Friday, May 23, 2008

Baldy's Baby

My friend, Deb, has nicknamed my cardinal Baldy so that is what we are calling him now, no disrespect intended! This morning, Baldy and Mrs. Baldy were outside my bedroom window "clicking" up a storm. I am referring to a sound cardinals make when they are alarmed. The racket was so incessant that I thought I should find out what was going on.

There is a rather small honeysuckle bush near our bedroom window. That seemed to be the spot where the ruckus was directed. It's near our privacy fence, and our neighbor's dog was barking near the fence. I thought that might be why the birds were upset, so I figured there must be a nest in the bush. I had my camera because I am starting to keep it near when I am outside. I have been trying to get a close up of the woodpeckers that live in one of our trees. Well, I spotted a nest in the honeysuckle and the pic above is Baldy and Mrs. Baldy's baby. Strange that there is only one. I looked around to see if any had fallen from the nest, but I couldn't find any lost in the ground cover. I said a prayer to St. Francis that this baby would survive.

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