Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Answering My Own Challenge

The day was overcast, but I grabbed the camera to take pictures wherever I went on this Saturday morning. I no sooner got out on the road when I saw a hawk flying low and perch on a lamp post. I can't resist getting a pic of Hawk. He is my highest animal totem.
It is really mesmerizing to see a hawk watching you back. I can't move on until he flies away.

My spirits are high all day. Not many things raise my spirits higher than an encounter with Hawk.
Ok, I'm moving down the road now, on my way to one of my LBS. There are only two near me.

This is my LBS..Beads & Something More, 3019 LWE, Mishawaka, Indiana and the owners.
I should know their names. We chat for a long time when I go there. I love them. They are perfect people, people. The kind of people that make you welcome and you enjoy being in their store. They are the best. There is another store in town and when I go there, I'll get pics also.
I left to take lunch home to my grandsons and things got busy so I had to put the camera away that day. The following pics were taken the next week, after we had had about 3 inches of snow.

I know, you're saying why in the world would I take pics of a cemetary. Well, my home is near a railroad yards. The direction I usually go in is over the tracks. There are about 50 trains a day coming and going, so quite often you are waiting for a train to pass. This cemetary sits next to the tracks and the road I am waiting on.

My attention is always drawn to the headstones. Some of them date back to the early 1800s. Entire families buried next to each other. Calculating how old they were when they died. So many died young. Wondering what their life was life in the era in which they lived. What kind of house did they live in. What was their job. Quiet time spent in meditation while a 15 minute train clacks down the tracks. Cemetaries have always facinated me.

This is a view looking in the direction toward the little town of Osceola. I think it might be about 10 blocks long. This is about how much traffic that is usually on the highway, unless its a weekday. However, since the unemployment rate here is about 10%, its been alot less.

This is the same intersection looking in the other direction. This road runs along the railroad tracks.

This is a connecting highway. I live just a couple of houses off it. This picture is taken from the bridge over the St. Joseph River.

The view of the river to the east.

Below is to the west.

This is the road I live on. It dead ends into a bay on the river. This is a nice little rural area. Mostly pretty quiet. The subdivision down the road is relatively new and causes more traffic than I like, but it was part of the housing boom.

This is the bell ringer at my neighborhood Walmart. I took this picture because there are a lot of bad things said about Walmart. But one thing I like is that they allow the Salvation Army bellringers. The Boy Scouts can sell popcorn at the door. The Girl Scouts can set up a table to sell cookies. The Lions Club can come to give you candy, if you take it, in return for a donation. Our local organization against child abuse is allowed to wait outside for donations. I don't know of another store in our area that still allows it.

And just for laughs, here's the airport. I think its just used for corporation planes and for Notre Dame alums to park theirs when they come in town for games. Charlie Weiss better watch it. I don't think they like him very well right now.
So there you have it. Nice little area. Boring? Well, maybe. But my life is quiet and I guess I like it that way.


Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

This is so cool! You have inspired me, Carol! Our environment affects everything, including our art, on a cellular level. We cannot separate who we are from the world that we live in. I am so glad you took your own challenge! I will try to do the same sometime in the next week or so...Thank you for this beautiful glimpse into your world...

GraceBeading said...

Thanks for the view into your day to day, I enjoyed it. I must make my way up to that bead store in Mishawaka - looks like fun!

dochoamom said...

Great pics Carol ! Thanks for sharing your world. Now I have more of an idea where you are talking about when we talk and you are mentioning various places... Mine to come soon promise...

Love, Deb

Plays with Needles said...

I loved the tour of your home town. I too like hawks and birds. I have a hawk that lives in our woods and I can always tell when he lands in the trees outside because the mockingbirds and the robins go nuts. One time I saw him carry away a big black snake right out of my yard. He's very cool. I think he eats the mourning doves though...when he's hungry.

I think it's great that there's a bay right down your street. Does anyone swim there?

Wonder what you bought at that bead store??

Jacquie said...

Great pictures Carol. I wish we got snow out where I live. That is one thing I really miss. As for cemetaries, I too enjoy them. When we lived in Texas, I liked taking trips to Galveston where the cemetaries have the most amazing headstone sculptures. Everyday so called "hum-drum" life influences us in so many artistic ways doesn't it? Those are the simple pleasures I think. Please visit me with my postings regarding your challenge too!

freebird said...

Great pics. You really went through your day and where you live! I've lived in Illinois and driven through Indiana to Pittsburgh. Boy, that was a long time ago. Enjoyed seeing the snow. I don't miss driving in it but I do miss seeing it come down and playing in it with the dogs while it's fresh.