Wednesday, February 25, 2009

January 09 BJP

I never lack thoughts for the theme of a page. However, I usually think about 4 or 5 possibilities before I settle on one to expand. Being January, everyone was making comments about New Year resolutions. Well, I don't do the resolution thing. I do try to pick one thing to carry out the entire year. A personal improvement type thing.

I picked 2 really. I am making this a RE year. I will try to recycle more in every way I can think of.

But my BIG improvement is outlook. I am pretty much a "my glass is 1/2 full" kind of person.
My friend Deb and I talk about the power of positive attraction. You can read more about that if you want in the book "The Secret". I am trying to remember to always think of what I want to happen, not what I DON"T want to happen.

That led to the theme of my January page. Let me first tell you, that I looked for a way to bead the thought, yet quickly, because my life is on a roller coaster right now.

The blue beads are like those little thought bubbles when a character in a comic is "thinking".
Of course the $$ are self explanatory...or are they. For me, they mean we will have plenty of money to pay property taxes....our jobs are secure....our retirement funds WILL rebound before we want to use them. I have a hard time thinking grandeous. I don't think about sportscars and mansions. When I am wealthy I will build and fund animal shelters and help those in need.

The RX is the affirmation that my husband's RA treatment will continue to keep the disease at bay.

The two little stick figures are my grandsons . I never think about what I don't want for them...but am always thinking in the positive. They will be well adjusted...their grades will continue to improve....and for my oldest to continue his love of sports. My youngest will be a comedian and earn millions entertaining the crowds, but he won't forget those that cannot afford to pay the price of tickets to see him.

As Robin said in one of her posts, the heart symbol has had many meanings. Here they symbolize my desire for self improvement. I will continue to achieve higher levels spiritually. My emotional health will continue to improve and I will continually be able to more openly express my feelings. Above all I will strive for truth and honesty in all I do.

Of course the yellow background is symbolic. I have chosen the sun as my symbol of hope. Here the yellow depicts my positive attitude that better times are coming.


Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

Your January project is rich and full as are you!!!

It is now sinking in for me that your 2 grandsons are living with you. They are very fortunate to spend time with their grandparents...My grandmother was my true source of acceptance and love in my very chaotic childhood...She is responsible for the survival of my spirit!

I love the yellow background for the sun too!

Hang on to that optimism! Life will become easier! (Remind me of that as well! It is often easier to give that support to others...)

Hugs, Camilla

Brenda said...

Beautifully thought out piece. That is what makes it so special!

Plays with Needles said...

I love your optimism in this piece. Indeed, your piece if full of hope and wishes for your future. Thinking about all of those, I believe too, will make them more likely to happen. Good luck with them all, dear Carol. I'm just noticing your new profile pic which is very good -- you are one pretty lady; inside and out. xo Susan

rairie said...

I love positive people and the creative way they look at their lives. I send a little FL sunshine to help you stay positive.
Deb in FL

crystal said...

Oh Carol,
So beautifully written! You are an inspiration.

In the grand scheme of things, we're here on earth for such a very short time; we need to keep reminding ourselves to focus on the good, positive, happy moments in our lives and build on them constantly. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the negative, sometimes. Thanks for the nudge to count our blessings.

dochoamom said...

Oh Carol... Just when I need reminding there you are... This piece is perfect as they all are... The boys are there to keep you young... LOL Great pic BTW!!!

Much Love... Deb

Robin said...

I love the idea of beading a bubble of thought! That's very clever and a great solution to not having much time available in a given month! Right away I noticed that one of the hearts is white while the others are dark. Does that have a particular significance? For me it is one of the compelling aspects of your piece. Thanks for mentioning the book "The Secret"... I will look it up on Amazon. Beautiful, positive beading, writing and thoughts! Thanks! Robin A.

Tracey N. said...

Love your thought process on this one Carol! Simple, yet it speaks volumes to me. How lucky for you and your grandchildren that you get to live together. I find I am at my happiest and most ful-filled when Kileigh is around. I guess I miss being a Mom to a little one. I love my relationship I have with my grown children, but miss the pure, uncomplicated relationship you can only have with a small child. Kileigh doesnt care if I look terrible, if I just feel like sitting on the floor playing with her, or we snuggle together and read a book. She doesnt care if we eat steak or lunchables! I can be silly or serious and she loves either side of me! Beautiful piece. Slow down and enjoy your time!

Marty S said...

Thanks for sharing the meaning behind this page. To me, the thoughts that go along with each journal page are the most important part.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Anonymous said...

Love your page. It says alot about your life. Hope is always a good thing. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Love your page. It says alot about your life. Hope is always a good thing. Thanks for sharing.


heidibeads said...

This page sure says a lot about you without being a lot! Keep your thoughts happy and joyous!

a2susan said...

Hi, Carol. The story behind your page reflects the big heart that you have. I know from comments that you have left on my blog what a positive and caring person you are. If everyone in your life feels that same energy, they are indeed lucky people.

Anonymous said...

Curious that you instinctively chose the blue beads to surround each pictogram. Blue is very much both healing and protective - a very spiritual colour. A perfect choice! I hope all manifests for you.

pam T said...

Thanks Carol, for sharing your thoughts on this page! You are always such an inspiration to me and everything I am going through and a reminder to think positive is a Very Good Thing. Thank you.

freebird said...

Well your beadwork may be simple and quick for this page but you sure put a LOT of yourself and your hopes and dreams into it. Super.

The Lone Beader said...

Great post! I am trying to recycle as much as I can, too... And, I think I am the only one who is not doing the BJP!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love your sunny yellow!

Here's to glasses 1/2 full!

Heather said...

I love the Secret - The more you revisit the concepts the more they become SO ingrained in you everyday out look that one day you'll wonder why you ever chose to be negative!
The other thing I love is that happiness is contagious!
Good Luck! and good job on your Jan BJP!