Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart of a Cowgirl & Other Cool Stuff

I have a blogger friend, Rocki who is just the most humorous person.
I met her on My Space, but follow her blog here. She sells hand made
silver jewelry findings, such as ear wires and clasps.
I love her hammered hearts.

I am like most people that blog. I love to Blog Surf.
That is how I met Bridget. Her blog is called Heart of a Cowgirl.
Of course I had to visit there. I think I have a heart of a cowgirl,
or at the very least led a western era previous life.
(I know I wasn't a farmers wife. Now, nothing wrong with being
a farmer's wife. I just know that I didn't have what it takes to be one.)
I found a link to her blog that led me to her etsy shop.

I absolutely had to have one of her leather cuffs.
It is just my FAVORITE new jewelry.

Here is a close up.
Don't you love it!
Pic is not good but
the bracelet is Fab!

Here I am in one of my MANY
western hats. I love to wear them
and have 6 hat boxes with more
than one in each. I LOVE hats.
Didn't know that, did you!
I have another favorite blogger who is my
SISTA. She thinks she is my lost sister.
She could be right! Maybe in another life.
Anyway, I look forward to her posts, especially
on Mondays. Check it out and see why. Crystal
sells vintage beads so if you like vintage you may want to see her web site or
etsy shop.
Do you like Crazy Quilt, or (I love this phrase...Encrusted Fabric).
Then you HAVE to check out Pat Winter Gatherings. She does THE most
beautiful work. I found her blog while surfing around the BJP participant's
blogs. I got interested, not only because of her talent, but she lives near
the town where I grew up. Then I found out that she is the person that
started the Comfort Doll project which I will begin participating in.
Oh, well, I started this out because I wanted to tell you about my
Heart of a Cowgirl bracelet and got carried away. I could give you a
hundred more places to visit. What else you got to do on a cold day?


crystal said...

Hi there,

This your Sista typing - checking in. :-)

Love your new bracelet! And you were born to wear hats - it looks great on you!!!

freebird said...

I'm NOT supposed to be collecting more blogs to read!!LOL. I am supposed to be cleaning house or beading on my way behind bead journal project pages!

Rocki said...

I just love Bridget's work - Heart of a Cowgirl! That cuff is AWEsome and you look just too darn sexy in that hat!

Thanks for the mention too about me - that was very nice!

Happy Weekend!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

The cuff looks great on your wrist! Thanks for giving me a little shout out! I use Rocki's earwires in a lot of my earrings --love them and Rocki does fab work!

Pat Winter said...

Thanks for mentioning me, and I am glad you enjoy my CQ. I need your snail mail....something is in the making for you!!!!! I appreciated that you offered to help me on my blog.

dochoamom said...

What a stunning cuff...!! Rocki did you get that hint about the hammered hearts?... LOL I did!!!

You are very cute in the hat I'm gonna add it to my slideshow...

Love, Deb

Plays with Needles said...

You look stunning in your hat. My husband is from Texas and wears cowboy boots to work every day. I lived in Lubbock Tx for three years and love my Stetson hat and wear my boots more often than any other fancy shoe. How are those cowgirl jeans comin'?

Valerie said...

I LOVE this wrist cuff !
You have no idea what a cowgirl a french girl like me is ! I own cowboy boots & hats, too ;) and before my (foot) accident I even used to linedance :)