Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Feathered Friend

As always, I have a story to tell about the critters that frequent my yard.
This is the tree that sits in front of my picture window. It is 13 years old. I know that, because we planted it in the same month my oldest grandson was born. This is Corey's tree.
This guy is about 3 years old. He was young when I first noticed him. The feathers on his head were falling out and soon he was bald. I was concerned because winter was coming, and I wasn't sure how well he could withstand the cold with no feathers on his head! But, we watched him come and go all through the winter. He had the ugliest black head, with crinkley skin. I wish I had a digital camera then. Last year in the spring, he had black feathers on his head, though they were funny. Not fluffy, just kind of there and ugly. I didn't see him much all through the winter. But here he is back with a full head of red feathers, but he has no comb. This is the first year that he comes with a mate.
He comes to the feeder everyday about 4:30 - 5:00 PM. I'm not sure if he comes at other times, but he's always here for supper.


Good Quill Hunting said...

What a gorgeous cardinal!! I am glad his feathers are red on his head now LOL They have started to infiltrate here into Maine over the last few years, which is kind of scary because they are not Maine birds at all!!

dochoamom said...

Nice pics Carol... Cardinals are beautiful... wheres the beads?


Rocki Adams said...

How cool is this! We have a family of quails that frequent our yard - they are a delight to watch.
☼ Rocki