressing your thoughts is what a page should be, not how many beads are on it.

I've been thinking about the cyber world too. I thought of making a family page on Facebook but realized too few would post there so it wouldn't be worthwhile. Why is it family resists getting together in cyberspace so much? That leaves me even more thankful for cyberfriends!

Rocki Adams said...

This was the best post I've read today Carol! You're awesome :)

Susan Elliott said...

I love the idea that we are all off-shoots of one another and together we make fireworks!!!! I haven't had much time lately to do my blog reading but this post really made my day! You're one of my most best cyber friends, never failing to comment, and I know you care about me. Which is quite sweet, don't you think, even though we've never met. xo SUsan

Camilla La Mer-Soul Art Dolls said...

Thanks for the heads up Carol!

I am just feeling well enough finally to start catching up on all of my favorite blog friends. I am so touched by your tribute.

It feels so wonderful to be a part of this caring and creative network! Thank you for including me in this special and beautiful piece! I am honored to share it with you.

You are so thoughtful and special. I love that you are usually one of the first people to comment on my new posts! Now that I am getting back up to speed, I hope to do the same for you...

Much love,


Jacquie said...

Carol, that is such a nice tribute piece! It is nice to have our cyber friends who connect with us so well. I think Pam is the pink swirl?

Robin said...

You took on quite a challenge to visually illustrate the cyber connections among creative spirits!!! And you did it very well!

More than anything, Carol, I must commend you for the beautiful, honest, insightful comments you write on everyone's blog posts. I always read your comments and am always impressed! Thank you... You are a gift to all of us.

Robin A.

dochoamom said...

Ok I guess I'll go last since I haven't been on here... Carol !! This piece has so much of who you are in it. I love the fact that you are naming cyber friends... It feels like we have become so much more than just cyber friends, doesn't it? Thanks for always being there for me and telling me like it is when I need it...LOL

Much love always... Deb in Pasadena now !!!

pam T said...

Oh Carol! Love this page! (okay, yeah because you made me a swirl on it too) .. seriously - what a great way to depict the cyberworld friends and relationships - you definitely put lots of feeling into this one - and thank you for being a really wonderful cyber friend, you have helped me tremendously A LOT of times!
love ya!

Marty S said...

Your wonderful thoughts help us all draw closer together. A meaningful page.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friendships. Your are such a creative person - I'm so glad I know you, even though only through the web.