Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ok, It's NOT Boro But It's ME!

I was bound and determined to get this Cupcake quilt done.  I didn't bother to see when I started it.  It's the first quilt I ever made and was meant to be for my daughter.  I wanted to hand quilt it and I wanted to hand stitch a cupcake in the center of each block.  I really didn't procrastinate working on  it.  But if you have been around here for a while, you know that my daughter and I have a tempestuous relationship that I refer to The Crazy Train or liken it to a roller coaster ride.  Every time there was a pump in the track, I put the quilt aside.  Our last episode involved everyone in the house and will probably not be rectified for a very long time..if ever.  So I finished the stitching.  I do have to bind it, but I'll do that the next time I get out my cutter and mat.  I'm not in a hurry to finish it totally.  I really loved stitching these blocks, but as I went along I was concerned how the stitching would line up on the back.  Truly I didn't worry about it after I started because what the heck, they were pretty darned close.  I figured the first quilt was a learning experience and that my first quilt should definitely be for my daughter.
 Here is a picture of the blocks on the back.  I used a few of left over blocks from the front and the rest are of the brown and pink cupcake fabric.  The picture looks a little wonky, but when you see the whole back, the stitching along the seams line up pretty well.

My blog friend Cathy nudged me to show some stitching on this blog so thank you Cathy.  I really AM stitching again.  Besides almost finishing the quilt, I have been doing some hand stitching to mend/reattach embellishments  on a few pieces of clothes for Alyssa. 

Then there is my desire to boro stitch.  Partner that with an unwillingness to dye fabrics for the patches, I determined that I would use scraps of fabrics I like, doing my OWN take on this kind of handwork.  I really didn't know where to start, but took the advice of another of my blog friends, Jenclair who advised me to just start pinning and then stitch.

Here is the start to the pinning.  The patches ARE straight, though the jacket is hanging and was not flat for the picture.  Yes, I was in a hurry to get a picture taken.  I am not going to leave any frayed edges on the pieces.  I am not agonizing over placement or theme too much.  But I can tell you that when I am done, I'm going to love this jacket.

I received the first prompt for the block I will make for The Endeavourers Group.  NATURE.  Now I know that you think...Nature...Birds...pond etc and you are pretty sure you know where I will go with it.  You will be surprised as I was.  I even started a Notebook with a thought plan.  THAT was another surprise for me.  I  AM  GOING  TO  HAVE  A  PLAN!!  In the past I have stitched thoughts on the fly and never thought it out.  Thank you Renee for a post you did some time ago about designing a Crazy Quilt Block.

Grateful:  Today I am so very grateful for Corey and Alyssa.  Earlier in the fall I made a list of all things that needed to be done around the yard and house to winterize for the coming cold.  When I went out to cut back a few plants, there they were, covering chairs, taking in landscape decor, picking up hoses, etc. etc. etc. and asking if there was anything else beside the list that they could do.   It was such a tremendous help and they got it done in about an hour.  I can't imagine how long it would have taken Terry and I.

What thing are YOU thankful today?  What are your stitching plans?  Do you have a project you are excited about?

xx, Carol


  1. Thankful i get to enjoy another Fall/Winter with the man i love........ I've been working on lots of things... shall i name a few? Staining the closet shelf and pole in the hallway.. staining a windowsill in the diningroom .... caulking and painting baseboard in the living room... Thats work... now play... I'm working on some upcycled egg holders for my egg collection... a set of owl lamps in the steampunk style.. .. redoing some chipboard words to hang in my kitchen... company coming for Thanksgiving so working that out ..making sure i'm ready and the house is fairly clean.. working out a Thanksgiving menu.. whose making what... Life is busy... and wonderful... OH !!! And Carol.... Amber is expecting!!!!! She is just getting past the morning sickness stage... Hugs! deb

  2. You are really blessed to have those two in your life! Glad you are sewing again.

  3. I loved reading this post! Your quilt is beautiful. I've never made one either, and I can tell you-my first attempt wouldn't be as beautiful as yours. I LOVE the cupcake stitching!(And the fabric!)
    It is fun to watch your jacket progress too. It will be amazing-and so totally YOU!

    I'm thankful for a quiet place to live.
    As for stitching, I'm still working on upcycling flannel shirts, and plan to post what I've done soon.

  4. First, I had to look up Boro stitching. Then I thought right, it’s not that, but it is you, and the result is one of a kind! I can tell you like hand stitching, Carol. Just look at those tiny straight stitches, very fine, indeed! The only thing that surpasses all that is your humility and desire to do this for your daughter in spite of her taking you for a crazy train ride every so often. She’s a lucky daughter. Someday she will recognize that. :)

  5. Hi Carol oh i love this quilt and i think you have done a wonderful job,i have a friend that does Boro stitch and it looks fantastic over a patch,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  6. I'm glad you are stitching again. Enjoy! No projects for me except planning for the upcoming holidays. Got all my turkeys out and the house is looking festive. Have a great week! Kit

  7. Wow, you did it! YAY!! You finished a whole quilt’s-worth of beautiful hand stitching!! It looks great and is so impressive. Congratulations! Thanks, too, to Corey and Alyssa for helping you and Terry out. I know how much that means (my brother helped me this year). Warm autumn hugs to you, my friend!

  8. Congrats on the almost finished quilt. I like the jacket. It looks like you are choosing the patches carefully. It will mean something when done.

    I'm thankful to be living in Japan. With so much craziness in the world and especially in my own country, I feel safe here. I have many projects I am excited about and keep finding more!

  9. Great post and a lovely quilt!
    Being consistently excited about a project isn't easy for me, but the present story I'm writing is fun...when I get to it.

  10. :) Hand quilting is so satisfying--congratulations--and thanks for sharing some pics! I'm all for the slow cloth movement--from hand quilting to choosing patches for a boro jacket!

  11. Your quilt is beautiful, I love the fabrics, especially the birdy one, and your quilting looks fabulous. Good on you for getting started on your boro jacket! I have that fabric with the coffee cup on it and love it too. I pulled my jacket out of the attic but I'm not sure if I want to actually undertake this project. So many projects, so little time! But I am thankful for a warm studio to work in and time to pick and choose what I want to work on. Kudos to Corey and Alyssa for so generously helping you out with chores.

  12. Wow! I love this. I made one quilt in my life and I swore I would never make another. It was not a fun project for me. Yours, however, looks amazing. You are stitch busy. I am making a fiber/textile wall hanging. There will be some hand stitching but mostly machine.

  13. I think your stitching is great...can't wait to see your interpretation for nature.

  14. Your quilt, despite the angst, is looking great. Can't wait to see your jacket when it's done....I love that style so it will be fun to see what you do. I'm thankful for having heat - because it's cold here (snowed yesterday).


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