Monday, July 3, 2017

Where Did It Go?

Ok, bet you are saying "Where did WHAT go?"

Well.  The time.  I slowed down for just a minute and had to flip the calendar to July.  All my life I have felt like when the 4th of July came, the summer was half over.

We got off to a kind of slow summer start here in Northern Indiana.  It seemed like the warm weather held off too long and the rain would not go away.

But, on the nice days that there are no doctor appointments or funerals we have been getting a lot done outside.

On one spring trip to Menards I spotted this Arbor.  We have had our bird feeders and suets hung from several shepherd hooks off the front deck.  I was kind of unsightly, not to mention the birds pooped far to much on the deck railing.  When I spotted this Arbor I thought it would be nice to hang the feeders from.  It worked perfectly, though I do still have one shepherd hook for the hummer and oriole feeders.  At first, it confused the squirrels, but they are crafty critters and found a way to get to the suet, though they can't eeat from the seed feeders.  We have redomiciled the chipmunks to the county park.  We were getting over run with them.  They are cute to watch, but I think they can pack 1/2 suet cake in their jaws at one time.  I can't believe that we have caught 7 of them in just a week in our live trap.

Remember last summer when I posted about the maple in the back yard that came down in a storm and broke almost all of the privacy fence?  Well we bought 25 sections to replace it.  One day Corey and a friend came by and replaced 1/2 of it.  Kyle usually comes over one day a week to help Terry do whatever needs to be done so we replaced the rest of it when he came last week.  I still need to spray water protector on it.

We have been working around the pond getting landscaping done that we lost speed on last summer when Terry's dad became sick and then passed.  We just never got our interest focused there.  The pond area will NEVER be done because I always find something more I want to do.  We have perfected the walk way around it and have added solar lights that I be we bought 6 years ago and never put them out.  Maybe it was longer than that because the price on them said $1 and I see them at Walmart now for $3 each.  We bought bug zapper lights to put out.  We'll do that the next time Ky comes to work.

Grateful:  We have some health issues going on that I'm going to mention sometime soon.  Most days it's hard to focus on one thing to be grateful for...I can't seem to get past Life with Terry which we will be celebrating Year 46 pretty darned soon.  For sure I'll be saying....Where Did It Go.  You know,  TIME!

Wishing you a happy and safe 4th.
xx, Carol


  1. I wish you the best, Carol! Have a nice July!

  2. Happy 4th Carol. Sounds like you have been super busy outside.

    Whatever happened to the frogs?

  3. Hi Carol i agree time is flying,what a great idea with the arbor.
    Your squirrels sound cute but not if you have too many i suppose they become a pest,hope you are ok my friend,take care xx

  4. I know what you mean about time. I've been in Japan five and a half years and it seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was getting on the plane to come here. Sounds like your property is a nice place to live. Always something to do and see.

  5. That use of the arbor is genius! That squirrel is rather rotund. Must love living with you.

  6. Good Morning Carol, glad to see your getting things done. It's starting to come together here too.
    Really like the arbor, we have the poop problem too. But if wee want to bird watch while drinking
    our morning coffee we will just have to deal. I did put some planters on the rail which really helped
    now I have to pull the new seedlings out of the plants. Which is actually is a better option.
    Enjoy your 4th.

  7. Good morning Carol ~ I hope you have a lovely holiday celebration today. I'm having a quiet day here at home. Will fix a Greek burger with chickpea salad for lunch later.

    Time does have a way of zipping by faster the older we get. That's why we need to enjoy and be thankful for each day we are blessed with. It's not always easy to be thankful, but when we are, it helps to lighten the load.

    You and Terry are in my thoughts and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  8. Looks very nice, Carol! I need to ask why the squirrels can't get to the feeder seed. Ours seem to find a way no matter what we do. Share your secret, please.

  9. I'm glad you two are getting quality time together out in the yard. And that your fence is replaced, YAY!! Our 4th is quiet so far, but all the excitement will begin this evening! Enjoy you Holiday!

  10. Love the arbor!!! Neighbors in Florida have one that I can look at from the lanai. So pleasing....hope you are feeling well and moving around really well now!!!! I feel the same about 'summer and July'!!!! Hate that before we know it Christmas will be here!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  11. I cannot believe how fast the time is going...I am dreading the summer days getting shorter. And I done notice it of the morn, and beginning to notice it of the evening.

    I have been wondering what was going on healthwise with you guys...

  12. Hi Carol, how are you doing getting around on that foot? I also want to know what kind of bird feeder keeps the squirrels out. Ours are acrobats!

  13. Hi there! I just slowed down enough to visit your blog & to email you about the FQ. I, too can't believe that July is here & it's finally hot.
    Take care my friend!!

  14. Time is always elusive and there is never, ever, enough of it for my liking. There are too many things I want to do and if only I could figure out how not to have to eat, sleep, and clean surely I'd be able to manage great things. Sounds like our weather and yours has been pretty much even. Finally got a few lovely warm days and then today it cooled off again. No rain though - luckily.

  15. Awww-hello sweet friend. I sure know what you mean about time. Can't say I really enjoy how fast it goes by. :( I wanted to take a picture of my feeders, since I think you asked about them a while ago. Well, ole time got the best of me. Also-my feeder area is not very photogenic-nor are the feeders. Your arbor will be very pretty-it's a great idea. We do have a squirrel proof seed feeder because they were eating us out of house and home-it was awful. I highly recommend Birds Unlimited-it was $100.00 but has saved us thousands of dollars since we bought it.(We've had that feeder for about 7 years-still works fine) Now they have to scrape the ground under the feeder because they are just too heavy, and they trip the feeder set-up when they try to eat. Hope you are ok-always like seeing your posts!

  16. Carol-your comment at my blog was very timely and meant a lot to me. I found I was making stuff just to sell it and my heart felt empty. I've made some decisions that I'll share on my blog soon. Thank you!!! You helped a lot!

  17. I see we both write about the same kind of stuff...that make up our days. And just where the time goes I can't tell you. Seems speeded up these days. Loved seeing your red headed woodpecker...would love to see one of those. Interesting, our chipmunks seem to be multiplying as well. I confess I put out sunflower seeds by the trees just for them so I've been enabling and abetting them. LOL


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