Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Bluebirds This Year

Last year, I wanted to attract bluebirds to our yard. We had seen them in the area the year before, and once you see one, you want it to find a home in your yard. We got a couple of houses, a special feeder for meal worms and waited. Didn't take long. A pair made their home outside our kitchen window. After eating, often they would fly up to the kitchen window and hover and seem to look in at us as if to say thank you.

We waited and watched with such anticipation for the first brood. While out shopping on a Saturday morning, Terry called to tell me the babies were laying outside the house on the ground dead. English sparrows had killed the babies just after they hatched.

The pair tried again and again we had a brood. It was almost time for them to come out of the nest. I hadn't seen the parent for 2 days. Strange because they stay close to the nest. On the second morning I went out to check around an there outside the house were both parents. I could not tell what had killed them, perhaps wrens.

I didn't have the heart to attract another pair, and it was about the end of nesting season. I had Terry close off the houses so other birds (enemies) wouldn't use them.

This year, I still don't have the heart to attract the beautiful blues. We did open the houses because chickadees were trying to get in to use the nearest house. So, I have been watching a battle over the house. I see chicadees go in, or sparrows, or wrens. A cowbird is even trying to get in, but I think she is too big.

I want to think "a bird is a bird, let nature take its course" but its hard. Its hard to see other birds in my pretty little bluebird's home. Maybe I'll try next year. But for this year, I am taking great delight in the ducks that come to our water, though I'll be sorry when they eat my fish! And we have baby rabbits and dozens of different breeds of birds who come and go. My favorite time of the year has finally arrived.

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