Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Do You Slow Stitch

Remember this cupcake quilt?  Yes, I know, I probably started it a year ago.  The first quilt I pieced.  An embroidered cupcake in the center of each block.  Each block seam is hand stitched in three rows of stitching.  Or it will be when I am done.  I am close. It sits in a laundry basket by my recliner.

So what is the hold up? What's taking me so long.  Why in the heck isn't it done by now.

The simple answer is the Crazy Train.  If you have been visiting her long, you know that is my reference to the times when my daughter brings drama to my life.

When things are going smoothly in our relationship, I stitch.  When things are not so good, I set it aside and lose interest.  You might guess this has been a pretty rocky year based on my slow progress.  However, even though the Crazy Train is yet again visiting my spirit, I am for the first time working on it.  You might say I am focused on getting it done and out of sight.  Gifted to be kept, or not.  Her choice.

The part of this project that I really...REALLY liked was the slow stitching of the hand quilting.  Even though I have always liked the look of Boro Stitching, I have never tried it.  All those lovely patches stitched on a base with close stitching, perhaps in different color threads.

I HATE this jacket.  Why would I buy a Army Green jacket?  Not me at all.  It must have been on sale DIRT CHEAP.  I DO that sometimes.  I have even took the TAGS off.

So I have a plan.  I am going to slow stitch lovely patches to cover it entirely.  I suspect it will take forever.  But that's ok.  It'll be my Gummy Drop Deterrent.  And I will not buy one thing to complete this project, except perhaps dye. I will stitch at my own pace.  It is a totally ME project.  A reminder to me amid the Crazy Train visit that I am worthy of a ME focus.

If you do this kind of Boro stitching, please let me know and perhaps share picture of your work.  Share any tips you may have, as I have not been able to find any references to applying the patches.  However I have not yet searched U-tube.

Grateful:  That I maintain my sense of self and sanity.


  1. You are an inspiration, Carol. To focus on your projects when the Crazy Train is in the station is very important. I know how easy it is to allow angst-laden thoughts to take every ounce of energy, but don’t you feel a sense of relaxation when you are stitching? Keep doing it, and then do double for me! I miss those peaceful moments of hand work in my lap. I plan to get back to it someday.

  2. Hang in there Carol.. I guess you could say i'm a passenger on the train with you... Things are always up and down with the daughter... never know one day to the next... Just keep doing my best which is never good enough but its all i an do......

    I wish i could say i slow stitched... i would like to but the time is just not there.. too many other crafts take priority......... Hugs! deb

  3. Hi Carol--I am fascinated that you will Boro (is that a verb too??lol) this jacket. Have you watched Jude Hill's youtubes and her blog "Spirit Cloth"? She does a lot of boro stuff...I took an online class from her and really enjoyed it...will be interested to see how this comes out...hugs, Julierose

  4. this is a good post on Boro stitching. https://www.1millionwomen.com.au/blog/how-traditional-boro-clothes-mending/
    Very easy just laying your patches and stitching. I did some based on Linda Kemshall (Design Matters TV). I think the jacket would be perfect. Just keep your fabrics/patches very lightweight. Good luck! And get stitching on that cupcake quilt!

  5. OOoh - I know what I'd do with the hated jacket - I'd cover it with crazy quilt patches and embroider them!! Or maybe find some wonderful large-ish flower prints and applique those onto it. It can end up being a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Gotta love kids that have a flair for drama - our oldest is like that and has given us lots of cause of angst over the years. Fortunately he seems to have settled down somewhat since he got married and now has a child of his own.

  6. I have admired Boro Stitching for a long time, but did not know what it was called. DUH...I am terrible to look at photos and not read.

    Just catching up a bit...good to see these posts from you. If I could only get in the mood to blog again!

  7. I hadn’t heard of Boro Stitching although sashiko I know about and the two are somewhat connected it seems. No, I don’t do this kind of slow stitching. Mine is in a knit version or crochet like the afghan I just finished that had starts and stops and took about 7 years. Like you, when the Crazy Train is around I can’t do much of anything. I even go crazier numbing myself with the internet but it’s so hard to be creative when stress abounds! My crazy maker isn’t my daughter though; mine is my husband. Aargh!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the jacket. This could be a really interesting project!

  8. Hey Carol. Just stopped by to say hello and wish you well. I don't post on my blog any longer. I do Instagram now. Look for me on IG glorv1 still. Take care of your self.

  9. I have a number of projects that I work on from time to time and may not be finished in my life time. I enjoy them when I do pull them out.

  10. I like the cupcake quilt. It's hard to imagine your daughter won't appreciate the work you put into it. I had never heard of Boro Stitching. Looking at pictures I have seen it but didn't know it had a name. With patches your jacket can be a 60's flashback!

  11. Hello! My tip for stitching is a simple running stitch. Every few stitches, do a back stitch just to anchor it (so it won't snag if you happen to catch the stitching on something). I did use patches, but also just plain stitched on the fabric. Now, that jacket I would have bought cos I love it! But I can see you will make it AMAZING! It's a blank canvas waiting for you to jazz it up. I have a bunch of pins from Pinterest that inspired me to do the denim shirt. Now I'm doing flannel shirts-upcycling and more Boro stitching and applique. You might want to check out some upcycling clothes ideas-you can get very creative changing the look of clothing with added lace and other fabric. You can see my pins on Pinterest, or just search 'how to upcycle a jacket.' It's fun and inspiring to look at Pinterest for ideas.

  12. Your quilt is coming along beautifully. Is it called a cup cake quilt because of the print? It will be an heirloom once it is finished. Lovely. I've done boro stitching since high school although I didn't know it had a name back then. I've just always put patches on my jeans and other clothes. Still do. Maybe i could sell them for big bucks now! But I still wear them, some have patches on patches. Mostly they are more functional than decorative. Your jacket will be quite an undertaking to cover! Somewhere I have seen some wonderful pictures of a jacket a woman covered. If I can find them or a link to them I'll share. I liked one of the other comments recommended using light weight fabrics for this task, other wise your jacket will end up so heavy but maybe that is what you want in your cold Indiana winters. Good luck!

  13. You sound like me, I have to be in certain moods to work on certain projects. The jacket sounds interesting. I hope the Crazy Train doesn't get too bad. :( I love your attitude tho. :) Kit

  14. I've covered several of my husband's old shirts with patches and stitching, and I love them! They function as studio shirts and light cover-ups, and whenever I feel like it, I add more patches or practice some new stitches. I also cut and re-designed one of his shirts into a short boro jacket. These things do take "forever," but when you enjoy stitching, they are perfect for binge watching television series. You've just inspired me to want to work on one of my shirts again! Slow stitching rocks :)

  15. Hi Carol,
    I think you pretty much lay them down as you like, pin them and then get to it with the stitching. Thats what I've found. Will let you know if I find a good link. Cheers Kimberley


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