Sunday, March 29, 2009

February BJP--Missing A Friend

I guarantee this post is not about the cat my friend didn't own.

But I must tell this story because Nina has been on my mind for all this time. It has been 3 years since she died.

We moved in this house more than 2 decades ago. My daughter was 2. We watched while two little blonder than blond little girls walked down the road, on their way to our house to find out about the new little girl that moved in. The girls became best friends all through school. They are still good friends.

I became friends with their mom. She lived kitty-corner plus a house away from me. We were about the same age, and married in the same year. We were both stay at home moms. We took the girls to all the new Disney movies as they came to town. Even after I went back to work full time, we remained friends, one of us walking to the other's house to sit on the porch and visit. We always included each other in all parties, and many times celebrated our anniversaries together, because we were both married in August, days apart, in the same year.

I wasn't home when they called the ambulance for her. Didn't find out until they had already rushed her to Indy for treatment.

I didn't need anyone to tell me when Nina died. I just knew it. I really did.

We live close so we saw all the activity at her house. Soon after Nina passed, I looked down at the front of her house and saw a pure white cat sitting at the top of the stairs on her porch. Just sitting there. We know most of the animals in the neighborhood so it was strange to see the cat. I knew Nina to be a dog lover and her husband hates cats. I saw the cat there several other times. Then I never saw it again.

I have had alot of what I call "spiritual" experiences when loved ones have passed. I believe the cat was a manifestation. I just do.

Since her passing, several events have happened. I am now wondering if that's why the manifestation was a cat.


Susan Elliott said...

Wow. So, was Nina the Mom you were friends with? How did she die? I believe in spiritual experiences too...and I'm sorry you're missing your friend. xo Susan

KV said...

Having had much the same experience myself in the past, I can only say how much I appreciated your sharing this post with all of us.

This is a lovely tribute to your friend, Carol!

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

Your white beaded cat has a wistful expression, as though she is reaching out to you. Your story gave me goose bumps and a lump in my throat... totem animal or spirit animal? I don't know... they come in dreams for me and seem to be manifestations of ones who are gone, but not forgotten, whispers of connection. This is a very special post about a special friend. Thank you. Hugs, Robin

Anonymous said...

I think there is something to it - a message meant for you. We had a spirit cat in our house in the UK on and off for years - and it often came before or after something important happened. Spirits can come in many guises - perhaps to give comfort in times of grief.

rairie said...

I too have had experiences so I can totally identify with yours. Also dog person but oh do I love your cat. Great job and wonderful.
Missed you and wondered if you were okay.

Deb in Fl

GraceBeading said...

Wow... special post for a special relationship. My sympathies for your friend's passing. I have had some 'encounters' with spirits of those that have passed on several occasions. Never in the form of an animal. With my mother it was an overwhelming feeling she was with me and the strong smell of her perfume. With my dad it was the distinct sense that he was watching over me. Others have come to me in dreams.

Thanks so much for sharing this and for sharing a bit of your friend. I believe in thinking/talking about loved ones that have passed - it keeps them present and honors their spirit. This post is perfect!

Timaree said...

My grandmother would dream of a white stallion and would then know someone in the family would be dying. My sister heard dogs barking when her mother-in-law (who didn't like dogs) dies. There weren't any dogs around so yes, I believe in these things. I've had dreams of special occasions in peoples lives (twice it was their death but other times it's been a major point in a person's life). It's great that you had such a wonderful friendship and now memories. Your cat turned out great too.

dochoamom said...

You have memorialized Nina very nicely here. A beautiful piece and a beautiful tribute to her. I being your BBBF (Best Beading Buddy Forever)know that your friendship is something to treasure and I do.

My grandmother visited when she passed. I was up in the middle of the night nursing Missy and I had a sense that she was there. And mom called the next day to tell me. I was pretty upset that I couldn't go up, I don't remember why exactly...

Ellen said...

Oh Carol losing a friend is always a sad thing - I love your story about the cat - I'm a cat person, so of course I belive anything is possible when it comes to cats

pam T said...

WOW Carol. A truly touching story about your friend. Thank you so much for sharing it. Powerful forces at work out there, huh?

heidibeads said...

What a tribute to your friend. You'll be able to look at it often and remember her fondly and relive wonderful memories. You could always look up what a white cat means, spiritually and see if that helps.

Marty S said...

It's a lovely memorial to your friend. I hope you share it with her daughter.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Kelly said...

The cat is perfect! There is no better way to pay tribute to your friend than this. The white cat, I believe was a sign that your friend will always be with you in ways you don't expect.


Jacquie said...

Carol, I think you know from my blog, about my white doves and what happened with those sightings, so the white cat really got to me. The fact that it 'appeared' from nowhere totally comes across in your beadwork piece. A cute little lonely, out of place feline, you have a way of conveying these things in your work.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I guess I have been remiss about reading the blogs. I believe that Nina appeared as the cat... there is too much in the world that can't be explained, but has an explanation if one believes. I don't know if that makes sense, but I hope it does.

My heart goes out to you,

Valerie said...

I entirely share this with you.
My husband says it is common to very sensitive people... I don't know... but I know what I felt.
xo to you, Carol