Monday, September 29, 2008

September 08 BJP

When I decided to participate in this project, I gave alot of thought to my theme, and changed my mind several times. I finally decided on 4 x 4 squares. My theme is ME. See me half hidden behind the curtain? Or, am I coming out from behind the curtain?

As I start this year long project, I'm not sure. Will I explore and reveal my inner secrets, or meerly answer inane questions?

Some things are certain. This project is important to me and I am totally committed to complete it 100%. My bead embroidery skills can only improve. I need to better display my pages. When held in my hand, this square is totally even and square.

Please come back next month. My October Page is already planned.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Who I Am Following

Thank you Google. I love this option. I am following several blogs, especially people who are participating in the BJP. I love just being able to see them all at once at a glance. So, if you think I am not visiting, well I have my very own blog news sent to me daily. Its great!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Russian Spiral Net

I have a best friend who, shall we say prodded me, to learn this stitch. She made the prettiest bracelet in the RSN stitch that I fell in love with. Deb directed me to the pattern in the August 08 B&B. I had passed over the pattern when I thumbed through the issue when it arrived. It didn't catch my eye until I saw Deb's bracelet. So here is my version. I love this necklace and I love this stitch. Its so easy and quick.
In my version, the front is done in 6's and 8's and the sides are 11's and 8's. Its about 25" long.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Attracting Hummingbirds

I love Hummingbirds. Not only because of my love of nature, but because they are so tiny. And mighty! And beautiful. And how 'bout their ever changing color in different light? It is natural to me to love trumpet shaped flowers. I have Trumpet Vine started in the back near the new pond. I LOVE Day Lilies and any other kind of Lily. And Bearded Iris.

Having said that, this is a picture of a Rose of Sharon bush that was in our front yard when we moved in more than 25 years ago. Somehow there are starts of Rose of Sharon all over my back yard. I 'm not sure if the orginals were always there, or if I have bought more bushes over the years. But every year I have hundreds of new starts. I don't know anyone else who has Rose of Sharon that have starts coming up all over the place! I even met a woman at Walmart that was going to buy a small start. I told her if she came to my house I would give her all she wanted. She came and took a truck load. The neighbor came last week to get starts to start a hedge around a new fence they put in. Their yard is 200 x 285 so you can imagine how many she took! Anyway, I have posted pictures of the several different varieties I have around the house. Between the Rose of Sharon and Hosta flowers, you can imagine the abundance of Hummingbirds that visit. Since they are territorial, they guard their area. We sit on the front porch and watch what I call the Hummingbird Wars. Its great entertainment.

I have also posted a few pictures of the Humminbird feeders that I have near the front window. One picture shows a Hummingbird hovering at the window while I looked out. He does that often. Do you think he is as curious about me, as I am of him?