Monday, August 4, 2008

What I Have Been Beading

My beading friends have been asking me what I have been beading. I was trying to work on a peyote stitch freeform bracelet. I love free form so much- visually. I had THE hardest time creating something freeform that - and this is hard to admit- I postponed (not quit) this project. I have never been one to quit, but I can acknowledge the fact that I need more knowledge and experience to be satisfied with anything I might create in free form. Anyway, that challenge was not a loss. I learned a lot of peyote mistakes not to make again and also tried my hand at a little netting while at it. Then moved on to beading a bezel. The picture on the right is one of my rejects. Beaded bezel with a little netting around it then I capped it off with some netting across the front because the bezel stretched and I couldn't keep the bead in -- SHEESH! I like the final project I ended up with which is the pic on the left.
So the learning experience for the newbie bead weaver was:
Beading a bezel and determining I like it embroidered better.
Learning the spiral rope stitch
Learning a very little about netting
and- and a big one for me-
Being able to complete the first 3 rows of peyote without becoming frustrated.
Not bad for someone that postponed a freeform project.
Thanks to all my Bead Dreamz friends. I could not have done it without you!!


rairie said...

I love the necklace and the bezel looks great. They are not easy to do. I enjoy reading your blogs.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is beautiful. Don't feel bad about the freeform bracelet. So far I can't do it either. Maybe we should challenge each other?


Sue said...

I love peyote stitch, Ive made several different patterns, but I also have a free form bracelet started....... I'm not surprised that this technique eludes me, as an accomplished quilter and quilting teacher I am unable to do an unplanned crazy quilt block. I think it is my doninate Accountant brain cells that won't let me see anything as random.
I do love your blog....we should talk, I had family in South Bend and my DH of 41+ years had family in Elkart.


Timaree said...

I have loved the looks of freeform peyote too but haven't done it yet. I am not good at fluidity. I end up with everything in neat rows. Maybe a glass or two of wine would help me; I don't know about you! At least you learned a lot and you can always try again. I saw a blog today with a different way (at least to me) of doing freeform peyote. It's here and here . I plan to try it this way. This blogger is also in the BJP.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I know that I will someday create a freeform necklace. I love the look...I didn't give up, I just postponed the project!

artandtea said...

Hi Carol,
Beautiful beadwork! I found your blog through the links to mine. Right now I'm documenting how I create a freeform peyote bracelet. I invite you to come visit and please contact me with any questions you have.