Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lazy Days

I looked out the kitchen window and didn't immediately realize something was weird on the pond island.  There were two rocks on it where there should be one.  I went out to check it out and I was pretty surprised to see this TOAD sitting there.  His markings were really pretty.  He didn't look like the toads I see in the yard.  His skin was more textured and his skin was kind of tan under the nubby black skin texture.  When I went inside to get my phone to take his picture, I looked out the window and there sitting next to the toad was this tiny frog.  He is between the size of a half dollar and a quarter.  By the time I got back outside, he had jumped back in the water.  The other picture is one of him on a lily pad.  He kept jumping up next to the toad and then back off.  You can see the water marks he left next to the toad.

We are totally focused on maintaining the landscape around the pond.  Last year we didn't spend much time out there except relaxing and watching fish as we went through the grieving process when Terry's dad died.   We spend as much time working around it as we can now, but hot and humid days and rainy days limit us.  Then when the sun comes back out and the humidity subsides we find the weeds have taken over again.  It a cycle, but adding mulch has helped to keep it down some.

If you have been a blog friend  you might remember  that I suffer from depression.  Though I take medication, sometimes it overpowers the meds.  I don't get despondent, but I do withdraw.  That is what I have been going through recently.  While I was recuperating from foot surgery, I did't spend ANY time in my "room".  Dust collected.  Since my home office and sewing room share space, filing accumulated as well.  So self medication for my recent depression has sent me to my room to take it back over.  I've been purging unnecessary paper files and records.  It is so liberating to have a clear counter to work at.

I'll be posting more now.  I may not have much to show as far as stitching goes right now, but since my blog is kind of my journal, I do have things to say.  I really wish I could write in a paper journal, but no matter how many times I try to start one, I just can't make it happen.

What I am Grateful for at the moment:  Doctors, Dogs and Dolls.  More on THAT in a future post.

Tell me something today.  Do you keep a journal?  My friend Timaree keeps a WONDERFUL art journal.   How has your weather been?  Has it been hot and humid where you live?  What are you sewing or stitching? Inquiring minds, you know!
xx, Carol


  1. Good morning, good to see your post.
    It has been an extremely hot and humid summer so far-probably more of the norm for here but hasn't happened like this for a couple years now. friday we hit 102 degrees with feel like temp at 115-this week is a tad cooler but the humidity which seems to set off all the allergies too is still here-a cool down promised for the weekend.
    I have been doing allot of spinning with my drop spindle-getting better at it-finally. In May my neighbor friend and her military son and I drove to Yellowstone-loved it and would love to go back.
    We lost hubs father a couple months ago that was rough for him. now he is going through more of his own health issues.
    I loved the frog and toad photos- nature keeps both of us happy and grounded.
    I am at a new blog now http://hummingbirdwoodlandstudio.blogspot.com/
    Hope the rest of your summer is a good one hugs Kathy

  2. I too have tried to keep a paper journal over the years, but I'm no good at it. My blog serves as a journal of sorts. It has been hot here. I am enjoying keeping track of the daily temperatures with the hexagon temperature quilt I am working on. I have so many things in the works right now. If I could concentrate on just one, I might be able to finish something! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts more often.

  3. Hi Carol. I do love you for your courage and strength. I have been somewhere else too and am sorry about Terry's dad. I am so excited how the pond turned out and that you two can enjoy it. Even through your kitchen window. Frogs/toads are very good totems. Mostly, through Native American, meaning is Transformation, Cleansing, Healing, New Life, Adaptability, and Luck. So embrace this and give thanks for it. Hmmmm I am like you. Trying to keep a journal of any kind is just not in my realm. The weather here is WINDY WINDY and oh yeah WINDY. The sun is out but to miserable to go out in it. As far as stitching I am beading and hopefully have time to finish if for this weeks PPF. Email me any time. Hugs N.

  4. Hi Carol, I have an RN friend who feels Prozac should be in the water supply. Lol! So glad you are doing better, live in the moment! No journals here, and the weather is finally breathable this morning. Climate change has taken a break, at least for today. Sewing and stitching will have to wait, hand still isn't up to it. XO

  5. I have been looking forward to seeing your frogs. I would imagine you have quite a few in and around the pond.

    I do not keep a journal. I tried when I was younger but it just wasn't something that I could keep up with.

    Our weather has been hot and humid in south Florida. We aren't outside unless it is to be by the water at the beach or in our pool. I also haven't been consistently sewing but I have made some progress on an old project and staying current on my blocks of the month.

