Monday, March 30, 2009


What has happened to Benedicte? Does anyone know?

She is the creator of the most exquisite bead embroider I have ever seen. She lives in Limoges, France. Her blog has been removed. There is a artist cyber shop that she sold through with the last activity in January and nothing there to sell.

She is the person that inspired me to try bead embroidery. She has always been helpful and gracious. I hope she is well.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

February BJP--Missing A Friend

I guarantee this post is not about the cat my friend didn't own.

But I must tell this story because Nina has been on my mind for all this time. It has been 3 years since she died.

We moved in this house more than 2 decades ago. My daughter was 2. We watched while two little blonder than blond little girls walked down the road, on their way to our house to find out about the new little girl that moved in. The girls became best friends all through school. They are still good friends.

I became friends with their mom. She lived kitty-corner plus a house away from me. We were about the same age, and married in the same year. We were both stay at home moms. We took the girls to all the new Disney movies as they came to town. Even after I went back to work full time, we remained friends, one of us walking to the other's house to sit on the porch and visit. We always included each other in all parties, and many times celebrated our anniversaries together, because we were both married in August, days apart, in the same year.

I wasn't home when they called the ambulance for her. Didn't find out until they had already rushed her to Indy for treatment.

I didn't need anyone to tell me when Nina died. I just knew it. I really did.

We live close so we saw all the activity at her house. Soon after Nina passed, I looked down at the front of her house and saw a pure white cat sitting at the top of the stairs on her porch. Just sitting there. We know most of the animals in the neighborhood so it was strange to see the cat. I knew Nina to be a dog lover and her husband hates cats. I saw the cat there several other times. Then I never saw it again.

I have had alot of what I call "spiritual" experiences when loved ones have passed. I believe the cat was a manifestation. I just do.

Since her passing, several events have happened. I am now wondering if that's why the manifestation was a cat.