Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Weird Stuff Goes On Here

I'm not sure where to start this story.  Remember this picture of a Poppy I found growing in an unlikely place.  I'll tell you about it later.

Weird, unexplained things have always happened to me as far back as I can remember.  I'll only mention a couple of the things I have been thinking about recently that have happened since we moved in this house back in '76.  I make no claim to any explanation for them.  Our home was built in 1958 and only had one owner before us.

You know that we raised my oldest grandson.  When he was a baby he used to look up to the southeast corner of our living room.  As he got older, he would point there. When he was little he used to talk to and about the Blue Guy.  It never creeped us out and the Blue Guy was never his invisible friend...just a Blue Guy that lived in our house.  As time went on I had a dog...Dino..that used to stare at that same corner.  Now we have Harley and he stares at that corner and sometimes barks at it.

When my other grandson was little, he talked all the time about when he lived before.  He talked about things he did and what his job was.  We never discouraged him from talking about it.  We think he was talking about being a blacksmith.

When my daughter was in her late teens, I gave her my gas card to fill her car.  She told me she had put it on her dresser and could not find it when she wanted to give it back.  I always thought she probably misplaced it and cancelled the card.  About a year after she moved from our home, we found that card laying in the middle of the back hall.

I LOVE Chicory flowers.  Some call it a weed.  I call it a flower and have stopped along the road many times trying to bring some home to plant.  It never took.  All of my dogs are buried in our back yard in a certain area. (We have 3/4 acre of land).  The Summer after one of my closest dog friends Jack died Chicory grew on his grave.  I definitely didn't plant it there.

One of my blog friends recently posted a series of tutorials on creating a Stump Work Head based on a book by Fay Maxwell.  A few years ago I bought the book because I loved the heads that Queenie has posted on her blog.  While reading her recent posts I searched VERY THOROGHLY for that book.  I have a couple of magazine holders.  You know the kind that look like you could have made them from an empty cereal box.  I took every single magazine out of those holders hoping to find the book but no luck.  I stopped searching while I took a coffee break.  When I came back, there that danged book was...first one in line in one of the holders I just emptied.

When Alyssa moved into our home, she asked me several strange questions about the history of the house...did an older lady ever live here.  Did anyone ever die in our house.  Stuff like that.  Then she told me that several items in her living area have either disappeared or been moved to places she never put them.  She even made Corey burn Sage in every room, which made me mad because if I have a spirit living here, I do not want it disturbed.  There is room for all of us, lol.

Now that picture of the poppies?  Well, several times I have planted poppies and through no fault of mine they did not survive.  I have a small area of the pond area that I let just kind of overgrow with plants that supply food for birds, butterflies, bees and ground critters.  There that poppy is growing and I NEVER planted it there.

There are so many other things that happen that I would never mention here.  Things that go beyond the feeling that someone just passed through the room and no one is there;  Terry feeling someone poke him to get his attention;  hearing your name called and no one else is home.

You can spend a lot of time thinking and remember this stuff and have no answer for the happenstances.  But I'm telling you, if a spirit lives in my house, I sure wish it would find the quilt pattern I bought a long time ago that has crows appliqued on it.  If I buy it again, I bet the first one will show up, lol.

Today I am grateful for having an open mind.

What about you?  Do weird things happen around you?  What are you grateful for?
xx, Carol


  1. Your events are indeed strange and inexplicable. Certainly compelling evidence of something going on beyond our ken. Can't say I have had as many strange things, although I have had plants show up that I have no idea how they arrived. One very strange looking plant came a few years ago that I couldn't identify until one day I saw a similar one in a friend's yard and she said it is a Euphorbia. It has popped up all over the yard now, I don't know how it moves.

  2. Oh wow. That would freak me out. My daughter has things like that happen to her in her apartment.

    I guess if you have been there that long, then it won't hurt you. Just hiding things should be OK.......

  3. I'm a believer due to my own experiences. You have many more and interesting stories. Oh, and I'm ok with that!

  4. YES! Weird things happen when i least expect it.. By the way Carol that Lake that we cross is called Beaver Lake. :) Hugs! deb

  5. Wow, Carol, weird stuff for sure. I believe we all have these things, or at least some of them, happen in our lives, and I wish I could remember them. But I do know what you mean. I’ve never seen anything or anyone, but I don’t object to the oddities, and then I calmly forget about them. Our kids are more intuitive though, and they don’t as easily forget. They swear one particular room in our house gives them an odd feeling, but they don’t know why. I don’t feel it myself, but I believe they do. At any rate, an open mind is good, perhaps there’s a message in these things that will be missed without that open mind.

  6. I don't think any of this is in the least bit weird! I've had a number of 'odd' things happen to me over the years too so I'd be the last one to say you were imagining any of it.
    Today I'm grateful for an entire afternoon spend sewing.