    Happy to seeing you posting again!

  6. PS...love your frog photos, eyes!

  7. Carol i have kept a journal for 30+ years ... a written journal... i started it when i was pregnant with my daughter..... Just this year i have decided to stop.... and its been difficult... i'am so used to turning to my journal to vent etc.... lol But i have decided to start writing a book and i wanted to turn my writing energies to that end...... Hot and humid here...uuughhh.... July has been bad... First week of August is forecasted to be cooler... go figure.. But i'll take a week of cooler temps... We've had no rain either...for at least a month... I've done a little painting and a little drawing but thats the extent of it lately.... Summer is just not my season and i'm miserable.... Good to see you post my friend... Hugs! deb

  8. Good to hear from you. Been recovering myself from neck surgery and feeling pretty sorry for myself. Not the right attitude I know and I am trying to work on that lol. Hope you are Ok my friend. XXXXX

  9. Welcome back! Even before depression becomes noticeable, things start to slip because they don't hold the usual interest. I'm so happy that you are feeling up to taking your space back. :)

  10. Hi Carol

    I love the photos of your visitors. Looks like they've found their perfect pad!

    I can relate to your description of depression, and how some days are much worse than others. It's like being stuck in a black hole; sometimes the sun lights it up and you feel like emerging, but mostly it's dark and lonely, and you just want to stay there.

    Keep strong, and take it as it comes. Your readers are always here to give support and love.

    Best wishes

    Hazel (Sunderland, England)

  11. Hi Carol good to have you back my friend and i am glad to hear you are going well,take care xx

  12. It is good to see this post...I just discovered something the other day...I just happened to go back and look at some of my blog posts and discovered you had made comments I did not receive notice of. I have one other blog friend and I NEVER get her comments in my email...I have no idea why it is like that. I used to receive hers in my email all the time, and then all of a sudden I wasn't getting any.

    I used to keep a journal...don't know how many I have filled....the thing is do I destroy them or what...not sure I would want my kids to read them. Not that I say much about them...just don't want to color their view of others.

    I am not doing much sewing...Roger has just went through a bad, bad time. Panic attacks. It is hard to do even what I have to do when he is having a bad time. I did finish two potholders. And I hemmed a pair of curtains this evening. I have a quilt top started that I need to add the final two borders to....

    Have you got any sewing plans? Or just trying to think about what you want to do?

  13. Hello! I'm glad you are taking back your room. I know exactly how it feels to get rid of stuff, and then the free feeling in your head afterward. I've done a huge re-ordering since I have changed my path somewhat in my art making. I even donated things I had made to our local SPCA store. They were happy to get my creations, and the money they get will help animals. So everyone wins!
    You know I love frogs and toads-and I think it's cool you have them so close to your home-where you can easily see them. I have to hunt-there are surely not as many as there used to be around.
    I'm sorry about your depression-dearheart-this is not an easy thing. I know a little about it-but mine I think was temporary....it can be very dark-and it is very real. I'm happy you have medicine, and you have your art and your family. Those things always help a lot.

  14. So glad to hear from you, and taking a stand against against your depression. It just sorta sneakes up on you doesn't it. Ok how do you spell sneek, spellcheck can't seem to make up its mind. I've been diagnosed as chronic depressive. It may go a couple of years before it comes back. But I know the battle ou face and I'll keep praying for you and all the emotions you feel. Is it real oh yeah! But with God, the doctors and caring friends praying for you You will be feeling much better. T you have done it before you can do it again. And to think it started with a rock, err toad.
    Hugs to you.

  15. Hot and humid, yes! I don't keep a paper journal. I sometimes save my entire blogs as journals, though, and I even burn them on CDs, just in case. You know, the big just in case anything - LOL. I'm sewing and stitching, but not always a lot. I love your pictures of your pond creatures. It obviously not only benefits you, but little creatures, too. I'm sure there are birds and other animals who come to get a drink now and then, too. I'm sorry you've been feel despondent. I think that's normal, though, because sometimes life just gets to be too much. Your cleaning and organizing in your room sound therapeutic as well as useful!

