Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Most Current Info From Blogger on Comments

This is MY first post since blogger made recent changes to the Blogger Platform.  I have read a lot of posts of disgust that Blogger is yet again broken.  But my reply is they will work it out.  Here is a reply they made yesterday on the Blogger Help Forum:

Lucas - Community Specialist said:

Hi there,

Welcome to the Blogger Help Forum!

We're currently tweaking our emailing system, but we expect it to be working again within the next week. Thank you for your patience - we look forward to getting it out soon!

Appreciate your patience in this regards.


See, I told you help is on the way, LOL.

Grateful:  Today, I am grateful that Google still offers Blogger.


  1. Today, I resort to adding a comment because I do not want to miss one single message to me. Until this blogger thing is repaired, I will continue to reply to you personally if I have your address in my contacts. My blog friends are special and important to me.
    xx, Carol

  2. Hi Carol I agree with what you said ,fingers crossed it will be all fixed soon hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  3. Hi Carol, I know you won’t be notified of this, but we are in touch apart from blogger anyhow. The blogger thing just goes on and on. Their self-imposed deadline passed at least a week ago. Either they fix it soon or will lose bloggers, I’d guess. So many of us count on notifications to enjoy and be back be in touch with those who have visited our blog with our thanks. The option to be a no-reply blogger suddenly doesn’t seem so annoying to me. Not being notified is worse. Hanging in there, but patience is becoming limited. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Very frustrating for a lot of bloggers so I hope Google/Blogger gets their act together soon.

  5. I didn't even know there was a problem! Guess I'm out of the loop! I loved your comment on my blog-so sensitive and sweet. I'm so glad you have my painting on your wall...

  6. I have just been home a few days and had no idea blogger was having trouble.... again.

  7. Carol,
    I haven't experienced problems with the comment system. On a cell phone replies need the Desktop version. Otherwise, nothing I see has changed.

  8. Hi Carol!

    Things have been very difficult for Blogger, and not of their making!

    A couple of days ago I visited a blog where the blogger said it was all fixed now! I had hoped she was right and thought maybe it was! Anyway two days later it’s not. I also read elsewhere they were saying it would be fixed within the week ..... oh well, we’re all waiting.

    I only found out a short while ago that even with the reply’s we receive from notifications the emails are still “no reply”, so just saying this means you need to hit the “Forward” button to reply and not “Reply”, and then as you’ve said one needs to already know the commentor’s email address.

    It’s all to protect everyone’s personal data.

    Sorry if you know all this already, but I wouldn’t want anyone’s words just disappearing into their own “sent” box.

    Hope this helps and is not too much information!

    My blogging friends are very important to me too!
    Barbara xx

  9. I know some are getting frustrated and ready to jump ship but I'm staying with Blogger....I did read on their blog they are aware and are working on this issue...thanks for another update!

  10. Good to know that they're working on it!

  11. Today, I'm grateful that Google still offers blogs so I can visit you and other blogging friends, Carol. but I'm, personally, also very grateful that I moved to wordpress because I feel more in control of my blog - though that may be an illusion! I'm also grateful that it's raining because I might get to sew a bit if it can keep up until after I finish work. Also I won't have to water the garden...I hope you have a lovely day :)

  12. Thanks for the information Carol. Hope they get it fixed soon.

  13. Thanks Carol, for commenting on my blog.

  14. Great news! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a mess. I'm staying with Blogger through the frustrations. Fingers crossed.

  16. when! we have been waiting forever for them to fix it.

  17. Have to admit, I am contemplating moving to a new host. I have set it up, so I know I can have the same blog name, I just haven't made that final leap.

    PS - you don't need to reply to this.


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