Monday, November 24, 2008

The Birdfeeder Saga Continues

A little while ago I posted that we were trying to keep my squirrels out of the feeder that I bought especially for my beautiful Cardinals. The first pic shows the completed project. We put an acrylic dome (formerly party salad bowl) over the feeder. That didn't work since Chippy could still hang by his feet from the branch above and swing into the feeder.

Then we got the idea that if we added a wider platform above the bowl, Chippy might not be able to reach the feeder. We kept watch and never saw Chippy get into it. Solution to the problem? NO! See that green feeder to the left? We Chippy just climbed on it and leaped into the Cardinal feeder.
My solution was to move the Cardinal feeder farther out on the limb. Heck, I think that worked! Wrong!!

Chippy still gets in there, sometimes. But not often. I'm happy.


Jacquie said...

Hee Hee...I think you have a small animal trapeze act on your hands...I love squirrels, but after reading your post I think I now know why my grandmother hates them...(sad but true)Oh well..

Tracey Leeder said...

Those darn squirrels are persistant little buggers arent they? They are cute and have a lot of different antics. Fun to watch but frustrating too! I never did find a surefire way to keep from feeding the little buggers. Good luck and enjoy the show!

rairie said...

What is that white "stuff". I sometimes forget how cold and miserable the snow and ice and wind can be. I complain when it is below 70 here...spoiled! We have friends in NC with as many diverse feeders as you and as many squirrel contraptions. They live in the mountains and have huge grey ones. They eat alot!

Susan Elliott said...

There are lots of funny pulleys and crazy chairs that folks have designed to have fun with their squirrels...They place peanuts in a location where the squirrel has to go through a series of feats to get to them, They actually DO and they can be very funny. I bet if you google it you would find lots of fun ideas of things to do to entertain yourself with Chippy.

I have squirrels that climb two stories up my screens just to get onto a feeder that they don't even fit on. They are little rascals, aren't they?

Camilla La Mer-Soul Art Dolls said...

When I first moved to Colorado, I lived in an old neighborhood with squirrels the size of dogs. I found them quite fascinating but the 85 year old woman next door spent her days trapping them in wire cages. She would drive them somewhere across town or to a squirrel retreat and let them go-I hope...I always found her behavior to be so odd. Almost something comical from a movie...I prefer your squirrel circus techniques! Particularly the salad bowl!

Anonymous said...

I too have putted a bird feeder at my backyard for wild migratory birds.