Monday, March 30, 2009


What has happened to Benedicte? Does anyone know?

She is the creator of the most exquisite bead embroider I have ever seen. She lives in Limoges, France. Her blog has been removed. There is a artist cyber shop that she sold through with the last activity in January and nothing there to sell.

She is the person that inspired me to try bead embroidery. She has always been helpful and gracious. I hope she is well.


Anonymous said...

Carol, I saw that she pulled her blog a while back and did a translation. What I gathered was that people were using her images and work to their benefit and it wasn't worth it to keep her blog going. Don't quote me, but that is pretty close to the translation I read. I know it...bummer!

Anonymous said...

There is one thing about the Internet. And that is people come and go. It is a mystery.

I thank you for your visit to my birds blog and your comment on my hawk.

Anonymous said...

I can't help you with that - save to say that it is true bloggers come and go. If people were stealing her art - that is just terrible! If that is the case I don't blame her for pulling the plug on it. Such a shame for you though - and from what you say I would have loved to see her work!

Camilla La Mer-Soul Art Dolls said...

Hi Carol! How concerning to loose track of such an amazing artist...I love your new photo! Hugs, Camilla