Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, here is the latest on that darn birdfeeder!
We decided that we would have to take the feeder out of the
tree. Terry put the feeder on a pole bolted to a 16 x 16
patio block and moved it to the grass between the tree and
the porch. He put a baffle on the pole. This pic was taken
during that nice little spurt of 60 degree weather we had
in December. He put the contraption in position and
came in the house to wait. He watched a squirrel scurry up
the tree, out on a branch and take a flying leap....missed!
Victory for our side!!! Wrong! That little rodent scurried back up the
tree for a second try....Victory again...but this time the
squirrel owns it. I think the score is now
Squirrels 2,000,000.....Terry zero, nil, nada, busted.
I laughed as I watched Terry go back out to the tree and
cut off the limb that the furry little guy had leaped from.
We watched and waited again. No squirrels in the feeder!
Terry had beat the squirrel!
I was thinking about posting the victory on this
blog when I walked into the living room and
a squirrel in the feeder.
Back to the drawing board.
We happened to be in Walmart yesterday when
Terry spotted live Christmas tree stands marked
down to $1.85. Two go in the cart, then 2 more
just in case. What in the world do we need these
for, I asked.
That birdfeeder pole of course.
Stay tuned for the next chapter.
Terry has an idea!
During that same bit of warm weather,
I caught this pic of the hawk that hangs
around our house.
Here he is in the tree outside my
kitchen window. He perched there,
watching me, watching him.


freebird said...

You are either very hopeful or very stubborn!! But good luck and hope you are getting some enjoyment out of the whole thing.

crystal said...

You tell a great story - I'm giggling away as I read it!

And, I love a clever husband - Terry is on the case! I am sure that eventually the squirrel will just have to raise the white flag :)

As for the hawk . . . talk about a beautiful photo!

rairie said...

Hawks look out for me and I guess that is why we love to read about each others lives. I am sure that the hawk is watching out for you too. The squirrels will never give up...but they may be beaten. They will not admit it however.

GraceBeading said...

Love the photos! I've been meaning to send you a link to a blog I follow that i think you'd really enjoy. Some of the best bird photos I've found on the web and such an entertaining guy to boot. Check it out when you get a chance.

pam T said...

very funny! Can't wait to see what Terry has in mind for beating the squirrel! Dare I say it, and I am actually ashamed, but my dad (older men... go figure) he just blasts them with his b.b. gun. I keep telling him he is a mean old man, but doesn't stop those 75-year-old men from doing what they think is right.
Do they have support groups for children with parents like this? Like EPANON (Embarrassing Parents Anonymous)????
anyway. off to read your Joan Rivers post and link... :)

Birdhouse Accents said...

They are a PAIN.......... can't wait for the next post.Buy the way great music.

Rocki said...

Oh this made me giggle! I'm still chuckling over it! (sorry Terry... snicker snicker ;)

Jonna (aka mom) said...

The longer I think about this, the more I think that the squirrel would like to have a special feeder of it's own. Something with oh say... an acorn room, peanut room, corn cob room and a little sit-down diner where his peanut butter sandwiches are served. Poor little feller. What's he got to do to get good service in this yard? sigh.