Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Latest additions to my Stash

Well, I have posted this picture, but I wish it were displayed better here. I'll post it on my My Space page also, it might be brighter there. I am currently making a St. Petersburg chain necklace. this picture shows on the lower right, beads that I got from Cindy Tipton, , who owns one of my favorite places to buy beads. I e-mailed Cindy and told her what I needed and acceptable colors and asked her to send me a set of bead and here there are. THE most beautiful shade of burgundy. I absolutely love them.

She also carries these kind of large swar rhinestons. These aren't Rivoli, the backs aren't pointed. We all just call them BIG HONKERS. Those of us who know Cindy, know exactly what we are talking about!

In the upper left hand corner are two pendants that were made especially for my by Valerie. Her web store is . There was a glare on the pendants, but they are of a happy cat and of course MY favorite cat, the leapord.

The other stones were bought at one of my LBS, Beads and Something More in Mishawaka, Indiana. I went to the shop to buy sterling clasps, and amazingly, they called to me from their nitch in one of the many piles of beads. The moment I saw them I had an inspiration of the piece of which they will star. Of course, now the search is on for just the right beads to accompany them!

Well, these are for future projects. I wanted to show off my treasures, and boast the talents of two of my favorite bead friends.

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