Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged!! WOO HOO!!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just love it. My oldest grandson and his grandfather shooting hoops. They are great friends and I love that.
I have been tagged and will post about that later when I have plenty of time to say it right.
Temp here is 34 degrees at 6:30 this AM. High today will be in the 60's and snow is in the 7 day. Thats really early. Not sure I mentioned this before but Woodpeckers are making roosting spots in the birdhouses around the property. Also saw sparrows with dog hair in their beaks doing the same thing. Watching my critters prepare for winter leads me to think its going to be a harsh one. The squirrels totally ignored us for about 3 weeks while they gathered acorns and hickory nuts. Would not even sniff at the peanut butter sandwiches I offered. If you have read any of my past posts, you know that is totally weird. You can learn a lot watching birds and animals and I am learning more everyday. Seems to be one of my favorite past times more and more. You all have a great day, and be kind to yourself.


Tracey Leeder said...

Carol, you sound so much like me with your love of birds and other creatures of nature! We are not all that far away, so I would think our winters are smililar. I agree with you that its going to be a rough winter. Guess we will find out soon!

Susan Elliott said...

Lucky grandson, lucky grandpa, lucky you. What a beautiful pic. I know what you mean about the animals...I can be very entertained by their antics...

Jacquie said...

Great picture! Those types of photos will be a treasure one day too. I love your animal stories. We get quite a lot of birds around here too..and birds love to nest on my front door wreaths..We're waiting for the coots to come for the winter here in Calif.

Robin said...

I have not one single picture of myself with my grandfater, who was so much adored by me. Your son hopefully will have this picture when he's my age and be grateful for it! I'm glad you posted it!

Can't believe you're in for snow already! Geeezt... as you say the critters seem to have a sense of forecasting that goes way, way beyond human comprehension.

Thanks for your nice note that came with your book order! Made my day ;>} The order went in the mail today and you'll have it by Monday or Tuesday.

Beady blessings,
Robin A.

Anonymous said...


Love seeing grandchildren playing with grandparents. With so many families moving away from their parents, it is great to see a family that is still close. My hubby and grandson haven't had time lately to play, but hubby is now on midnight instead of afternoon turn so I am hoping that they will get more time to play together.


Tracey Leeder said...

Hi Carol. I wanted to stop in and say a personal thank you for the prayers for Maddux. I just hope he can pull through this, I dont know what I would do without him. 4 is far to young to be so sick. Just wanted to say thank you, you are so sweet. I wanted to e-mail you but couldnt find your e-mail address anywhere. Thanks my friend. Hugs, Tracey

Pursuing Art... said...

What a great picture! It definitely is one to treasure...and being great friends is wonderful!

The squirrels have been gathering nuts here too. It sounds like you might have a hard winter and snow is in your 7 day!

~Lisa ;-)