Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today We Saw The Baby Ducks

My daughter came to visit today. I heard her come in the back door shouting for me to hurry and come outside. When she got out of her truck in the driveway, she scared the mother duck and her babies from their hiding place. I hurried outside in time to see them scurrying across the neighbor's yard. They were so cute, waddling quickly out past their mother. I couldn't count them because the grass next door is high and they were quick. Terry got a picture, but you can barely see them in the grass and leaves. It was such a naturous sight. I don't think that's a word, except its a word that I made up. I use it when I am in awe and beyond words of a magnificent site of nature. Baby ducks born in my yard is NATUROUS.


Anonymous said...

I love made up words. Too bad you didn't have the camera, but your words paint quite a picture.


Rocki Adams said...

How cute... baby ducks! We had some baby quails here - they've moved on but we do get a family of them that visit now and again.

☼ Rocki