Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pond Progress

I have been talking about the pond that we added to the critter area in my back yard. Well, basically its done. We still need to add more rock around the perimeter and more rock to the bed. The little fishing guy is a gift to us from one of my daughter's garage sale finds the we were happy to receive. In the Spring we'll start the fun part..the landscaping. We have a lot of ideas that includes plants of course, fountains and lighting. I can't wait, and I know this winter will fly by. Oh, I forgot. There are goldfish in it and my frogs moved over from the little pond to the new improved one. They seem to be pretty happy. There is a very shallow end where the water just covers the river rock on the bottom. Birds take baths there and the little critters and squirrels drink there. We are in Critter Heaven.


Talina said...

Oh wow! That is beautiful. We are new to the area and are still learning all about the area and what can or cannot be done in the garden.

Someday we'll have a pond!

Timaree said...

It looks like a great pond. The shallow area sounds like a great idea.