Sunday, December 28, 2008

If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait 15 Minutes!

We thought that we would get up early on the day after Christmas to take advantage of the after Christmas sales at the mall. We woke up to "the morning after" a snow and ice storm. It was so icy we couldn't walk out the mail box to get the paper. We watched the neighbor's visitors try to drive up their driveway and couldn't make it. The visitors took wrapped presents out of the car and tried to slide them up the hill to the house. That WAS kind of funny. We watched cars and trucks slide sideways on the road or get stuck on ice. Where in the heck was it so important to go? So we sat back and watched more action than we usually see. My squirrels were looking pretty hungry so Terry threw a few ears of corn onto the ice so they could eat. But, they are accustomed to getting peanut butter sandwiches, so we had to oblige. You can see one sitting on the porch rail after I had fed him one by hand through the open window.
There was actually quite a lot of critter action on the road too. Terry called me to the window to see a coyote running down the road. Too fast for Terry to get a pic. We know they live in the woods across the highway, but I had never actually seen one before. I was pretty excited.
Later, while watching out the window I heard a bird chirping pretty loud. I watched as it flew by the picture window with a hawk in pursuit. I think the hawk won.
Here is the front yard and driveway on December 27. Terry and Corey are clearing the ice from the driveway, but you can see there is still quite a bit of snow. The next picture is just a few hours later when the snow is almost gone. The temp got to 62 degrees.
And this is December 28 and you can see the grass. We should be safe from snow for a couple of days. I am wondering if this is what we call the "January Thaw". Winter came a little early here and if this is the thaw, maybe that means spring will be early. Oh, I hope so.
For all of you that have commented and asked about my neighbor Katie, she is doing well. The Humane Society has taken the dog for quaranteen and we think they will not give it back. Katie is under doctor's care and has a home service come to change the bandages every couple of days. She is healing, but I am sure she will worry when she walks outside again.


brenco1 said...

I have forgotten where you live, but the weather looks like ours in Arkansas. We only had ice here, it was gone, back again and gone. Hot one day, cold the next!!! But I hate to dash your hopes - I think we have quite a bit of winter ahead yet. Take our sunshine when we can.
Glad to hear your neighbor is on the mend and that maybe others won't be worried about having the same thing happen to them.

dochoamom said...

Thanks for sharing... your chippys look pretty well fed and healthy... Good job squirrel mama...

Love, Deb

Carol said...

OMGosh, I have acquired yet another new name. I love it. I may use that in the future!!
Love you too.

Jewels said...

Now those are some pretty fat squirrels you got there. Lots of protein in those PB sandwiches. ;)(the sugar might be doing them in though, LOL!)

We're dealing with similar weather issues: cold, hot, snow, rain. Hubby likes the snow, I prefer the rain...

(oh, and I followed your link from beader's showcase)