Saturday, January 10, 2009

And Yes I DO Believe in Global Warming!!

This is what we woke up to today.
It continued to snow all day. At times it came down at a rate of 1" per hour. By the time it stopped, we had a foot of snow.

Terry and Corey worked off and on all day to clear the snow. Here they are working together to clear Katie and Harold's drive way. The snow blower quit working, so they shoveled together.

Terry made a path to the feeders to be sure they
were full all day. Click the pic for a closeup of my
Red-Headed Woodpecker eating suet. He lives in
a tree in the back yard.

My cardinals can always be sure there will be
plenty of seed for them. We had 10 in the tree
one day this week.

This little snow bird is waiting for bread. When it is snowing,
I like to toss whole slices of bread in the bush outside our
front window. The birds love to sit on a branch and dine.
This little birdy has been seen here before!
She has claimed this birdhouse as her
place to roost this winter. Here she is
peeking out. I bet she is wondering if
its safe to come out. She is such a
pretty little bird. I love to watch her
from my kitchen window.


Anonymous said...

I believe in global warming too. It is quite obvious! We are getting snow too, not sure if it was sent from you, as it appears to be coming from the east, haven't checked weather today. I CAN say, nothing even remotely close in snow totals as last winter..phewww! You are sweet to shovel out the bird feeders!

dochoamom said...

Look at all your snow... and your birdies... Great pics... Wheres Mr. Baldy?

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

I love waking up to see the world covered in snow. It's kind of magical!