Sunday, July 13, 2008

Around My House

Here is a pic of the front of my home. I have been off work for a week and spent any time that the weather permitted working at planting and weeding. We like a natural look and use rocks where we can. I LOVE rocks, and so does my husband. The huge rock at the edge of our front deck was found where he works. We had a flat bed tow truck bring it to our home. The driver estimated that it probably ways more than a ton. It is really is pretty and BIG. Two people sit comfortably on it.
I don't like to have plastic lawn ornaments, but my daughter gave me the ones in the pic. I love turtles and they look pretty cute on the rock. Most of the rocks in our yard have come from farmers fields. We have been collecting them for over 35 years. (There are alot of them in the back yard!) The front yard has several bird baths. The one you can see in the pic was one of two we bought in about 1972. The other is under the tree in the pic of the house. We bought one for us and one for my parents and now I have them both. So, if you see those cement lawn ornaments and think they aren't worth the price, think again. Every few years we paint these, and they have lasted for 36 years!

An update on my baby Jenny Wrens. They have hatched and we hear them chirping for food. Their house is outside our bathroom or kitchen window, depending on which room you are in. We are waiting patiently to see them.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Life Is Like Peyote Stitch

I probably mentioned sometime that I am new to beadweaving. I have strung "big beads" for years and never saw the beauty in the tiny seeds. Maybe I have come of age! The first pic is a picture of a modified St. Petersburg chain necklace. The first bead weave necklace I have made., even though I still need to add the clasp. The pattern is from one of the editors of Beadwork Mag. I love this stitch, I think because it naturally forms a V, and I always wear V-neck tops. The little chain next to it is a spiral. I absolutely love this stitch also. So now I have learned two stitches. The pick on the right is of a project for a peyote freeform challenge. Since I never did peyote before, I have had several starts. I can tell you that I sure can tell when peyote is messed up and I must do the "Ribit". But after the first 3 rows, every bead seems to fall in line. There is a slot for every little bead that you add. That is why I think my life is like Peyote Stitch. My life has fallen into a routine. Each event has its own little slot. Everything in my home has its own place. My life is structured. Just like Peyote Stitch. There are some that will say "how boring". There are others that will understand completely why my life is comfortable and secure and I don't find it boring at all.