Thursday, October 30, 2008

FADE TO BLACK - Finished or UFO?

This is an Opal Agate faceted bead that I wanted to turn into an embroidered cab. The stone itself is 1-5/8" wide.
The stone is perfect rusty orange, then gray, fading to really dark, dark brown but the entire bead is surrounded in black. The large beads encircling it are kind of a strange iridescent orange/gold that picks up the gold stripe down the center of the stone. The next circle of beads are faceted black bicones. I could be done here. But, in the fashion of Jamie Cloud Eakins, I think I will add loops bale and fringe all around it. I also plan to make matching earrings. I have two small fat coin beads that are also orange Opal Agate. I already have the design in mind. I love this piece. It is so ME.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What you really don't want to know

This is my Boxador- Jack.
Black Jack
Black Jackshelack
Jack of all Trades
Jackie Chan
I rescued him from Doggy Jail about 8 years ago and we are dedicated to each other. He is one of my two dogs.

I have been tagged to tell anyone who reads this 7 things about me that no one could possibly care about! Then I get to tag 7 others to do the same.
1. I love rocks. I use them to landscape the yard wherever I can. I have little terre cotta saucers around with pretty stones in them that my daughter gave me when she was little, my husband has given me and my grandsons have found. I put little animals on them..a frog sitting on one, or a turtle or whatever little critter I have.
2. I love, love, love coffee. I drink about 2 pots a day, sometimes more. The hard stuff with caffeine, but hazelnut flavored. It doesn't keep me awake and I drink it right up until I go to bed.
3. I hate reality TV shows like Great Race, Survivor etc. and I dislike the Oprah Show. BUT
I love those Forensic shows on Court TV, anything about the Supernatural and MSNBC.
4. I love to watch my grandkids play sports.
5. I love the build up to Halloween. I like quiet Thanksgiving days, love to shop the day after Thanksgiving Day sales, and celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.
6. I hate winter. We would move south but we can't leave our grandkids.
7. I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, and travel in the west.
My tags are going to be people that I want to know more about and a couple that also have shops that I love. That way if you have never seen them, it will give you some entertainment too!
1. is Stoneweaver has a pretty interesting blog. She tells the healing power of stones and crystals and has a shop on etsy. I hope you will visit and I hope you find her blog as interesting as I.
3. This is my bestest friend. She is always trying new things and encourages me in every way.
4. Here is another interesting person I'd like to know more about.
5. Please visit this blog. She is new but has made some amazing dolls.
7. You may have seen her on Art Bead. I found her etsy shop looking for a hawk bead, which I ordered and is featured on her blog today! Please visit and see her cute cute cute critters and you all know I LOVE critters!

So there you have it. My seven tidbits and 7 places for you to visit and see where I like to go.
My list of blogs to follow is growing everyday and I am meeting some really great people.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged!! WOO HOO!!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just love it. My oldest grandson and his grandfather shooting hoops. They are great friends and I love that.
I have been tagged and will post about that later when I have plenty of time to say it right.
Temp here is 34 degrees at 6:30 this AM. High today will be in the 60's and snow is in the 7 day. Thats really early. Not sure I mentioned this before but Woodpeckers are making roosting spots in the birdhouses around the property. Also saw sparrows with dog hair in their beaks doing the same thing. Watching my critters prepare for winter leads me to think its going to be a harsh one. The squirrels totally ignored us for about 3 weeks while they gathered acorns and hickory nuts. Would not even sniff at the peanut butter sandwiches I offered. If you have read any of my past posts, you know that is totally weird. You can learn a lot watching birds and animals and I am learning more everyday. Seems to be one of my favorite past times more and more. You all have a great day, and be kind to yourself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

October BJP

Happy Halloween!

I know, you're all thinking Halloween, spider web, spooky...huh? Well, no. This is quite an interspective page.

I thought..spider web, me caught in a spider web, spider web is a symbol of responsibility. So, now I am caught in the web of responsibility. But responsibility to what? Not thinking in terms of family, work, surely not HOUSEWORK. What?

A responsibility to this earth. Earth's every resource. The plants , animals, air and water. A commitment to conserve, recycle and protect wildlife. The faces depict my spirit guides. I love the concept of this page.

You can't tell here, but my face is was done by a process using Omni Gel. You copy a picture on a copy machine. Following the Gel instructions, you brush the Gel over the picture. When it dries you soak the paper in water and rub the paper off the dried Gel, leaving a rubbery kind of picture. I glued it to a button and sewed the button on the page. Cool process that I am going to want to play with in the future.

PS: Please view my two prior posts that were entered today also!

Pond Progress

I have been talking about the pond that we added to the critter area in my back yard. Well, basically its done. We still need to add more rock around the perimeter and more rock to the bed. The little fishing guy is a gift to us from one of my daughter's garage sale finds the we were happy to receive. In the Spring we'll start the fun part..the landscaping. We have a lot of ideas that includes plants of course, fountains and lighting. I can't wait, and I know this winter will fly by. Oh, I forgot. There are goldfish in it and my frogs moved over from the little pond to the new improved one. They seem to be pretty happy. There is a very shallow end where the water just covers the river rock on the bottom. Birds take baths there and the little critters and squirrels drink there. We are in Critter Heaven.

Fall is in the Air

The tree in front of my home (we call it Corey's tree) is a Sugar Maple. The more sugar in a tree, the redder the fall color will be. I couldn't resist a picture of Mr. Baldy while he was waiting for me to fill his new feeder. You can barely see him unless you are looking for him, which I do all the time.
I love to decorate with holiday lights. When the boys were small, we would go all out for Halloween. We always lit the place up with orange and black lights and a few ghouls to go along with them. I always put pumpkins out because my squirrels love to eat them. This year we have no ghouls, but I couldn't resist putting lights out with the pumpkins. We'll take the carved pumpkins out after Halloween and leave the others until Thanksgiving. I will probably add to this array, but that's all we had today. This lovely setting was totally created by my 11 year old grandson. Didn't he do a wonderful job. Thank you Ky!