  7. Hi Carol wow i found your post so interesting thankyou for sharing your story,its fascinating. Lol i wonder whether your quilt pattern will turn up now that you have talked about it,lol,a very interesting story my friend xx

  8. So many mysterious goings on! I lived in a haunted house when I was a teenager for a few years. My family moved out as soon as we could. My father is a manly man but even he wouldn’t stay in the barn for more than a few minutes at night. It wasn’t until years later when we all compared experiences that we found everyone had experienced something strange but didn’t talk about it at the time. I’m glad yours is a quiet, helpful, friendly sort!

    I’ve been trying to leave comments on your blog so many times but can never log on. Now it seems like all you need is my name so I hope this comment goes through! I always enjoy your posts so much.

  9. So interesting, I've had a few "weird" things as well. Not as many as you though. I think some people are more aware than others. Or maybe I should say open minded? Anyway interesting.

  10. Now that would make me feel really unsettled. I love my home beyond reason and I hope the past older couple love what we have done with it. But I really do not want them playing with my stuff. I am glad that it doesn't bother you. :) Kit

  11. when I was younger weird things used to happen to me a lot.
    I always knew who was on the phone and would pick it up, sometimes before it rang, saying "Hello mom" or whoever was on the other end.
    I could "see" things. I always called them historical afterimages.
    If I touched things, Usually large pieces of furniture, Items that were personally important or some walls, I would get an image of a time, place, person/people, all or singly depending on how important it was to someone. This is fun in the abstract but in a place like Gettysburg or Auschwitz, It's downright disconcerting. I avoided places that had that kind of vibe, bad as juju.

    There are a bunch more things I won't get into because people think It's all woo-woo, Spiritualist, fortune telling, hippie mumbo-jumbo.
    It's not and I am but lets be reasonable here, we don't know, all there is to know.
    We haven't learned half of what is actually out there and science is constantly running over new ideas all the time, about how our universe is put together so anyone who says they know it all and is sure, is a fool.

    Anyway, I don't get that anymore. My mind is open to the possibilities but not so open my brains fall out.
    I don't miss it, though the universe does give me a kick in the pants sometimes ;).

  12. I think many unexplainable things happen all the time, but we try to explanin them in an understandable way. When something isn't where I think I left it, I say I must have moved it and don't remember, etc. I don't know what these kind of things are, but I know they happen.

  13. Sounds like you do have some funny stuff happenin’ there... As far as the poppy goes, seeds do “get around” , I often have plants pop up in out of the way places, far from my garden beds...

  14. Today I'm so thankful for my garden, and that I can work hard in it, and that the sun is out-the air smells like so many flowers...

  15. I always find it weird when someone I think about, but have not seen or heard from in years, suddenly pops up on my radar. You think about them one day and get a phone call the next.

    Right now, I'm grateful for cool mornings, which are becoming rarer. When you know something is not permanent, you tend to appreciate it more.

  16. This was a very interesting post,Carol. My mother always felt her dreams told her things and in fact, we have documented some things she dreamed that did happen.
    I myself have three ghost stories to tell and I think most people have weird/unusual/strange things that happened that cannot be explained.
    I don't know what really to believe about it all but it certainly interests me.
    Nowadays, with being forgetful, it seems I'm always looking for something and it's a surprise when I can actually put my hand on something.
    I'm glad you find it all benevolent so all okay.

  17. I planted pink and blue forget-me-nots at the cemetery on my father's grave. The following year they were gone from the cemetery and I found them blooming in my garden. Last year, they moved from one side of the driveway to the other. Both colors. I could see if only one moved, or if they were scattered all over. But they stayed together. The pink and blue were for his grandchildren, my son and daughter. I could also tell you the story of our plumber's grandson. Several years after my husband's parents divorced our plumber bought the house my husband grew up in and where he lived when his brother died at around 10-years-old. Later, when the plumber's grandson visited the house at around the age of 4, he kept telling his grandfather that there was a little boy in the back bedroom. Not wanting to upset my husband, the plumber asked me which room belonged to his brother that died. It was the room that the little boy appeared to his grandson in. They say that children have an open way with spirits. I believe they do. This was not the only time his grandson had seen children who had passed on. Now my daughter swears that the house she and her boyfriend just moved into is haunted. There are some strange things she's told me and her cat is really spooked. Sorry to go on, you just got me thinking about those things. Hope everything works out.

  18. This is an interesting post. I hope if you have a spirit there it didn't mind the burnt sage and I'm glad a poppy has grown for you :)

  19. Yes. I am very much a believer. I have lived in two different houses that I shared with spirits. The first was in NV. Good children spirits and one not so nice male spirit. My kids were young and afraid of living there so I moved. Then in our home in ID. The house was built in 1917. In our basement we could hear old time piano music, and the apparition of a young man would show up in my kitchen. When we remodeled the house we no longer heard or saw them. I was sad for that.

  20. I happened to find you today while leaving a comment on another blog and so gladI did! I loved this post and could relate to it. You are very kind to the spirits from the other side. That red poppy is definitely a sign from the other side.

  21. I went through a very difficult period several years ago, and it took a few years to 'recover'. During that period of recovery, many Wierd things occurred similar to these you’ve mentioned here. I truly believe it is all about being 'open'.


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