Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Sqirrel Discovers Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

This little guy on the left is a chipmunk that travels from the back yard to feed at the bird feeder. Today was the first time that I ever saw him climb the tree and eat from the corn. The corn is 4 ears that are attached to a whirlygig thing. Its put there for the squirrels. The weight of the squirrel causes the whirlygig to spin. The squirrels hang on, get their corn and we get a laugh. I watched this little guy run along the back fence and followed him to the front, watched him run up the tree, out on a limb to land on the top of the post that holds the whirlygig. You see him here packing the pouches in his cheeks. This was a funny site for me because it was cute to see him slide down the metal pin that holds the corn and almost fall. I know alot of people complain about the chipmunks. But we have a spot in the back yard that promotes small critter homes and they don't seem to bother anything. O, we find a few holes to their underground paths, but I just don't see any other damage done. I think they are cute.
This is a young male squirrel that lives in a tree next door. He has been coming to our feeder, but has never really been friendly. When I first noticed him as a frequent visitor, I started throwing peanut butter bread to him. He would come down out of the tree to eat it, but would not let me get close. About a week ago he started coming to the front deck, sitting on the rail staring at Terry who sits next to the window. When Terry sees him he tells the squirrel "Mommie's coming" The squirrel goes to the front door that is all glass and watches for me to come with a peanut butter sandwich. The other night I was telling my friend Deb that this guy was standing on his hind legs with front paws on the front door window looking in. Deb said I should get a pic of him begging and post it here. Well, the best I could do today is the picture below. This little chipper is not leaning on the front door, but he is waiting for me to come.
I get so much enjoyment from these guys. If you watch them for any length of time, its like watching a circus and they are the clowns, high aerial act and trapeze artists all in one. For me, wildlife is amazing and a gift for everyone to enjoy. One accomplishment that I am most proud of is that I have passed this love of animals and wildlife to my daughter and to my two grandsons. I have always said that you can tell alot about a person if they are kind to animals and old people.
I am proud to be both.


dochoamom said...

Woo hoo I made the blog... I'm famous.. lol

You still should get a pic by the glass door if you can.. I love these photos...

Love, Deb

woof nanny said...

That made me laugh out loud. When cats do that (stand on their hind legs) I always say they "prairie dog". I guess I should instead say they 'chipmunk'. That's funny. I don't know the difference between a ground squirrel and a chipmunk, but I so appreciate that you feed the animals in your yard.

Thanks for your nice comments about my purse blog. That whole sidebar is full of tutorials. I don't have a subscription widget, but I do have a link to bloglines.