Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quiet Winter Mornings in Northern Indiana

We have had just too much snow this year. Last week it snowed just about every day. On this particular morning, looking outside was just a beautiful sight. These pictures are dark, but this is what 7:00 AM looks like right now. (Though it is starting to get light earlier). If you click on the pictures they do get bigger so you get a better look.
Every morning when I leave for work, my cardinals are hanging out in the bushes, calling for me to replenish their seed. There is a female in this feeder.
The tree on the left looked just like a Christmas card with new snow clinging to the branches.
And the weatherman is warning us... two snowstorms this week.


Robin said...

I love your female cardinal and the tree reminds me of how you can look through tree branches towards the sky and see lace. Beautiful!

Robin A.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

The snow is beautiful, but I prefer our 70 degree weather right now! :)
Stay warm!

Timaree said...

It's beautiful to look at especially via pictures!! Hope you don't get an ice storm too.

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous is that brave little cardinal in the feeder on a freezing morning, and the tree encased in ice is breath-taking!!!

Lynn said...

I have bluejays that have trained me - they screech and carry on until I put the peanuts along the deck railing for them. It drives my family (and neighbors probably) crazy.