    1. I am compelled to respond here. Depression does not mean despondent. I had to go off to the dictionary just be sure I really know the definition of despondent..IN LOW SPIRITS FROM LOSS OF HOPE OR COURAGE. Low spirits, yes. But never a loss of hope. Well, THAT could send me off on another post, lol. Thanks for commenting Susan. but you are right, cleaning and organizing IS therapeutic! XX, Carol

  16. Glad you are 'back at it"....I'm curious on the 'dolls' part of your 'grateful' list!!! It is such a good feeling to have a clean space to work in again. We'll look forward to what you're up to!!! We're just busy working on the deck now! Not a lot of fun but keeping hubby busy! I'm working on projects that I can't show on my blog right now...after Oct 1st I should be caught up sharing those! HA You take care!

  17. Depression. yuck. not my friend, but constant companion. No journal, just a blog where I can talk about happy things.I do enjoy looking at the ones others do make. Our weather has been fantastic, thank you for asking! I LOVE summer. It has been hot, at least for us pacific north westerners. Rarely humid, thank you very much! I am currently working on a Circle cloth project. Another daily thing. I found I really like doing the daily patch so I am keeping myself going on that sort of project. The nice weather has also brought out the neighbors for visiting, so I am not such a hermit right now. I love your pond! I had a frog once....in the kids wading pool....it was yucky, so I had put the hanging plants in it to soak, and the next day there was a small green frog in among them.

  18. I hope the wonderful healthy,happy days come back soon to you,Carol. In my place here in Erlangen the past few days have been rainy - really,really rainy,non stop. Today is relatively dry ,but cold - I can feel the end of summer, sigh!! Does Timaree have a blog. Like you I have always planned to make a journal - I am a good beginner,but a poor finisher ( is there a word like that?)

  19. I wonder if the little frog was trying to convince the toad to play with him. I'm with you in the depression thing - been there, deal with that and for too many years to count. Add seasonal affective disorder into the mix and it can get interesting to say the least. I've found a combo of vitamins that helps me so I'm happy to share the info if you're interested. I've been off my meds for nearly three years now and, altho' the black hole does beckon at times, it's nothing like it used to be.

  20. Hello my friend. I'm never sure if I'm supposed to reply to questions on my blog at my blog, or at the questioner's blog! But you asked what my grandparents fed the catbirds. I'm sure they fed them my grandma's homemade suet blend, and berries. Might even have been small pieces of bread. they were so tame-I don't think the birds cared what they got to eat!

  21. Hello Carol! Keep fighting that horrible depression. I suffer from it as well, and I attribute a med every other day and simplfying my life as ways to keep myself sane. We have been very hot here. High 90's for 3 weeks now. But thank heavens low humidity. I can't handle it being humid.
    Yes, I keep a paper journal as well as use my blog as a journal. I have found the paper one is a special place for private thoughts. I try and write a couple sentences a day.Enjoy your frog! Kit

  22. Hi Carol...we used to have two frogs, but then there came fish and they ate all the food. :-)

    So nice to read your blog.

  23. Hi Carol! Although we've been blog friends for years, I didn't know that you (like me) suffer from depression. I bet it's more common than we realize, although that thought doesn't really help, does it? I have kept diaries and journals on and off (mostly off) throughout my life. Now I rely on my blog where I relate little stories and happenings, which is enough. I never have felt comfortable writing extensively in a journal to vent or work out inner emotions. Bruce and I can and do talk about anything, so that need is solved for me, and my progeny don't need to know all the inner workings, you know? That said, I am a solid genealogist and save and scan photos into digital databases. And tell the family facts and stories there too.

  24. Hi Carol, I am happy your blog is a safe place to share your feelings too. I let out my sadder moments in mine and feel heartened by the responses. It is my journal too. We need these things...the flowers, the little living creatures, our handwork, our bit of writing...so important. As well as hearing from each other.

  25. I'm glad you've reclaimed your room and that's helped your depression and I'm glad you'll be back here more often now. My mother suffers from depression and she self medicates by gardening. My sewing room fell out of use too for most of the Summer and was just stacking up household junk and dust but then I had to do a major house cleaning for relations to stay and I'm at last able to get back in here so I hope I'll start making things again and be in blogland more often now. We've had a heatwave for most of the Summer and it's been very humid but last week it rained a lot and it has cooled down. I never can keep a diary for more than about a week, though I try quite often. Funnily enough, I have just bought a new one and I'm determined to keep it up this time...! Have you seen bullet journalling? I came across it very recently and I'm going to try something like that. It seems quite manageable but I'll have to see. Today I'm grateful for rain and vegetables and flowers - not so much for the weeds! Hugs xx

  26. Carol, hugs and prayers to you in your trying moments. Glad that you were able to reclaim your room and that it helps you. Love the little frog photo!


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