Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is in the Air

The tree in front of my home (we call it Corey's tree) is a Sugar Maple. The more sugar in a tree, the redder the fall color will be. I couldn't resist a picture of Mr. Baldy while he was waiting for me to fill his new feeder. You can barely see him unless you are looking for him, which I do all the time.
I love to decorate with holiday lights. When the boys were small, we would go all out for Halloween. We always lit the place up with orange and black lights and a few ghouls to go along with them. I always put pumpkins out because my squirrels love to eat them. This year we have no ghouls, but I couldn't resist putting lights out with the pumpkins. We'll take the carved pumpkins out after Halloween and leave the others until Thanksgiving. I will probably add to this array, but that's all we had today. This lovely setting was totally created by my 11 year old grandson. Didn't he do a wonderful job. Thank you Ky!

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freebird said...

It's a very nice Halloween decoration. I bet the neighborhood enjoys it.