Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vistors to my yard

Anyone who knows me, knows that I revel in the visitors to my yard, and do whatever I can to attract a variety of birds and critters. We have created a section in the backyard that is still under contruction, that is a safe place for birds and critters. At least, safe from my dogs. The squirrels sit in the trees, or on the other side of the fence and shake their tails and click at the dogs.
I also have a tree in the front yard, that I can watch through the window, where I feed birds and squirrels. Some people get angry when the squirrels eat bird feed from the feeders. I can only laugh at the antics the squirrels go through to get whatever seed they can. I have a feeder with a perch on springs. Birds can eat, but the squirrel's weight closes access to seed. Also, tube feeders that the seed is enclosed in wire to keep squirrels out. But they still try, and if nothing else, they shake the seeds out so they can feed from the ground. I say there is enough for all.
O, woodpeckers also visit frequently. They nest in a tree in the back. I try to be sure there is nut suet in the tree in the front for them. Soon, we will be putting out the Hummingbird feeders. Then the fun really starts. (I'll post more on that later.)
Here are a couple of pictures we took recently. Not very good shots, but we'll bet better.
The pictures that I have posted here are of a pair of Mallard Ducks. We started a new pond last year and didn't get it finished. Terry put an old pool liner in for the winter to keep it from caving in. The ducks are enjoying the water that has collected in it from the winter thaw. The other picture is me feeding my friendly friend. She comes to get peanut butter sandwiches that she takes from my hand. She is either pregnant, or has had her young. I have found that in that situation, squirrels keep their distance a little, no matter how friendly they have been.

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